Watch M.C. Escher Make His Final Artistic Creation in the 1971 Documentary Adventures in Perception

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I first encountered the world of Maurits Cornelis Escher where many others do: in school.


Seth Godin’s Startup School: A Free Mini-Course for New Entrepreneurs

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Image by Joi Ito, via Wikimedia Commons
Briefly noted: If you’re interested in entrepreneurship and marketing, you’ve likely encountered Seth Godin and his ever popular blog.


Chris Rock Reads James Baldwin’s Still Timely Letter on Race in America: “We Can Make What America Must Become”

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A black quarterback refuses to stand during the national anthem—a song, incidentally, written by a “patriot” who was also a “bigot” and slaveowner, “vehemently opposed to abolition.” The quarterback declares that he will not “show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.


Hear 508 Hours of Songs Recorded by Rudy Van Gelder (1924-2016), the Engineer Who Created the Sound of Modern Jazz

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The art of audio engineering is mostly a dark one, an alchemy performed behind closed studio doors by people who speak a technical language most of us don’t recognize. That is until recently.


Enter an Archive of 6,000 Historical Children’s Books, All Digitized and Free to Read Online

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We can learn much about how a historical period viewed the abilities of its children by studying its children’s literature.


Tilda Swinton Gets a Portrait Drawn by Art Critic John Berger

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In the winter of 2012, just before Christmas, a carful of Britons made their way through the snow to a house in rural France. The roads would soon close, but no matter; they’d planned to make some apple crumbles, do some drawing, and enjoy some conversation.


Gene Wilder Recalls the Beginnings of His Creative Life in Two Hilarious, Poignant Stories

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We’d grown accustomed to his face—that wry, distinctive mug, smirking at us from beneath his Willy Wonka purple top hat in millions of proliferating Condescending Wonka memes, the epitome of archness and smug condescension.


Ultra Orthodox Rabbis Sing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” on the Streets of Jerusalem

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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, we give you this: Aryeh and Gil Gat, two once fairly-secular brothers-turned-ultra orthodox rabbis, playing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” on the streets of Jerusalem.


Why You Shouldn’t Drive Slowly in the Left Traffic Lane

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If you tend to drive slowly in the left lane, then take note. At best, you’re creating more traffic. At worst, you’re increasing the chances of an accident. That’s what research indicates. And that’s why the authorities are now trying to discourage the practice. Above, you can watch a quick public service announcement from Vox.


Download 100,000 Photos of 20 Great U.S. National Parks, Courtesy of the U.S. National Park Service

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The story of the U.S.’s national parks isn’t one story, but many. These have been told and retold since the founding of the National Park Service, a century ago this past Thursday. And they stretch back even further, to the Civil War, the conquering and settling of the west, and the beginnings of the American conservation movement.


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