Koyaanisqatsi at 1552% Speed

Koyaanisqatsi: Life Out of Balance — Godfrey Reggio directed the 1982 film, and Philip Glass composed the music. Later, Reggio said that the film is wide open to interpretation, that “the viewer can take for herself what the film means.” “For some people it’s an environmental film, for some people it’s an ode to technology, for some people it’s a piece of shit, for other people it moves them deeply.” And for Wyatt Hodgson, it’s a film worth watching in a compressed, five-minute format, maybe because (as one viewer suggested) it highlights “one of the main dimensions of the film: the breakneck speed of our (crazy) world.”

Hodgson’s version strips out Glass’ original soundtrack, replacing it with music by the Art of Noise. But some crafty individual found a way to reproduce Glass’ composition at 1552% speed. You can listen below.

h/t Kottke


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  • http://brunoise.tumblr.com/ Bruno

    Great idea… but this music… I don’t like it.

  • Louis d’Aboville
  • Barak

    I’m looking for the high speed Glass but not finding it…

  • http://myarrows.wordpress.com/ Pranav

    An absolutely brilliant idea! I also like the music, it fits perfectly.

  • http://www.markijzerman.com Mark

    The sped up Philip Glass audio is here: