William Faulkner Rocked Fourth Grade (1907-1908)

faulkner report card

William Faulkner attended the University of Mississippi and lasted only three semesters. He skipped classes, managed to pull a D in English, and then dropped out in 1920.

A far cry from his academic performance in 1907-1908 when, as a fourth grader, he got mostly E's (presumably meaning "Excellent"), a yearly average of 96, and a high grade of 98 in Grammar.

Faulkner's 4th grade report comes to you courtesy of The Harry Ransom Center's Instagram account. Give it a follow.

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  • WDS says:

    Wow ~ you have finally managed to make me feel really old here! Yes, E meant excellent (no presumably about it) and P meant perfect… I shall now go back to chasing kids off my lawn … LOL

  • NB says:

    Either the teacher misspelled her own student’s name, or this was not “Faulkner’s” report card.

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