The Search For Hidden Dimensions

An important American string theorist, Brian Greene hasn’t shied away from bringing heady theoretical physics to the broader public. His 1999 bestselling book, The Elegant Universe, introduced string theory to non specialists, and it was later adapted into a three hour, Emmy award-winning television series by NOVA. (You can buy it on DVD, or simply watch it online here.) Now, on RichardDawkins.Net, Greene hosts a short video that takes us into the speculative world of “hidden dimensions.” If borne out, these theories could entirely reframe our understanding of the Big Bang and where our world fits into the larger cosmos. You can find more videos along these lines on, and also on his related YouTube Channel (which happens to appear in our collection of Intelligent YouTube Channels).

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  • Aditya

    For those outside of US and cannot watch the NOVA series online, you can watch it here
    It’s a really good program for layman to understand the complicated string theory.

  • hoagy kartoffel

    Ridiculous and distracting animation and music.

  • Chris

    go back under your bridge hoagy kartoffel. With a name like that you are certainly a troll.

    This was great.