Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Apple’s Rally-the-Troops Film, 1944

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Shortly after Apple aired its famous Ridley Scott Super Bowl commercial in 1984, the upstart company knocked off a cheap World War II-themed internal video — a rally-the-troops film — dubbed 1944.  The cause is freedom and the mission, to save the world from bad computing. The enemy isn’t the Axis (Germany, Japan, Italy.


Van Gogh to Rothko in 30 Seconds

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What if you took great works of art, stacked them side by side, and had them tell a story? You’d have a decidedly artful video … and a great teaser for the new artCircles iPad app that brings you collections of images curated by well-known figures including Yves Behar (named one of the “World’s 7 Most Important People in Design”) and 


Apple Releases Free iTunesU App & Enhanced University Courses (Plus Textbooks)

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Analysts expect Apple to sell 48 million iPads this year, with new hardware and software driving the sales. iPad3 is right around the corner, and today Apple unveiled (watch here) a new initiative that will bring textbooks to the iPad/iPhone platform.


The Zen of Steve Jobs: A New Graphic Novel

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Walter Isaacson’s new biography of Steve Jobs (click image below to get a free audio copy) covers a lot of ground in 571 pages. By design, it’s broad and comprehensive, but it doesn’t always go deep.


Download The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine as a Free, Interactive eBook

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A year ago, Apple began selling The Beatles’ catalogue of music on iTunes. Now, twelve months and many millions of downloads later, Apple is giving away The Beatle’s Yellow Submarine as a free ebook.
It’s not just any ebook.


Create iPhone/iPad Apps in iOS 5 with Free Stanford Course

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Back in 2009, Stanford University started recording lectures given in its iPhone Application Development course and then placing them on iTunes, making them free for anyone to view. The course hit a million downloads in a matter of weeks, and now, two years later, here’s where we stand.


Steve Jobs Muses on What’s Wrong with American Education, 1995

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In late October, Computerworld unearthed a lengthy interview with Steve Jobs originally recorded back in 1995, when Jobs was at NeXT Computer, and still two years away from his triumphant return to Apple.


Norah Jones Sings Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” in Honor of Steve Jobs (Plus Coldplay’s Performance)

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Apple has posted on its web site the celebration of Steve Jobs’ life that it held last Wednesday. And, at least for me, one of the more poignant moments comes when Norah Jones takes the stage (around the 23 minute mark) and sings a moving version of Bob Dylan’s Forever Young (29 minute mark).


Free: Download Copy of New Steve Jobs Biography

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Just a few short weeks after the death of Steve Jobs comes a 627 page biography by Walter Isaacson, the former Managing Editor of TIME and CEO of CNN. Isaacson first discussed writing the book with Jobs seven years ago and has since interviewed the Apple CEO more than 40 times.


Steve Jobs Narrates the First “Think Different” Ad (Never Aired)

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One last Steve Jobs’ remembrance seems completely fitting for our site. You’re probably familiar with Apple’s famous “Think Different” advertising campaign from the late 1990s, and particularly the legendary TV commercial that featured 17 iconic figures: Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, Martin Luther King, Jr.


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