6 Hours of Mannequins Flying From Newark to San Francisco

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Is there anything worse than flying from Newark to San Francisco? Maybe it’s watching mannequins taking this cross-country flight. Talk about tedium. And yet there’s something a little brilliant about this six hour advertisement from Virgin Airlines — which promises a more inspiring flight.


What Happens When You Take a Nobel Prize Through Airport Security

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Winning a Nobel Prize has its perks. When you talk, people listen. And you end up doing a lot of talking. And travelling.
Reflecting on how the Nobel Prize changed his life, Walter Gilbert (1980 winner in Chemistry) commented, “You can find yourself spending years travelling and talking right after winning.


Butterfly Lands on Flutist’s Face During Flute Competition: The Show Must Go On

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Last Monday, Yukie Ota, a Japanese born flutist now living in Chicago, was performing in the first round of the Carl Nielsen International Flute Competition in Denmark, when a butterfly flitted across the stage and landed, rather inconveniently, on the bridge of her nose.


Jorge Luis Borges Poses with Bread Basket on His Head During a Light Moment

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Let’s give three cheers and quickly celebrate the birthday of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, born on this day in 1899. Above, we have a photo of Borges taken during a seemingly festive moment.


Willie Nelson Shows You a Delightful Card Trick

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Sit back and let Willie Nelson, accompanied by his sister Bobbie, show you a great card trick. It’s a variation on a trick called “Sam the Bellhop,” which sleight of hand expert Bill Malone popularized, it not invented. If you want to figure out how the wizardy is done, you’ll need to look elsewhere.


Above LA: A Top-Down Timelapse View of the Great Megacity

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Chris Pritchard tells us: “Above LA showcases the often unseen beauty of Los Angeles from above. It was shot on hilltops, mountains, and high-rise rooftops around the city and features a number of day to night transitions and rare weather.


Learn to Make Buttons with Filmmaker Miranda July

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We humans have relied on the deceptively humble button since its first appearance in the Indus Valley some 5000 years ago.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Puts Bill Gates’ Wealth into Funny Perspective

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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has a way of putting things into perspective. Usually he’s looking at where we — our planet, our civilization — sit in relationship to the larger cosmos.


The Lonely Photo of Michel Foucault with a Full Head of Hair

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When you think of Michel Foucault, it’s hard not to think of the bald head that’s so part of his persona.


Sir Patrick Stewart & Sir Ian McKellen Play The Newlywed Game

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I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that this is the first time two knighted cultural figures have played The Newlywed Game — a version of that wince (and nostalgia) -inducing game show that ran from the 1960s through the 1990s. Although Stewart and McKellen aren’t married, they know each other plenty well.


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