Take a Road Trip with Cyberspace Visionary William Gibson, Watch No Maps for These Territories (2000)

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“I probably worry less about the real future than the average person,” says William Gibson, the man who coined the term “cyberspace” and wrote books like Neuromancer, Idoru, and Pattern Recognition. These have become classics of a science-fiction subgenre branded as “cyberpunk,” a label that seems to pain Gibson himself.


Experience James Joyce’s Ulysses in Virtual Reality, Using the Oculus Rift Headset

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If, like Virginia Woolf, you could never read James Joyce’s Ulysses from start to finish, then here’s another way to experience the modernist classic. Virtually rather than textually.


Great Opening Lines of Fiction on Old School IBM Punch Cards

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Looking to kill some time during the dog days of summer? Here’s one option that John Ptak came up with. On his intriguing blog, The History of Ideas, he writes: “Isn’t this great?  I bumped into a wonderful site called kloth.net that provides a free-to-all and unrestricted use of their punch card emulator.


A Threat to Internet Freedom: Filmmaker Brian Knappenberger Explains Why Net Neutrality Matters

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A couple weeks back, we mentioned that Brian Knappenberger had released his new documentary about Aaron Swartz, The Internet’s Own Boy, under a Creative Commons license, making it free to watch online. He now returns with a short op-doc for The New York Times.


Percussionist Marlon Brando Patented His Invention for Tuning Conga Drums

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Maybe you knew about Marcel Duchamp’s passion for chess. But did you know about Marlon Brando’s passion for conga drums? Longtime fans may have first picked up on it in 1955, when the actor gave a microwave-link television tour of his Hollywood Hills home to Edward R. Murrow on Person to Person.


130 Free Microsoft eBooks & Guides

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Quick fyi: Eric Ligman, a Microsoft Sales Excellence Manager, has gathered together a big list of free Microsoft ebooks and resource guides that will help you navigate through various Microsoft issues. Some of the texts are geared toward consumers; others toward IT professionals working with Microsoft products.


Sound Effects Genius Michael Winslow Performs the Sounds of 32 Typewriters (1898-1983)

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“When forced to leave my house for an extended period of time, I take my typewriter with me,” once wrote essayist-humorist David Sedaris. “Together we endure the wretchedness of passing through the X-ray scanner. The laptops roll merrily down the belt, while I’m instructed to stand aside and open my bag.


Learn to Make Buttons with Filmmaker Miranda July

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We humans have relied on the deceptively humble button since its first appearance in the Indus Valley some 5000 years ago.


Thomas Dolby Explains How a Synthesizer Works on a Jim Henson Kids Show (1989)

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We’ve all heard the musical fruits of audio synthesis, especially if we regularly listen to the pop of the 1980s. But how, exactly, does a synthesizer work? Ask a modern electronic-music enthusiast and the answer may come out too technical, and at too much length, to bear.


Short Film Takes You Inside the Recovery of Andy Warhol’s Lost Computer Art

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A couple weeks back, we told you how Carnegie Mellon’s Computer Club used its tech savoir-faire to recover nearly 30 paintings that Andy Warhol made on the Amiga computer back in the 1980s.


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