The Famous Schrodinger’s Cat Thought Experiment Gets Brought to Life in an Off-Kilter Animation

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Schrödinger’s Cat is one of the more famous thought experiments in modern physics, created by Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger back in 1935.


Hayao Miyazaki Tells Video Game Makers What He Thinks of Their Characters Made with Artificial Intelligence: “I’m Utterly Disgusted. This Is an Insult to Life Itself”

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For a young person in an animation-based field, the opportunity to share new work with director Hayao Miyazaki must feel like a golden opportunity.


Alfred Hitchcock Meditates on Suspense & Dark Humor in a New Animated Video

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Back in 1957, while shooting a film tentatively called From Amongst The Dead (it would later be titled Vertigo), Alfred Hitchcock sat down for an interview with Colin Edwards, from Pacifica Radio. The conversation touched on many good themes–how suspense works in his films, the role of dark humor and beyond.


Walt Disney Creates a Frank Animation That Teaches High School Kids All About VD (1973)

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The comically plainspoken, tough-guy sergeant is a heaven sent assignment for character actors.
Think R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket…
Louis Gosset Jr. in An Officer and a Gentleman…
Even Stripes’  Warren Oates.
Keenan Wynn, who strove to keep America safe from “deviated preverts” in 1964’s Dr.


A Free Short Course on How Pixar Uses Physics to Make Its Effects

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A new computer-animated spectacle that makes us rethink the relationship between imagination and technology seems, now, to come out every few months.


Pixar & Khan Academy Offer a Free Online Course on Storytelling

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It doesn’t take much to spark a good story.


Pasta for War: The Award-Winning Animation That Satirizes 1930s Propaganda Films & Features Marching Rigatoni

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From art director Zach Schläppi comes Pasta for War, an animation that satirizes propaganda newsreels from the 1930s. The plot is simple:
It begins with fresh pasta marching towards the podium. There, the Great Dictator orates.


Hayao Miyazaki Meets Akira Kurosawa: Watch the Titans of Japanese Film in Conversation (1993)

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Note: Please scroll to the 6:52 mark where the conversation begins.
The name Miyazaki defines Japanese animation not just in its own country, but across the world. The name Kurosawa does the same for the rest of Japanese cinema.


Why We Love Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”: An Animated Music Lesson

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Remember listening to Peter and the Wolf as a child, how the narrator would explain that certain instruments correspond to particular characters:  the duck – an oboe, the wolf – three horns, and so on?
In the above TED-Ed lesson (memorably animated by Compote Collective), music historian Betsy Schwarm fulfills much the same role f


How Animated Cartoons Are Made: A Vintage Primer Filmed Way Back in 1919

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Many techniques shown in Bray Studios’ 1919 short How Animated Cartoons are Made, above, were rendered obsolete by digital advancements, but its 21-year-old star, animator Wallace Carlson, seems as if he would fit right in at Cal Arts or Pratt, Class of 2017.


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