Werner Herzog Tells a Book Club Why The Peregrine Is One of His Favorite Books, a 20th-Century Masterpiece

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In the past, we’ve told you about Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School, which offers an unconventional crash-course in auteurship, teaching students everything from “the art of lock-picking,” to “the creation of one’s own shooting permits,” to the “athletic side of filmmaking.


Werner Herzog Narrates Pokémon Go: Imagines It as a Murderous Metaphor for the Battle to Survive

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Like filmmaker Werner Herzog, I have existed in near total ignorance of Pokémon Go, a virtual reality game that purports to get players on their feet and out in the real world.
Without a smartphone—an item Werner refuses to own for “cultural reasons”—one cannot participate.


Edward Wright Creates a List of His 1,000 Favorite Movies: Watch 10 of Them Free Online

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There was a time when drawing up a list of your top ten favorite films of all time would suffice to establish yourself as a cinephile. But subsequent generations of ever more obsessive film-lovers have upped the ante — as, even more influentially, have the filmmaker-cinephiles.


Was a 32,000-Year-Old Cave Painting the Earliest Form of Cinema?

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A few years ago, Werner Herzog’s acclaimed Cave of Forgotten Dreams pulled off an unlikely combination of technology and subject matter, using the latest in 3D cinema to capture the oldest known manmade images.


Stanley Kubrick’s Daughter Vivian Debunks the Age-Old Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

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All moon-landing conspiracy theorists refuse to believe that the United States landed on that much-mythologized rock 250,00 miles away in 1969. As to why the rest of us believe that it did happen, moon-landing conspiracy theorists vary in the specifics of their stories.


Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing & The Social Network) to Teach Online Course on Screenwriting This Summer

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Sports Night, The West Wing, The American President, The Social Network — hardly shameful items to appear on anyone’s résumé.


The Creativity of Female Graffiti & Street Artists Will Be Celebrated in Street Heroines, a New Documentary

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Street art is a frequently dangerous game. The threat of arrest pales in comparison to some of the hazards long time practitioners describe.


David Lynch Despises Product Placement & Watching Movies on iPhones (NSFW)

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When one first encounters the surreal sensibilities of David Lynch on film, it’s hard to know what to expect of the man behind them.


Watch “The Corridor,” a Tribute to the Music Video Stanley Kubrick Planned to Make Near the End of His Life

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When Stanley Kubrick died, he left behind numerous film ideas that would never see the light of day. There was his epic Napoleon film; an adaptation of a Jim Thompson novel; his long-talked about Holocaust film Aryan Papers; and so much more.


Four Video Essays Explain the Mastery of Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami (RIP)

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With each film he made, the internationally acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami left critics grasping for superlatives, and his death this past Monday has challenged them to find ways to fully describe the distinctive nature of his cinematic mastery.


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