77 Exercises: A Workout Video For Fans of the Talking Heads

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Turns out you can burn some good calories when you’re Burning Down the House. Enjoy a fun clip from Funny or Die, and some other great Talking Heads material from our archive below.


A Gallery of Mad Magazine’s Rollicking Fake Advertisements from the 1960s

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I can well remember the first time I read Mad Magazine. I was probably around Bart Simpson’s age, but nowhere near his degree of wiseass-ness. I found the humor of the adult world mostly mystifying and also pretty tame, given my rather sheltered existence.


Watch the Opening Credits of an Imaginary 70s Cop Show Starring Samuel Beckett

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Samuel Beckett: avant-garde dramatist, brooding Nobel Prize winner, poet, and…gritty television detective?
Sadly, no, but he had the makings of a great one, at least as cut together by playwright Danny Thompson, cofounder of Chicago’s Theater Oobleck.


Joni Mitchell’s Application for a Tenure Track Philosophy Position

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Image by Asylum Records (Billboard page 2) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Michael Stipe has a teaching gig at NYU. Lynda Barry has one at UW-Madison. Sun Ra gave a classic lecture at UC-Berkeley.


Watch Between Time and Timbuktu, an Obscure TV Gem Based on the Work of Kurt Vonnegut

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Just wondering, who among us knows how to sing the zip code of Boston’s public television station, WGBH-TV?
If you warbled “02134” without hesitation, you probably grew up watching a beloved children’s television show of the 70s.
It turns out Zoom wasn’t the only cool program WGBH hatched in 1972.


Watch Artist Shepard Fairey Pretend to Work in an Art Supply Store

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Attention sulky art school students! Next time you’re stocking up on pre-smashed TVs, baby doll parts, riot cop stencils and mannequins, be sure to say hello to Shepard Fairey.
The artist is currently sporting a provocative T-shirt of his own design and posing as an employee of Shocking Art Supply and Craft.


Start Your Day with Werner Herzog Inspirational Posters

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Werner Herzog is the wild man of cinema. His movies are stark and elemental and ecstatic and are usually about a crazed dreamer who struggles to achieve an impossible task in the face of a chaotic, indifferent universe. Think Aguirre, Wrath of God, about a conquistador who goes crazy while adrift along an Amazonian river.


Bill Hicks’ 12 Principles of Comedy

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When we think of trash-talking, transgressive comedians, a few big names spring immediately to mind: George Carlin and Richard Pryor; Joan Rivers and Lenny Bruce. Currently, we have Amy Schumer, and Louis CK and Chris Rock, who—though both prominent family men now—still piss people off from time to time.


David Sedaris Spends 3-8 Hours Per Day Picking Up Trash in the UK; Testifies on the Litter Problem

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Humorist David Sedaris has become something of a local hero in his adopted home of West Sussex, England. And for fairly unexpected reasons. Repulsed by the litter problem in England, Sedaris began spending 3-8 hours each day picking up trash along the side of various roads. Day in, day out.


Three Actresses from Downton Abbey Play a Raunchy Card Game (NSFW)

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Over the holidays, the cast of Downton Abbey let their hair down a bit when they released a nine-minute parody of the ITV show. It stars George Clooney, and there’s even a little cameo by Jeremy Piven. It’s quite funny. Don’t miss it.
Now comes something even more relaxed.


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