Quentin Tarantino Directs a 1995 Episode of ER: Brings Cinematic Virtuosity to TV

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Just as no list of the most 1990s-defining filmmakers could do without Quentin Tarantino, no list of the most 1990s-defining television shows could do without ER. The long-running, award-laden medical drama made more than a few daring moves over its fifteen years, not least its choices of guest directors.


The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: A New Fan-Made, Shot-for-Shot Remake of the 1980 Sci-Fi Classic

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In 2010, devoted Star Wars fans released Star Wars Uncut, a mashup, scene-by-scene remake of the very first Star Wars movie.
Now comes The Empire Strikes Back Uncut.


1000 Frames of Hitchcock: See Each of Alfred Hitchcock’s 52 Films Reduced to 1,000 Artistic Frames

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Some directors like John Cassavetes and Wong Kar-wai like to discover the movie as they are making it. Others filmmakers have a very clear conception of the movie right from the beginning. Alfred Hitchcock was very much in that latter category.


Wes Anderson’s Animated Books

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It was 2012, and Focus Features flew me and about three dozen other journalists to interview Wes Anderson for his latest movie Moonrise Kingdom right on the beach at Cannes. Though the day was hot enough to produce more than a few leathery topless sunbathers, Anderson wore the exact ‘80s-style beige corduroy suit you might expect him to wear.


The 430 Books in Marilyn Monroe’s Library: How Many Have You Read?

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If you’re a reader and user of social media, you’ve likely tested your lifetime reading list against the BBC Book Quiz.
Or perhaps you’ve allowed your worth as a reader to be determined by the number of Pulitzer Prize winners you’ve made it through.


Open Culture Picks Our 10 Avant-Garde Favorites on Ubuweb: Joyce, Borges, Sontag, Wittgenstein & More

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If you know about Open Culture, surely you know about Ubuweb. If you don’t, its slogan says almost everything you need to know about it: “All Avant-Garde. All the Time.


The Eyes of Hitchcock: A Mesmerizing Video Essay on the Expressive Power of Eyes in Hitchcock’s Films

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Kogonada has made a career of producing elegantly conceived video essays that dissect the stylistic eccentricities of cinema’s greatest formalists. In one video, he neatly illustrated Wes Anderson’s love of symmetrical compositions.


The Only Footage of Mark Twain: The Original & Digitally Restored Films Shot by Thomas Edison

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We know what Mark Twain looked like, and we think we know what he sounded like. Just above see what he looked like in motion, strolling around Stormfield, his house in Redding, Connecticut—signature white suit draped loosely around his frame, signature cigar puffing white smoke between his fingers.


Martin Scorsese’s New Documentary on The New York Review of Books Airs Tonight on HBO

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A quick note: Tonight, HBO will air the premiere of The 50 Year Argument. That’s Martin Scorsese’s new documentary about the influential literary and academic journal, The New York Review of Books.


Steven Soderbergh Creates Silent, Black & White Recut of Raiders of the Lost Ark to Explain the Art of “Staging”

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Since officially retiring from filmmaking last year, Steven Soderbergh has filled his time writing Twitter novellas, creating mashups of Alfred Hitchcock and Gus Van Sant Psycho films, and posting a log of all the films, TV shows and books he immersed himself in in 2009.
Now comes his latest side project: On his web site, extension765.


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