The Gates of Hell

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Let me bring this to your attention. Erwan Bomstein-Erb, the founder and director of Canal Educatif in Paris, has released a documentary (in English) about  The Gates of Hell, a monumental project that Auguste Rodin worked on, not necessarily consistently, for 37 years. On its own, this video is worth your time.


Mike Wallace Interviews Ayn Rand (1959)

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I’m no fan of Ayn Rand, but I found this footage intriguing. Back before 60 Minutes, Mike Wallace had his own TV interview show, The Mike Wallace Interview, which aired from 1957 to 1960. And what you get is Mike Wallace asking probing questions to celebrities of the day (and peddling cigarettes).


A Closer Look at YouTube EDU

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On Thursday, we announced the launch of YouTube EDU. Now, as promised, it’s time to give you some more details about the new university video hub.
I had a chance to chat with Obadiah Greenberg, a key Googler behind the launch. And he gave me some insight into the genesis of the project. As you can imagine, YouTube EDU wasn’t built overnight.


New Mega Author Web Site Now Online

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Noted by the LA Times:
Without permission or advance notice, FiledByAuthor has cataloged the information of about 1.8 million authors into individual pages. There are biographies, photos, links to purchase books from online retailers and links to share the author’s FiledBy page through a dizzying list of social networking sites.


Download New Bob Dylan (Free for the Next 24 Hours)

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A heads up from Stephen:
Free mp3 of Behind Here Lies Nothin’ from Dylan’s new album available at until 5.00 a.m. tomorrow (Time zone?) Very good it sounds too. Shades of Ry Cooder. Wishful thinking maybe…


John Hope Franklin on Obama

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John Hope Franklin, a prolific historian who shaped our understanding of the African-American experience and influenced the Civil Rights movement, died last week at 94. He was the grandson of a slave, and knew the Jim Crow South firsthand.


Art Inspired Poetry

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An FYI for art and poetry lovers: “Each month, TATE ETC. publishes new poetry by leading poets such as John Burnside, Moniza Alvi, Adam Thorpe, Alice Oswald and David Harsent who respond to works from the Tate Collection. (Subscribe to the Poem of the Month RSS feed.


Prague’s Franz Kafka International Named World’s Most Alienating Airport

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A funny little piece from The Onion. Thanks to JB for sending this along. Keep sending us good items @openculture on Twitter, or via email at mail@oculture.


Video from The Aspen Environment Forum

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A quick heads up: The three-day Aspen Environment Forum is now underway, and it has gathered an impressive number of speakers (energy experts, government & business leaders, writers, photographers, and other thinkers) to take a serious look at our environmental challenges and the possible solutions.


The Hubble Space Telescope’s Greatest Images

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In April 1990, The Hubble Space Telescope was launched into space and has since sent beautiful images back to earth. The Telegraph in the UK has gathered together some of the most spectacular ones. Click here to see some of the best. (And look to the top right for the “Next” button to see more.


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