Animated Interview: Sally Ride Tells Gloria Steinem About the Challenge of Being the First American Women in Space (1983)

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Blank on Blank returned this week with the latest episode in “The Experimenters,” a miniseries highlighting the icons of STEM.


Watch the Destruction of Pompeii by Mount Vesuvius, Re-Created with Computer Animation (79 AD)

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A good disaster story never fails to fascinate — and, given that it actually happened, the story of Pompeii especially so. Buried and thus frozen in time by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the ancient Roman town of 11,000 has provided an object of great historical interest ever since its rediscovery in 1599.


Psychedelic Animation Takes You Inside the Mind of Stephen Hawking

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What’s it like inside the mind of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking? Is it an electro-cosmic dance party narrated by Carl Sagan? I would like to think so.


Celebrate Edgar Allan Poe’s Birthday With Three Animations of “The Tell-Tale Heart”

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Today is Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday, or would be had he lived to be 207 years old. I can’t imagine he would have relished the prospect.


Plato’s Cave Allegory Animated Monty Python-Style

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There’s something about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave that inspires people to get creative. Orson Welles once narrated an animated adaptation of the Cave allegory. The folks at Bullhead Entertainment brought to life the allegory appearing in Book VII of Plato’s Republic using some fine claymation.


The Feminist Theory of Simone de Beauvoir Explained with 8-Bit Video Games (and More)

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Simone de Beauvoir, existentialist philosopher, feminist theorist, author of The Second Sex, whose birthday we celebrate today.
Metroid, an action-adventure video game designed for the Nintendo in 1986.
At first glance, they’re not an obvious pairing.


The Simpsons Present Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” and Teachers Now Use It to Teach Kids the Joys of Literature

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The Simpsons have mocked or referenced literature over its 27 (!!) seasons, usually through a book Lisa was reading, or with guest appearances (e.g., Michael Chabon & Jonathan Franzen, Maya Angelou and Amy Tan).


An Artful, Animated Tribute to The Wire, Created by a Fan of the Critically-Acclaimed TV Series

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From director, designer, and animator Elliot Lim comes an animated tribute to his “favorite show of all time,” HBO’s The Wire — a sentiment that he shares with Pres. Obama, countless critics, and many casual TV viewers.


An Animated Carol Dweck on Why Parents Who Tell Their Kids How Smart They Are Aren’t Doing Them Any Favors

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After a long hiatus, the RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) has returned with another one of the whiteboard animated-lectures they pioneered five years ago.


What is the Good Life? Plato, Aristotle, Nietzsche, & Kant’s Ideas in 4 Animated Videos

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We all have some vision of what the good life should look like. Days filled with reading and strolls through museums, retirement to a tropical island, unlimited amounts of time for video games…. Whatever they may be, our concepts tend toward fantasy of the grass is greener variety.


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