Hear Vincent Price, Horror Film Legend, Read 8+ Hours of Scary Stories

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Image via Wikimedia Commons
Here’s a good way to inject a little fright into your Halloween celebration. Below, we’ve pulled together a playlist featuring Vincent Price, the icon of so many classic horror films, reading 8+ hours of scary stories. The readings, available for free on Spotify, come from albums recorded decades ago.


What Makes a Good Horror Movie? The Answer Revealed with a Journey Through Classic Horror Films Clips

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A few minutes with Lewis Bond’s first video essay, “Let’s Discuss Horror,” above, was all it took to scupper my careful avoidance of certain film franchises—Saw, Hostel, The Human Centipede…
Bond’s cinematic preoccupations usually come with far fewer exploding heads.


Isaac Newton’s Recipe for the Mythical ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ Is Being Digitized & Put Online (Along with His Other Alchemy Manuscripts)

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In his 1686 Principia Mathematica, Isaac Newton elaborated not only his famous Law of Gravity, but also his Three Laws of Motion, setting a centuries-long trend for scientific three-law sets. Newton’s third law has by far proven his most popular: “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” In Arthur C.


Pussy Riot Envisions America in Trump’s Dystopian Future (NSFW)

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The Russian feminist punk protest group Pussy Riot went to jail for tweaking the Russian Orthodox church. Now they’re going after another Putin puppet. It would be a missed opportunity (alliteratively-speaking at least) if Pussy Riot didn’t take down the pu$$y-grabbing candidate (his words, not ours). And they don’t disappoint.


The 14-Hour Epic Film, Dune, That Alejandro Jodorowsky, Pink Floyd, Salvador Dalí, Moebius, Orson Welles & Mick Jagger Never Made

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Frank Herbert, David Lynch, and Alejandro Jodorowsky surely all rank among the most imaginative creators of the second half of the twentieth century.


Huge Archive of American Films–From Casablanca to Gigli–Are Protected & Preserved in a Nuclear Bunker

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We’ve been given to understand how important it is that our top elected officials disappear into bunkers if the country is attacked.


Hear Marilyn Monroe’s Acting Teacher, Lee Strasberg, Deliver a Moving Eulogy at Her Funeral (1962)

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Goodbye, Norma Jean…
Marilyn Monroe’s stardom is truly legendary. Her image generates millions of dollars annually. From high-end memorabilia to lunchboxes, fridge magnets, and other cheap trinkets, the world still can’t get enough of her, nearly fifty-five years after her death.


Hear Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage (1967)

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Image via Wikimedia Commons
Briefly noted: In 1967, Marshall McLuhan teamed up with graphic designer Quentin Fiore to write The Medium is the Massage, a short 160-page book that offers a condensed, effective presentation of his ideas on the nature of media, communication and technology.


What Does Jorge Luis Borges’ “Library of Babel” Look Like? An Accurate Illustration Created with 3D Modeling Software

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Sketchup renderings of the Library of Babel. Images courtesy of Jamie Zawinski.
Fulfilling the maxim “write what you know,” Argentine fabulist Jorge Luis Borges penned one of his most extraordinary and bewildering stories, “The Library of Babel,” while employed as an assistant librarian.


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