Act of Love: A Strange, Wonderful Visual Dictionary of Animal Courtship

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As various nature documentaries over the years have made explicit, the animal kingdom possesses courtship rituals of such yearning and grace, they can make the erotic fumblings of our species seem a very clumsy dance indeed.


Question: Where Can You Watch 65 Charlie Chaplin Films Free Online?

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Answer: Why, in our collection 65 Charlie Chaplin Films Free Online. Just didn’t want you to forget :)
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Monty Python’s John Cleese Worries That Political Correctness Will Lead Us into a Humorless World, Reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984

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As with all of our political debates, those over “political correctness” have become even more polarized, vitriolic, and outsized than when I was in college at the height of the first culture wars, when it often seemed to me like just new etiquette for increasingly pluralist campuses and workplaces.


Recalling Albert Camus’ Fashion Advice, Noam Chomsky Pans Glenn Greenwald’s Shiny, Purple Tie

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70 years ago this month, Albert Camus made his first and only trip to the United States, briefly visiting Philadelphia and Boston, but mostly staying in New York, the city that captivated him most.


Peter Sellers Recites The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” in the Style of Shakespeare’s Richard III

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“Now is the winter of our discontent….” If you know nothing else of Shakespeare’s Richard III, you’ll know this famous opening line, and it’s likely many of us know it through Laurence Olivier’s performance of Richard as a “melodramatic baddie” in the famous 1955 film.


How to Sound Smart in a TED Talk: A Funny Primer by Saturday Night Live‘s Will Stephen

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Is there any subject that can’t be covered in a TED Talk?
Apparently not. You can make a TED Talk about anything, even nothing, as veteran improviser and rookie Saturday Night Live writer, Will Stephen, demonstrated at a recent TEDx event in New York City.
What you shouldn’t do is deviate from TED’s established presentation tropes.


Peter Sellers Reads The Beatles’ “She Loves You” in 4 Different Accents: Dr. Strangelove, Cockney, Irish & Upper Crust

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Back in the late 1950s, George Martin (may he rest in peace) began his career as a producer recording two albums with the comedian Peter Sellers—The Best Of Sellers and Songs for Swinging Sellers.


Hear 30 of the Greatest Standup Comedy Albums: A Playlist Chosen by Open Culture Readers

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I knew such things as comedy albums existed. I’d spied a couple of them in my parent’s record collection. But they seemed like such quaint and dated things. After all, I’d grown up on Eddie Murphy’s scandalous HBO specials, had seen George Carlin and Richard Pryor pace the stage delivering epic comic commentary.


27 Movies References in The Simpsons Put Side-by-Side with the Movie Scenes They Paid Tribute To

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If an entire generation of American adults suffers from Cinematic Chicken Vs. Egg Syndrome, it’s The Simpsons’ fault.
Editor Celia Gómez’ side-by-side shot comparison above makes plain how a 30-year-old Citizen Kane virgin could experience a sense of deja vu on his or her inaugural viewing.


New Digital Archive, “Richard Pryor’s Peoria,” Takes You Inside the Dark, Lively World That Shaped the Pioneering Comedian

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By Scott Saul:
Richard Pryor is a legendary comic, and for good reason. He had extraordinary gifts as a mimic, storyteller, physical comedian, satirist, and improvising actor — gifts he brought together in an act that had the dangerous electricity of an uninsulated wire.


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