12 Interminable Days of Xmas: Hear the Longest, Trippiest Holiday Carol

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“The Twelve Days of Christmas” is, of course, already long and repetitive, such that when in recent years I’ve sung even the first few notes of it at “Ave Maria” speed, I’ve been greeted with satisfying moans of agony. This year I decided that the thing must be put to tape, with each verse slower than the last.


Discover the Music Vault: A Massive YouTube Archive of 13,000 Live Concert Videos

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The 90s are back to stay, not only in Seinfeld Emojis, and not only in Portland, but also in the glossy trappings of mass media retrospectives.


Norwegian Musician Creates Ice Instruments with a Chain Saw and Sub-Zero Weather

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Most professional musicians have a very special relationship with their instruments. Male guitarists treat their favorite guitars like girlfriends—maybe better in some cases. Traveling cellists buy airline tickets for instruments. It’s just too risky to put your livelihood in cargo.


Stephen Colbert Brings Laughs and Book Tour to Google

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Stephen Colbert is one of the most refreshing comedians working today. He maintains his character’s obnoxiousness during his own show, riffing and improvising during interviews with everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Elijah Wood, building his character to deadpan heights even with Jane Fonda’s tongue in his ear.


The Intelligent Channel Launches (with Colum McCann Interview)

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In a new effort to establish another home for intelligent conversation on the web, the Intelligent Channel went live on YouTube this week. Launched as part of YouTube’s new original channels initiative, the Intelligent Channel presents luminaries from the educational, arts, and cultural worlds in intense conversations.


Google Presents YouTube for Schools, Makes Video World Safe for Teachers

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On YouTube, the path to education is as narrow and as difficult to walk as a razor’s edge. Left to their own devices, kids have a tendency to veer away from the math tutorials and head straight for the water-skiing squirrels.


The Mechanical Monsters: Seminal Superman Animated Film from 1941

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In 1941, director Dave Fleischer and Paramount Pictures animators Steve Muffati and George Germanetti produced Superman: The Mechanical Monsters — a big-budget animated adaptation of the popular Superman comics of that period, in which a mad scientist unleashes robots to rob banks and loot museums, and Superman, naturally, saves the day.


YouTube & Creative Commons Partnership Will Open Creative Floodgates

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Starting at 9 pm PDT tonight, YouTube will make 10,000 Creative Commons videos available to anyone using YouTube’s video editor. Initially the Creative Commons library will be loaded with videos from C-SPAN, Public.Resource.org, Voice of America, and Al Jazeera, and you can bet that more content providers will be added down the line.


OK Go & Kutiman: Live from the Guggenheim

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On Thursday night, the Guggenheim Museum and YouTube unveiled the winners of a highly publicized video contest, YouTube Play: A Biennial of Creative Video. The contest originally generated 23,000 submissions from 91 countries, and, from there, Guggenheim curators culled a shortlist of 125 videos.


The Best of YouTube (According to Open Culture)

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Maybe you have noticed. (Or maybe you haven’t.) Almost every YouTube video featured on Open Culture can be accessed through our YouTube Channel. You’ll find about 225 videos overall, and they run the gamut. Intelligent lectures, artistic videos, comic bits, scientific explorations, historical footage – they’re all here.


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