Highlights from the First Ever Stanford Code Poetry Slam

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I was lucky enough to be living in Chicago when Marc Smith’s Poetry Slam movement became a thing. What fun it was to hit the Green Mill on Sunday nights to hear such innovators as Lisa Buscani or Patricia Smith tearing into their latest entries in front of packed-to-capacity crowds.


Watch Laurence Olivier, Liv Ullmann and Christopher Plummer’s Classic Polaroid Ads

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Before Urban Outfitters and Project Impossible, before the adorable bickering ubiquity of spokespeople James Garner and Mariette Hartley, Polaroid kept things classy by entrusting its reputation to the most serious of serious actors.
Take Laurence Olivier.


Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson Explains How Apple’s iPhone Was A Remixed Creation

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In Everything is a Remix, digital filmmaker Kirby Ferguson has created a four-part serialized ode to remixing as innovation.


Discover Friedrich Nietzsche’s Curious Typewriter, the “Malling-Hansen Writing Ball”

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During his final decade, Friedrich Nietzsche’s worsening constitution continued to plague the philosopher.


Turn Your Bike into an Electric Hybrid with MIT’s “Copenhagen Wheel”

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Bonaverde’s “Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine” seemed like one of the cooler inventions I’ve recently stumbled upon. But then I came across this: The Copenhagen Wheel. Originally created by researchers at MIT, the Copenhagen Wheel “transforms ordinary bicycles quickly into hybrid e-bikes.


The World’s First “Roast-Grind-Brew” Coffee Machine Could Bring About a Coffee Revolution

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Bonaverde is “a small, dedicated team of young, sleepless Berliner entrepreneurs that [have] made it their goal to revolutionize the coffee world.” How? By building the world’s first “Roast-Grind-Brew Coffee Machine.” Other machines might grind and brew the coffee.


Long Live Glitch! The Art & Code from the Game Now Released into the Public Domain

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Back in 2009, a startup called Tiny Speck (whose co-founder Stewart Butterfield also co-founded Flickr) launched a multiplayer online video game called Glitch, which won praise for its creative visual style. Although more than 150,000 people played the game, Glitch never quite found its footing in the market. And, in 2012, it was shut down.


Stephen Fry Explains Cloud Computing in a Short Animated Video

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Just the other day, I did the unthinkable: I actually watched a pre-video advertisement. The spot, for a major bank, spent its first few minutes explaining the mechanics of credit rating. Promising useful knowledge, this bank received my attention in return — for about two thirds of the commercial, anyway.


Take a Virtual Tour of Venice (Its Streets, Plazas & Canals) with Google Street View

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There’s something inherently ridiculous about Google’s Street View cars.


The Art & Science of Bike Design: A 5-Part Introduction from the Open University

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In 2012, Bradley Wiggins became the first English cyclist to win the granddaddy of all cycling races, the Tour de France. In 2013, Chris Froome became the second.


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