Tsunami Surfing

A little summer randomness. It's actually quite beautiful ...

(And, no, I'm not sure if this is technically a tsunami.)

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Comments (3)
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  • Chris Noto says:

    Actually, this has nothing at all to do with tsunami. These guys go way offshore from Los Angeles, to a place where an undersea mountaintop comes quite close to the surface, and raises up this huge surf. That’s why you never see the surfer beach his board. There isn’t a beach for many, many miles.

  • Dan Colman says:

    Chris, thanks for the info on that. Pretty amazing what they are doing there.


  • Matt says:

    A bit of research shows that this is the opening scene of the 2004-ish film Billabong Odyssey.

    It is pretty stunning though, even for a non-surfer.

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