Free Download: They Might Be Giants Play Their Entire First Album Live

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They Might Be Giants released their eponymous debut album in November, 1986 and it immediately attracted the attention of Village Voice music critic, Robert Christgau, who, in giving the album an “A,” said “the hits just keep on coming in an exuberantly annoying show of creative superabundance”.


The Rise of the Patent Troll: An Animated Primer by Kirby Ferguson

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Recently, I’ve been spending time investigating copyrights, keen to find out if it’s cricket for me to impose my vision on certain authors’ long ago work.


The Problem with Facebook: “It’s Keeping Things From You”

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You liked our Facebook page. Now you’re expecting to see our material in your Facebook news feed. It’s not an unreasonable expectation. But it’s also very unlikely to happen.


A Young Björk Deconstructs (Physically & Theoretically) a Television in a Delightful Retro Video

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Björk’s first international hit, “Human Behaviour” (1993) received scant radio play in North America. Rather, the Icelandic singer’s fame only grew as a result of MTV’s heavy rotation of the surrealist music video that accompanied the song, directed by Academy Award winner Michel Gondry.


Gay Talese Outlines His Famous 1966 Profile “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” on a Shirt Board

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The assignment was impossible: a subject that refused to be interviewed, research that took over three months, and expenses that reached nearly $5,000 (in mid 1960s money). The result: one of the greatest celebrity profiles ever written.


“The Autobiography of Jane Eyre” Adapts Brontë’s Heroine for Vlogs, Tumblr, Twitter & Instagram

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Lest you remain unaware, Jane Eyre has a vlog. And though I would fain speak well of it, the truth must out. I prefer my Jane with bonnet strings knotted firmly beneath her chin. This Jane, as embodied by project co-creator, Alysson Hall, often seems like a fan putting together a homemade audition tape for Girls.


New Archive Makes Available 800,000 Pages Documenting the History of Film, Television & Radio

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Film buffs and scholars have a new cache at their fingertips. The Media History Digital Library has made hundreds of thousands of pages of film and broadcasting history available in a searchable digital archive they’ve called Lantern, an open access, interactive library.


The Origins Project Brings Together Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krauss, Bill Nye, Ira Flatow, and More on One Stage

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It often seems, at least to me, that our culture is slowly sliding backward when it comes to science education.


The Art of Data Visualization: How to Tell Complex Stories Through Smart Design

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The volume of data in our age is so vast that whole new research fields have blossomed to develop better and more efficient ways of presenting and organizing information. One such field is data visualization, which can be translated in plain English as visual representations of information.


Ira Glass on the Art and Craft of Telling Great Radio Stories

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As television news continues its pathetic slide into the abyss of celebrity worship, political partisanship and 24-hour punditry, its encouraging to note that in one area of traditional broadcasting there is actually something of a renaissance going on.


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