Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” Performed on Traditional Chinese Instruments

Matteo — they’re a band from Salt Lake City that spent years “meandering through Chinese street markets and mountains,” gathering “a hearty collection of Chinese traditional instruments,” and then incorporating their sounds into their own brand of american indie-folk music. Naturally you’re wondering what this fusion sounds like. So we give you Matteo performing “This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)” from the Talking Heads’ fifth album, Speaking in Tongues. Find a live version of the original right below. via BoingBoing

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  • Jill Bernstein


  • Chad

    Would have been nice just to have heard the instruments. Couldn’t sit through it once the singing began.

  • James

    I’ve never met a nice person called Chad.

  • Tim

    Wonderful! Obviously done with minimal equipment in somebody’s kitchen but still wonderful.



  • Alimi

    U guys ar really gr8, & i want u 2 keep it u. D lord wil help u d more. Stay bless & remain focus.

  • Tahoe Kamman- Nevada

    Awesome cover! I’m sure David Byrne & the rest of Talking Heads would love this version.

  • Rino


  • Steve

    Love the simple joy of these dudes jamming in the kitchen. cheers.

  • Alan Coady

    Playing beside the fridge. Cool.

  • Eric

    Inspired instrumentation. And I liked the singing too — not David Byrne, but simple and respectful, with a lot of heart.

    Carry on!

  • Linden

    ditto Tahoe Kamman. Beautifully done. And nice referencing the lamp!

  • indybend

    lovely cover of one of my all time favorite songs – thanks!

  • I

    love the Oriental sound…joy of music

  • Zozie

    I like both the original song and the cover. Well… the original a little more :)

  • Rebecca White


  • Gisele

    I cried. Seriously. It brought tears to my eyes. Loved.