25 UC Berkeley Courses Available via Free Video

Not long ago, we wrote a popular piece about UC-Berkeley’s iTunes initiative which, to sum it up,allows anyone, anywhere, to download complete university courses to their iPods for free. Amazing. Today, we want to point out that Berkeley also makes available full-fledged courses via video/webcast. You can find the complete list of courses here, but below we have listed below 25 courses that figure into a “core” undergraduate curriculum. In short, this list includes many good nuts and bolts courses, which will teach you a lot and, even better, cost you nothing. Each of these courses, coming straight from the classroom, can be accessed with Real Player, and some can also be accessed as MP3s.

On a related note, our University Podcast Collection and our collection of Free Courses will give you access to many more university lectures and courses, so be sure to give them a look. You may also want to check out our “playlist” of intelligent videos on YouTube as well as our recent piece: 10 Signs of Intelligent Life at YouTube.

UC Berkeley Courses:

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  • http://webcast.berkeley.edu/ Ben Hubbard

    I love this blog! It’s a bright beacon for open content and it’s an honor to be mentioned, thanks! It’s such a thrill to see this movement gaining momentum.

    The next year should bring exciting new developments for webcast.berkeley, stay tuned!

    Ben Hubbard
    Co-Manager, webcast.berkeley

  • Sven

    SO, like then how do you sign up so you can get credit for watching the podcast and like get a certificate. I’d like a free course for my Masters and Doctorate too, if that OK with Berkely. !

  • http://www.burek.co.yu Ivan Minic

    Nice collection! Thanks :)

  • http://profile.typekey.com/ericblue76/ EricB

    Thanks for the post. This is great material!

  • http://www.ecrmsite.info kamy

    Great info here. It will keep me busy for a few days.

  • http://www.carlosonweb.com Carlos Velasco

    This is great! Thanks for sharing the links. Makes me feel like I’ve been to UC right here at home in the Philippines.

  • Robin

    Very Impressive! Knowledge is Power and i’m ready to immerse in it.

  • crane

    I clicked on the link http://webcast.berkeley.edu/courses.php and when you click on classes in there, the video links aren’t available, despite the fact that viewing the same pages directly linked from THIS page does display the video links!!! Help!!!

  • http://www.feedbacksecrets.com/The_eBay_Myth.pdf Marsello

    Thanks for the free content, I’ll make sure to spread the word around. I can see by the number of feedbacks that this little experiment has gone viral already.

  • joe

    Thanks for sharing this. It´s a nice ad to Berkeley university, so very smart too.

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  • Dondi Imperial
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  • Tim
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  • http://www.albertajobshark.com Shaun Stevens

    These courses will keep be busy during the long cold winter
    Thanks. Something to do an learn.

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  • http://www.bizzflip.com John

    Is it just me or is Berkeley like a Tim Burton movie? http://blog.bizzflip.com/bizzflipcom/2008/01/tim-burton.html

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  • Roberta

    Girls and boys, I am a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d to this blog!! I have just finished the audio course on Nutrition with Prof. Nancy Amy (Berkeley) and the one on Psychology (Yale) with Prof. Paul Bloom. Both fantastic! Will soon start the one on Anatomy and am sure will be as good as the ones before. Thank you for putting together such an amazingly rich list of online courses. Roberta (São Paulo, Brazil)

  • Annie

    how can i get certification to show that i have gone through or covered your courses. kindly let me know as i love the psychology course soo far.

    thank you!

  • https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623575807708741 John Swaim

    Although the courses are free they must be worth a lot. Surely they have some method of documenting one’s progress as well as completion…yes?