Stream 100+ Free Movies from Paramount Pictures on YouTube: Hamlet, Ironweed & More

We got a nice tip from one of our readers, and wanted to pass it along. Paramount Pictures has launched an official, verified YouTube channel -- called The Paramount Vault -- where you can watch full length films for free [update: if you're based in the US]. You won't find Paramount's best-known films in The Vault, but nonetheless there are some quality, if not entertaining, picks among the 150 films.

The movies are grouped into the following playlists: Classics, Comedy, Action/Adventure, Drama, Horror, Westerns, Science Fiction, and Thrillers. And they include motion pictures like 1987's Ironweed with Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep, Hamlet (1990) with Glenn Close and Mel Gibson, Paris When It Sizzles (1964) with William Holden and Audrey Hepburn, Elvis in King Creole (1958), Charlton Heston in the 1950 noir film Dark City, Gene Wilder in Funny About Love (1990), and Margot at the Wedding (2007) with Nicole Kidman, Jack Black and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The Paramount Vault has been verified by YouTube, so it looks like it's the real deal. There is also an accompanying verified Facebook page.

If you stream the playlist embedded at the top, you can watch 43 dramas in a row, starting with Ironweed and Hamlet.

The selections above will be added to our list, 1,150 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns, etc.. Enjoy!

Update: it looks like you need to be based in the US to view these films -- something that wasn't apparent to me beforehand since I'm based here. My apologies to anyone who's geoblocked.

h/t David

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Comments (14)
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  • Peter Sterkenburg says:

    “This video is not available”on all I have clicked on… guessing it’s all geo-fenced again :(
    Thanks though for the find!

  • Andrea says:

    The same for me!!!

  • Bucky Wunderlich says:

    Preston Sturges’ “The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek” is one of the great comedies of all-time. Great to see it surviving into the new century…

  • Faustina says:

    I’m not sure if this channel is valid, I clicked and non of the films can be played, all showed”this video is not available”. And I try clucked its Facebook link and can’t connect. What’s going on? Even the clip you attached above already showed unavailable from your article, or are they only available in the the States, I’m from Canada. Please verify, thanks!

  • Dan Colman says:

    As now mentioned in the post. It looks like the films are geo-restricted to the US — something we didn’t realize before posting this (because we’re based in the US). Apologies to anyone outside the US who was blocked on account of geography.


  • Warren Oates says:

    Everybody in Canada who’s serious about internet connectivity should subscribe to a VPN to bypass geo-blocking. There’s some free ones out there, but you’d do better with one of the security-serious commercial ones. Look it up on Google. Costs about US$60 per year for the full service; well worth it.

  • jh says:

    Can you give me any names of some VPNs you know are good?

  • Warren Oates says:

    I don’t want to post commercial stuff here. Like I said, Google is your friend. Try “Best VPN.”

  • Gary says:

    Use Hola app if you are sreaming outside the US.

  • Lobsang says:

    Hola didn’t work for me. Maybe I should set fire to Paramount HQ and see if they get the message.

  • Anita says:

    Some of these movies you can watch for free on

  • doreet says:

    you should download the program “Hola!”. or its an extension,or plug-in; it cuts the geographic restriction, people in the USA can see stuff online their country restricts them from.try it,and read the testimonials as to how well it works.–free software.

  • Random Flux says:

    It would be nice if you could put one really obvious link at the top or bottom of the article so I could get to the site without having to weed through the dross.

    Second, if you are geo blocked try this:

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