The Very First Film Adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a Thomas Edison Production (1910)

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The story of humans creating monstrous beings in their image may have perennial relevance, even if it seems specific to our contemporary cultural moment.


Slavoj Žižek Explains the Artistry of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Films: Solaris, Stalker & More

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Though a filmmaker of strong personal convictions, artistic and otherwise, Andrei Tarkovsky made films that endure in part because they open themselves to a multiplicity of interpretations.


And Now for Some Culinary Weirdness: Christopher Walken Shows You How to Cook Chicken & Pears

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I don’t need to be made to look evil. I can do that on my own. 
– Christopher Walken
Five years ago, actor Christopher Walken casually shared a simple recipe for roast chicken with pears, above.


Hear the Great Mixtapes Richard Linklater Created to Psych Up the Actors in Dazed and Confused and Everybody Wants Some!!

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Richard Linklater’s films have become increasingly sophisticated as the 90s indie breakout writer-director has grown into his auteurhood.


Surrealist Filmmaker Jan Švankmajer Is About to Make His Final Feature Film, and You Can Help Produce It

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No filmmaker combines live action with stop-motion quite like Jan Švankmajer, and certainly no filmmaker has used that combination to such imaginative and troubling ends.


Andrei Tarkovsky Answers the Essential Questions: What is Art & the Meaning of Life?

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“An artist never works under ideal conditions,” says Andrei Tarkovsky, who, even under his own set of less-than-ideal conditions, managed to make movies like Solaris, The Mirror, and Stalker. (Watch them free online here.) “If they existed, his work wouldn’t exist, for the artist doesn’t live in a vacuum.


James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake Gets Turned into an Interactive Web Film, the Medium It Was Destined For

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Two radical modernists, James Joyce and Sergei Eisenstein, once met in Paris in 1929 and, “depending on who you read,” writes Dan McGinn, “are purported to have discussed a film version of ‘Ulysses’ and how Karl Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’ could be depicted onscreen.


The Best Drone Cinema in the World

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From the New York Drone Festival comes a montage of the best drone cinema in the world. Put drones in the hands of 32 filmmakers, and here’s what they can deliver. Pretty remarkable. Find more fine drone cinema in the Relateds below.
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Stephen Fry Hates Dancing: Watch Fry’s Rant Against Dancing Get Turned into a Wonderful Interpretative Dance

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Dancing, says Stephen Fry in a vehement diatribe, is “not so much an accomplishment as an affliction.


Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey Rendered in the Style of Picasso; Blade Runner in the Style of Van Gogh

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And now for something a little different.
Over on his Tumblr, “The Professional Dork,” Bhautik Joshi has posted 2001: A Space Odyssey “rendered in the style of Picasso using deep neural network based style transfer.” And also Blade Runner in the style of ‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh.


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