Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey Rendered in the Style of Picasso; Blade Runner in the Style of Van Gogh

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And now for something a little different.
Over on his Tumblr, “The Professional Dork,” Bhautik Joshi has posted 2001: A Space Odyssey “rendered in the style of Picasso using deep neural network based style transfer.” And also Blade Runner in the style of ‘Starry Night’ by Van Gogh.


“Forbidden Images,” a Compilation of Scandalous Scenes from the Early Days of Cinema (NSFW in 1926)

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Last night I caught a screening of Park Chan-wook’s new movie The Handmaiden, whose daringly frank love scenes — by the standards of mainstream cinema, at least — have already drawn no small amount of international notoriety.


The Story Of Menstruation: Watch Walt Disney’s Sex Ed Film from 1946

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From 1945 to 1951, Disney produced a series of educational films to be shown in American schools. How to bathe an infant. How not to catch a cold. Why you shouldn’t drive fast. Disney covered these subjects in its educational shorts, and then eventually got to the touchy subject of biology and sexuality.


Helen Mirren Holds Her Own (and Then Some) in a Cringe-Inducingly Sexist TV Interview, 1975

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Say what you will about Kim Kardashian. (Go ahead, I’ll wait.)
Yes, she may only be famous for being rich and famous—not a particularly admirable cultural achievement. But, “and this is the big word: B-U-T-T-,” says Helen Mirren, “it’s wonderful that you’re allowed to have a butt nowadays… Thanks to Madame Kardashian.


The Bizarre, Surviving Scene from the 1933 Soviet Animation Based on a Pushkin Tale and a Shostakovich Score

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Hot dumplings! Marinated apples! A barrel of cucumbers!
Want to add some quick color to your performance or film? Slip in a quick non-narrative vendor scene. No need for character or plot development. The audience will be quite content with the hawkers’ musical recitation of their wares.


Martin Scorsese Sends a Sweet Video to the Young Creator a Kubrick/Scorsese Mashup

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If you’re a veteran reader of Open Culture, you may remember a 2010 video tribute called “Kubrick vs Scorsese.” To make the video, Leandro Copperfield, a young cinephile living in Rio de Janeiro, spent 25 days re-watching 35 films, selecting more than 500 scenes, and then editing them into an homage to his two favorite directors.


The First Biopic of Edgar Allan Poe: 1909 Film by D.W. Griffith Shows the Horror Master Writing “The Raven”

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The film industry knows that moviegoers love watching geniuses at work, and they may have known it for more than a century, ever since the release of 1909’s Edgar Allan Poe above.


1978 News Report on the Rocky Horror Craze Captures a Teenage Michael Stipe in Drag

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The impact of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in the ‘70s came from a perfect cocktail of several time-specific ingredients: A liberated, post-’60s generation of young people emboldened by glam and the sexual revolution finding their voice; the proliferation of cinemas that found that midnight screenings were good for business; and the


Stream 23 Free Documentaries from PBS’ Award-Winning American Experience Series

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How to understand a country as enormous, as culturally and economically productive, and as contradictory and frustrating as the United States of America? As an American myself, I’m here to tell you that there’s no shortcut.


Virginia Woolf Watches The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari & Writes “The Cinema,” a Seminal Attempt to Understand the Power of Movies (1926)

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“A shadow shaped like a tadpole suddenly appeared at one corner of the screen,” recalls Virginia Woolf. “It swelled to an immense size, quivered, bulged, and sank back again into nonentity. For a moment it seemed to embody some monstrous diseased imagination of the lunatic’s brain.


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