36 eBooks on Computer Programming from O’Reilly Media: Free to Download and Read

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This past week, we featured a free course on the programming language Python, presented by MIT. A handy resource, to be sure.
And then it struck us that you might want to complement that course with some of the 36 free ebooks on computer programming from O’Reilly Media–of which 7 are dedicated to Python itself.


A Free Course on Machine Learning & Data Science from Caltech

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Right now, Machine Learning and Data Science are two hot topics, the subject of many courses being offered at universities today. Above, you can watch a playlist of 18 lectures from a course called Learning From Data: A Machine Learning Course, taught by Caltech’s Feynman Prize-winning professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa.


Neural Networks for Machine Learning: A Free Online Course

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The 78-video playlist above comes from a course called Neural Networks for Machine Learning, taught by Geoffrey Hinton, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto. The videos were created for a larger course taught on Coursera, which gets re-offered on a fairly regularly basis.


Are We Living Inside a Computer Simulation?: An Introduction to the Mind-Boggling “Simulation Argument”

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The idea that we are living in a vast computer simulation as hyper-sophisticated simulated characters with limited self-awareness sounds like the kind of thing that issues forth from stoned philosophy majors in late night dorm room sessions.


Alan Turing Gets Channeled in a New Opera: Hear Audio from The Life And Death(S) Of Alan Turing

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Creative Commons image by Steve Parker
It can seem like a cruel irony that some of the most celebrated people of our day didn’t receive the same acclaim during their sometimes troubled lives.


What Does Jorge Luis Borges’ “Library of Babel” Look Like? An Accurate Illustration Created with 3D Modeling Software

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Sketchup renderings of the Library of Babel. Images courtesy of Jamie Zawinski.
Fulfilling the maxim “write what you know,” Argentine fabulist Jorge Luis Borges penned one of his most extraordinary and bewildering stories, “The Library of Babel,” while employed as an assistant librarian.


Learn to Code with Harvard’s Popular Intro to Computer Science Course: The 2016 Edition

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This fall, Harvard has been rolling out videos from the 2016 edition of Computer Science 50 (CS50), the university’s introductory coding course designed for majors and non-majors alike.


Hear the First Recording of Computer Music: Researchers Restore Three Melodies Programmed on Alan Turing’s Computer (1951)

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However you feel about electronic music, you’ll still find yourself listening to it most places you go. For better or worse, it has become mood music, soothing the jangled nerves of customers in coffee shops and lulling boutique shoppers into a pleasant sense of hip.


Learn How to Code for Free: A DIY Guide for Learning HTML, Python, Javascript & More

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This week, we’re launching the beginning of a new, ongoing series. We’re creating guides that will teach you how to learn important subjects on your own, using free resources available on the web. Want an example? Just look below.


The Princeton Bitcoin Textbook Is Now Free Online

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Image by Jason Benjamin, via Flickr Commons
On the Freedom to Tinker blog, Arvind Narayanan, a computer science professor at Princeton, announced yesterday:
The first complete draft of the Princeton Bitcoin textbook is now freely available.


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