Science Catches the Eye of the Police

Rather humorous. You can catch more of Steve Spangler’s scientific work on his YouTube channel and web site. We’ve also added him to our list of Intelligent YouTube Collections.

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  • Bradley Mayhew

    Steve Spangler is awesome! I can’t get enough of his crazy videos. I only wish I had a science teacher like him. I never did any cool science experiments in school. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Julie Gintzler

    Thanks for the post and all the links, Dan! We really appreciate it. Of all the videos Steve has made, I think this one is my absolute favorite. I never tire of it – maybe because it is a glimpse into a typical day at the office with Steve. Thanks for putting it out there.


  • Dan Colman

    No worries Julie, happy to post it. Thanks for dropping by. Cheers,