What’s Your English? British v. Canadian Rap Battle

In 2010, the folks who publish the Macmillan Dictionary launched the ‘What’s your English?’ campaign. They then spent a good year traveling across the globe, visiting nations where English is spoken, and asking experts and everyday speakers to talk about their regional dialects. The United States, Australia, Ireland, Scotland and Canada were obvious stops. But the tour also swept through India, Russia, Brazil, China, Mexico and beyond. Now, to cap things off, Macmillan has posted a “rap battle” between British and Canadian English, featuring “Baba Brinkman” and hip hop emcee “Professor Elemental.” Get the lyrics/script here. H/T Metafilter.

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  • Andi4uk

    Canadians speak English? Please, mate… You can’t be serious.

  • http://buysteroidsuk.co/ steroids

    obviously English spoken by the English is correct as it’s their language.