How Can I Know Right From Wrong? Watch Philosophy Animations on Ethics Narrated by Harry Shearer

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The history of moral philosophy in the West hinges principally on a handful of questions: Is there a God of some sort? An afterlife? Free will? And, perhaps most pressingly for humanists, what exactly is the nature of our obligations to others? The latter question has long occupied philosophers like Immanuel Kant, whose extreme formulati


A Short Animated History of Daylight Saving Time, Narrated by Stephen Fry

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Several weeks back, we contemplated how, in the 1650s, the economic history of the West changed irrevocably when Christiaan Huygens invented the pendulum clock  — a timepiece that enabled us to measure time in accurate, uniform ways, making us attentive to the passage of time and focus on things like productivity and performance.


Animated: The Inspirational Story of Jane Goodall, and Why She Believes in Bigfoot

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Now out. The second video in The Experimenters, a short series of animations highlighting three “icons of science” and “what spurred their creativity.” Episode 1 brought us into “the Geodesic Life” of Buckminster Fuller.


Watch a New Star Wars Animation, Drawn in a Classic 80s Japanese Anime Style

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It didn’t take long for Star Wars (1977) to start spinning off fan films. Just a year after the space opera hit American cinemas, Jonathan Crow tells us, “San Francisco filmmaker Ernie Fosselius had the brainwave to make a spoof.


Watch an Animated Buckminster Fuller Tell Studs Terkel All About “the Geodesic Life”

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Will humanity ever produce another mind quite like Buckminster Fuller’s? It doesn’t seem to have done so thus far. Even in Fuller’s own time, people couldn’t quite believe the intellectual idiosyncrasy of the inventor who came up with the geodesic dome, the Dymaxion Car, and much, much more.


Late Rembrandts Come to Life: Watch Animations of Paintings Now on Display at the Rijksmuseum

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Last week, we featured three terminally ill art-lovers’ journey to the Rijksmuseum to see their Rembrandts for one last time. They saw those paintings far more vividly, no doubt, than would those of us lucky enough to have longer on this Earth.


Chuck Jones’ 9 Rules For Drawing Road Runner Cartoons, or How to Create a Minimalist Masterpiece

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Google the keywords “art” and “limits” (or “boundaries”) and you will find thousands of results with titles like “art without limits” or “art without boundaries.” Without dissecting any of them in particular, the general idea strikes me as a fantasy.


Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh & Other Arists Tell Their Musical Stories in the Animated Video Series, “California Inspires Me”

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I’ve lived all of my life in various cities on the East Coast, north and south. Various cultural and geographic features of the mid-Atlantic have shaped me in ways I’m probably only partially aware of. But this past summer I spent more time on the West Coast—L.A.


Richard Dawkins’ Famous “What If You’re Wrong” Speech Animated South-Park Style

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In 2006, Oxford biologist and new atheist Richard Dawkins made an appearance at the evangelical Liberty University and fielded questions from the audience.


Has Technology Changed Us?: BBC Animations Answer the Question with the Help of Marshall McLuhan

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In January, we featured series of short animations from BBC Radio 4 addressing the question “How Did Everything Begin?” In February, we featured its follow-up on an equally eternal question, “What Makes Us Human?” Both came scripted by Philosophy Bites co-creator Nigel Warburton and narrated by X-Files co-star Gillian Anderso


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