Spike Jonze’s Stop Motion Film Hauntingly Animates Paris’ Famed Shakespeare and Company Bookstore

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Since his breakout early days directing commercials and music videos for the likes of Fatboy Slim, Weezer, Daft Punk, and the Breeders, Spike Jonze has honed a quirky visual sensibility that translated almost seamlessly to feature film. But even at his quirkiest, Jonze hasn’t been about quirk for quirk’s sake.


Stephen Fry Narrates 4 Philosophy Animations On the Question: How to Create a Just Society?

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How do we create a just society? 50,000 years or so at it and humanity still has a long way to go before figuring that out, though not for lack of trying.


H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu in Anime: A First Glimpse

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Mark it on your calendars. 2018 will bring an anime adaptation of the popular card game Force of Will. An omnibus collection of six animations, the film will include one short created by Shuhei Morita, whose 2013 animation “Possessions” already earned him an Academy Award nomination. Morita’s next task–to bring to life H.


Watch the Surrealist Glass Harmonica, the Only Animated Film Ever Banned by Soviet Censors, (1968)

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The Soviet Union’s repressive state censorship went to absurd lengths to control what its citizens read, viewed, and listened to, such as the almost comical removal of purged former comrades from photographs during Stalin’s reign.


The Essence of Linear Algebra Explained with Animations

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Fyi: Grant Sanderson has a knack for math and coding. So he created a tool that has helped him explain “the essence of linear algebra” in a “visually-driven manner.” And he posted the result, a series of 13 videos, to YouTube. You can watch the collection, called “The Essence of Linear Algebra,” above.


Eadweard Muybridge’s Motion Photography Experiments from the 1870s Presented in 93 Animated Gifs

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When a horse trots, do all four of its hooves ever leave the ground at once? At one time, we not only had no answer to that question, we had no way of finding out.


The History of Stop-Motion Films: 39 Films, Spanning 116 Years, Revisited in a 3-Minute Video

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With the release of Kubo and the Two Strings, Vugar Efendi, a filmmaker in the UK, created The Evolution of Stop-Motion, a montage that brings together scenes from 39 stop-motion films, spanning 116 years.


Bambi Meets Godzilla: #38 on the List of The 50 Greatest Cartoons of All Time

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In 1994, Jerry Beck edited the book, The 50 Greatest Cartoons: As Selected by 1,000 Animation Professionals, which challenged experts to create a ranking of the best short, cel animated cartoons ever made. To no one’s surprise, the experts chose 10 Warner Bros. animations crafted by Chuck Jones.


Werner Herzog Narrates Pokémon Go: Imagines It as a Murderous Metaphor for the Battle to Survive

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Like filmmaker Werner Herzog, I have existed in near total ignorance of Pokémon Go, a virtual reality game that purports to get players on their feet and out in the real world.
Without a smartphone—an item Werner refuses to own for “cultural reasons”—one cannot participate.


Watch “Traffic Stop,” an Emmy-Nominated, Animated Film About a Traffic Stop Gone Horribly Wrong

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As the Black Lives Matter movement has come to occupy a greater swath of America’s attention span, a conversation has arisen around the pitfalls of allyship, a term that lends itself to discussions of gender and disability, as well as race.


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