Isaac Newton Theorized That the Egyptian Pyramids Revealed the Timing of the Apocalypse: See His Burnt Manuscript from the 1680s

Today one can behold the pyramids of Giza and feel the temptation to believe that the ancient Egyptians knew something we moderns didn’t. Just imagine, then, what it must have felt like in the 17th century, when the recovery of lost ancient knowledge was still very much an active enterprise. Back then, no less formidable a mind than Sir Isaac Newton suspected that to understand the pyramids would be to understand much else besides, from the nature of gravity — a subject on which he would become something of an authority — to Biblical prophecy. The key he reckoned, lay in an ancient Egyptian unit of measurement called the royal cubit.

“Establishing the precise length of the Egyptian cubit would allow him to reconstruct in turn other ancient measures, crucially the sacred cubit of the Hebrews, and so be able to reconstruct with precision a building that was, to Newton, of much greater import even than the Great Pyramid: the Temple of Solomon,” says Sotheby’s.

There, a few pages of Newton’s notes on the subject (burnt at the edges, which legend has it happened when his dog knocked over a candle) recently sold for £378,000, but you can still view them online. Given that Ezekiel describes the Temple of Solomon as the setting of the Apocalypse — the end of the world being another subject of Newtonian interest“an exact knowledge of the Temple’s architecture and dimensions was therefore needed to correctly interpret the Bible’s deep and hidden meanings.” It would also reveal the eventual timing of the the Apocalypse.

Newton’s belief that “the ancient Egyptians possessed knowledge that had been lost in the intervening centuries,” as’s Livia Gershon puts it, did not set him far apart from mainstream European scholarship at the time. He also thought, Gershon writes, “that the ancient Greeks had successfully measured Earth’s circumference using a unit called the stade, which he believed was borrowed from the Egyptians. By translating the ancient measurement, Newton hoped to validate his own theory of gravity,” as he ultimately did, though not, perhaps, in the manner he first expected to. We must, it seems, consider the pyramids, alongside the Philosopher’s stone, the South Sea Company, and toad-vomit plague cures, as another example of the great genius’ occasionally excessive enthusiasms — albeit an unusually powerful one.

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Comments (14)
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  • Annette Hodges says:

    Let us think..! Quietly listen to your thoughts…
    Time,is advancing quickly….One day is as night, the same night..One long day, one short night until time is no more.

  • jim says:

    fut the wuck??

  • Krystal says:

    These are scientists, not people who believe in an entity that doesn’t exist.
    When writing about others you should stay with the fact and leave your religious views out of it.
    Religion holds ones mind back. This is why many scientists do not believe in this entity of yours. They like to have the will of free thinking.

  • A luber says:

    I have never been raised up by religion so being this I can ce of open mind on. The difference in religion. So far since the Bible has been reroute many times and interpretations are all changed. Why is a good. Question and many answers. But there is conflict of different cultures. They don’t agree and. You get violence this is not what I feel what the Bible should represent being a person of no religion. I’m in a better person on opinions

  • Rick Angel says:

    One is always free until you let a controlling factor Dominate. Entities gods demons spirit’s of mother earth all create hope. We all hope.not all have faith. I would hope we would have faith in each other to understand the religious views that our culture’s shows us.Emotions kill us via our religiuos Views making religion one of the most deadliest beast. So I hope you have faith to utilize your freewill and may your gods guide you in your endeavors.

  • Timothy says:

    That ‘Entity’does exist,just maybe not in the exact form mentioned.
    Our planet is that entity and the alive force in which we all belong.
    Why can’t some choose to recognize that force and embrace the connection that makes them emit a positive force for others to embrace as well.?.
    Ignoring that force is the sin we all are programmed to not allow occurr.
    It is best for us all to cherish and honor this force for preservation of what is taking care of us all.
    We did not occurr by luck as every factor is predetermined to make us show up within the earths time.
    Even our technological progression is predetermined and only within realizing this can we alter our path.
    We developed Nuclear technology,radio waves and keep repeating history.
    Our heightened radio activity has created a safety buffer that is building a man made belt that has been pushing The radiation belt furthur away,making us safer.
    These traits are not just dumb luck.
    Something organized us here,even if we are a cancer or rust showing late within a predetermined cycle.
    WE BEST PRESERVE AN OPENED MIND,because it is all connected …

  • Laura Woods says:

    To thy own self be true. The rest is adventure forth.

  • Jo-Anne says:

    We all do have free will, in whatever you choose to believe. There is evil and good going on here on earth, whether “your free will” believes it or not. It’s clear. Religion is different then knowing and trusting in Jesus. The one who died for everyone’s sin. And loved us all before any of us had found him as savior, Don’t rob yourself of the truth and give your life to the enemy. By denying Christ was born and died, doesn’t mean it’s not true. Religions is mind blinding, and you feel brain washed or whatever you want to call it individually, but find out your own way. If your heart is in the right place, ask him yourself….. And wait for an answer, and go from there. BUT please don’t just leave yourself believing in your own puffed up hero that can take care of yourself. Jesus loves all of you… All of us. It’s the hope I trust in for my life here and eternal life.

  • Peter says:

    What a waste of time.

  • Anthony Sullivan says:

    Why should we ask Logical questions of Illogical People? Or ask illogical questions of Logical people? Either way we are not gonna get the answers we all want. We can’t predict the future but make an educated guess? Yes. We do that all the time. The creator keeps certain knowledge at a distance from those who want it. He knows that our destructive side would surly Destroy each other, Everything . The end of days will be if our own doing? I’m not predicting , I’m making and Educated guess. Cheers T$

  • Rory Lee Hilburn says:

    I feel so privileged to be alive at this time in Earth’s history. Even with all life’s hardships and mean cruel people living on Earth our world is so beautiful and wonderful. Now more to the point; why are certain people, companies, and whole countries allowed to harm our beautiful world. If people see absolutely for sure great wrongs being done and do nothing, especially people in positions who have the means (countries)become guilty by allowance and acceptance. Religious blinders keeping our world seperated and segregated. Why? If you truly believe in the bible as a historical history then you know we once all spoke the same language and worked together in many of our endeavors. Our creator God for some reason feared this and created huge social barriers by creating different languages and making different races. Our creator God for some reason has a very strong reason to keep mankind from unifying that has nothing to do with anything New Testament. These religious beliefs are the main tools being used to keep the people of the world seperated, bickering, and warring with each other. I don’t mean to be disrespecting anyone and their beliefs but by the same token how can people disrespect our beautiful world, our wonderful planet, our home. It’s really a shame we don’t have a world prison for incarceration of people who knowingly harm our world. Once convicted no parole and no release. Pretty soon people would think of Earth first and personal desire second. Which is how we should think anyway. The most important and most valuable possession a person can have is: INTEGRITY

  • Michael says:

    That is nothing but your opinion, and there is nothing scientific about it. Leave your opinion out of this.

  • Marria says:

    Why is it being said to others for them to keep opinions of how one wants to do, think an or go about what they belive in? Don’t we all as individuals have a mind of our own! So with that being said, MY OPINION IS THAT ANYONE CAN LEAVE A REPLY OR COMMENT ABOUT WHATEVER IT MAY BE! JUST REMEMBER THAT YOUR THE ONE THAT READ IT. SO RESPECT IT OR LEAVE IT! CUZ THE NEXT PERSON JUST MIGHT HAVE A BETTER OUTCOME THAN THE NEXT PERSONS OPINION OR EVEN YOURS!

  • George Washington says:

    These same so called scientists also told us they created a better gas can we all learned that is a lie

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