Tom Waits Shows Us How Not to Get a Date on Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Or at least something is in the air in this deleted scene from the 1999 cult film Mystery Men. We’re not sure exactly what. In the film, Tom Waits plays the mad scientist Dr. Heller, inventor of “Fog-in-a-Tube” and “Truthpaste,” among other things. For another strange scene of cupid’s arrow gone badly astray, see our post from last year, David Lynch Falls in Love: A Classic Scene From Twin Peaks.

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  • Ryan

    How *not* to get a date? Seemed to work out.

  • RudiKelle

    … at least he had the common decency to take his glasses off …

  • Dre Hund

    Old folks homes…crawl in…steal food, try to get something going…and split. No cover.