Animated Map Lets You Watch the Unfolding of Every Day of the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865)

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The border-obsessed map animator known as Emperor Tigerstar views war from a distance. The Emperor leaves such details as journal entries, letters home, and tales of valor and cowardice for other history buffs.


Innovative Film Visualizing the Destruction of World War II Now Available in 7 Languages

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Back in June we highlighted Neil Halloran’s 15 minute film, The Fallen of World War II, which used “innovative data visualization techniques to put the human cost of WW II into perspective, showing how some 70 million lives were lost within civilian and military populations across Europe and Asia, from 1939 to 1945.


A Short, Powerful Animation on Addiction: Watch Andreas Hykade’s Nuggets

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From Andreas Hykade, the Director of the Animation and Visual Effects program at Germany’s Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, comes a short animated film called Nuggets. Things start off innocuously, with a kiwi taking a casual stroll down a road, eventually encountering and tasting some golden nuggets.


Fantastic Mr. Fox Meets The Shining in an Animated, Cautionary Tale About Consumerism

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In this short stop-motion film, Alexandra Lemay draws some creative inspiration from Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick and leaves us with a “cautionary tale of what happens when we don’t think enough about what we buy.


Queenie: A Handmade Paper Animation About a Lovesick Professor and His Strange Academic Project

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From director Paul Neason comes Queenie, an animated short film handmade with paper and cardboard. This tragicomic short follows Danny, a university Geography tutor/professor, as he and his students embark on a cutting-edge academic project, which has nothing to do with his recent divorce from his wife.


An Animated Introduction to Virginia Woolf

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It’s a pity writer Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) drowned herself before the advent of the Internet.
Industrialization did not faze her.
It’s less clear how the great observer of “the Modern Age” would’ve responded to the proliferation of Mommy bloggers.


An Animated Margaret Atwood Explains How Stories Change with Technology

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From the Future Of StoryTelling video series comes an animation featuring Margaret Atwood meditating on how technology shapes the way we tell stories. Just like the Gutenberg Press did almost 600 years ago, the recent advent of digital platforms (the internet, ebooks, etc.


47 Animated Videos Explain the History of Ideas: From Aristotle to Sartre

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This year we’ve been featuring short animated videos from BBC Radio 4, all covering the big questions: How did everything begin? What makes us human? What is love? How can I know anything at all? They’ve all come scripted by philosopher Nigel Warburton (he of Philosophy Bites podcast fame) and narrated by a host of notables from


Rock-Loving Kid Records a Spat with His Parents During the 1980s & Animates It 30 Years Later

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Certainly for me, and perhaps for many of you, there’s something eerily familiar about the scene that plays out in this animation. Here’s the backstory: Starting when he was 12, Mike Cohen, a kid growing up in Buffalo, began recording the arguments he had with his parents (unbeknownst to them).


Classics Stories by Edgar Allan Poe Narrated by James Mason in a 1953 Oscar-Nominated Animation & 1958 Decca Album

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Some enthusiasts of 19th-century American psychological horror master (or, in a very real sense, 19th-century American psychological horror inventor) Edgar Allan Poe find his work best read aloud.


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