If you visited The Tate Modern in recent years, perhaps you saw the large, 130-foot art installation covering a concourse wall. Created by illustrator Sara Fanelli, the “Tate Artist Timeline” provided museumgoers with a sprawling roadmap showing the major artistic movements and important artists of the 20th century, moving from Art Nouveau to more contemporary Graffiti Art.

artist timeline

Nowadays, you can revisit Fanelli’s educational timeline by purchasing a copy in a handsome book format. You can also watch the timeline play out in the video above.

Or, happily we’ve been informed by the Tate, there’s now an updated, interactive version installed in the museum. The video below gives you a preview:

via Hyperallergic

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  • Bob Price says:

    I saw this and, for a museum project, it’s a great resource other museums could use to enhance their current installations. A VR application, or even a mobile app would be excellent repurposing.

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