Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn & Twain Himself Meet Satan in the Zany 1985 Claymation The Adventures of Mark Twain

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“But who prays for Satan?” Mark Twain asked in the autobiography left behind as he exited this mortal coil on the tail of Halley’s comet, whose 1835 appearance coincided with his birth.
It’s a good question.
Had he instead asked who claymates Satan, the answer would have been clearcut.


Jared Diamond Identifies the Real, Unexpected Risks in Our Everyday Life (in a Psychedelic Animated Video)

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Jared Diamond is a true polymath. He got his start researching how the gall bladder absorbed salt and then moved on to other fields of study – ornithology, anthropology, linguistics. His wildly diverse interests have given him a unique perspective of how and why our species evolved.


Walt Whitman’s Poem “A Noiseless Patient Spider” Brought to Life in Three Animations

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How can a modern educator go about getting a student to connect to poetry?
Forget the emo kid pouring his heart out into a spiral journal.
Ditto the youthful slam poetess, wielding pronunciation like a cudgel.


How Can I Know Anything at All? BBC Animations Feature the Philosophy of Wittgenstein, Hume, Popper & More

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How did everything begin? What makes us human? What is the self? How do I live a good life? What is love? We’ve all asked these questions, if only within our heads, and recently a series of BBC animations written by philosopher Nigel Warburton and narrated by a variety of celebrities have done their level best to answer them–or


Watch Interplanetary Revolution (1924): The Most Bizarre Soviet Animated Propaganda Film You’ll Ever See

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In 1924, Zenon Komisarenko, Youry Merkulov and Nikolai Khodataev produced Interplanetary Revolution, which might just be one of the strangest Soviet propaganda films ever produced.
First, the film is animated using not only traditional cel animation but also collage and stop motion, giving the work a queasy, disorienting feel.


Watch Vincent, Tim Burton’s Animated Tribute to Vincent Price & Edgar Allan Poe (1982)

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If you put together a list of the world’s greatest Vincent Price fans, you’d have to rank Tim Burton at the top. That goes for “greatest” in the sense of both the fervency of the fan’s enthusiasm for all things Price, and for the fan’s accomplishments in his own right.


Watch Nina Paley’s “Embroidermation,” a New, Stunningly Labor-Intensive Form of Animation

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If you keep up with the animation we post here at Open Culture, you’ll know we have a strong fascination with techniques that require seemingly inhuman levels of devotion to the craft.


Amanda Palmer Animates & Narrates Husband Neil Gaiman’s Unconscious Musings

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According to singer, songwriter and crowed funder extraordinaire, Amanda Palmer, there’s an “epidemic of mild-mannered British men who say weird shit in their sleep.”
Her husband, author Neil Gaiman, is no exception.
Neil Gaiman is a total weirdo when he’s half asleep. in a GOOD way, usually.


What is Love? BBC Philosophy Animations Feature Sartre, Freud, Aristophanes, Dawkins & More

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The BBC’s recent series of Nigel Warburton-scripted, celebrity-narrated animations in philosophy haven’t shied away from the hard questions the discipline touches.


Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Releases New Animated Video Inspired by Gustave Doré & Milton’s Paradise Lost

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Next month, David Gilmour will release his first solo album since 2006 and launch his first tour since ’08. But right now, in the dead of August, you can watch a new animated video for his upcoming track, “Rattle That Lock.


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