How to Know if Your Country Is Heading Toward Despotism: An Educational Film from 1946

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Nobody likes a despot — even despots know it. But actually identifying despotism can pose a certain difficulty — which despots also know, and they’d surely like to keep it that way. Hence Encyclopedia Britannica’s Despotism, a ten-minute Erpi Classroom Film on how a country slides into that eponymous state.


Harvard Presents Two Free Online Courses on the Old Testament

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A quick note: Shaye J.D. Cohen, a professor of Hebrew Literature and Philosophy at Harvard, has just released his second free course on iTunes. The first course was called The Hebrew Scriptures in Judaism & Christianity.


Take a Free Course on the Financial Markets with Robert Shiller, Winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economics

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This morning, the Nobel Prize in Economic Science went to three American professors — Eugene F. Fama (U. Chicago), Lars Peter Hansen (U. Chicago) and Robert J. Shiller (Yale) — “for their empirical analysis of asset prices.


Yale’s Open Courses Inspire a New Series of Old-Fashioned Books

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Last month we reported on Yale’s addition of seven new online courses to its growing roster of free offerings. Now we’ve learned that Yale is inaugurating a new series of books based on its popular open courses.


Yale Introduces Another Seven Free Online Courses, Bringing Total to 42

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It’s April, which means it’s time for a new batch of Open Courses from Yale University. The latest release adds another six courses to the mix, bringing Yale’s total to 42. We have listed the new additions below, and also added them to our ever-growing list of 450 Free Online Courses.


French in Action: Cult Classic French Lessons from Yale (52 Episodes) Available Online

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During the 1980s, Pierre Capretz, a Yale professor, developed French in Action, a French immersion program that featured textbooks, workbooks, and a 52-episode television series.


Financial Markets Course with Yale Sage Robert Shiller

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In March 2000, Yale economist Robert Shiller published Irrational Exuberance, a book that warned that the long-running bull market was a bubble. Weeks later, the market cracked and Shiller was the new guru.


Tom Hanks Addresses the Yale Class of 2011

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For Class Day 2011, Harvard had comedian Amy Poehler, and Yale had Tom Hanks — two figures who have a whole lot more entertainment value than the speaker at my graduation — the Assistant County Coroner. Dead serious! Pun only halfway intended. Anyway, I digress.


Yale Rolls Out 10 New Courses – All Free

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This week, Yale University rolled out its latest batch of open courses. This release, the first since October 2009, features 10 new courses, and brings the total number to 35. Find the complete list here.
We have listed the new additions below, and added them to our ever-growing list of 350 Free Online Courses.


Building The Colosseum: The Icon of Rome

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When you think Rome, you think the Colosseum. It’s one of the great structures of the Roman Empire, and it still dominates the landscape of the modern city.


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