John Cleese & Jonathan Miller Turn Profs Talking About Wittgenstein Into a Classic Comedy Routine (1977)

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Everyone interested in philosophy must occasionally face the question of how, exactly, to define philosophy itself.


The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Performs Stunning Covers of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Talking Heads’ “Psycho Killer” & More

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To the very end of his life, no less an authority on good musical vibes than George Harrison praised and played the ukulele, interpreting many classic tunes on the instrument, penning an enthusiastic endorsement, and supposedly buying ukes in bulk to give away at his home in Hawaii.


Monty Python’s “Argument Clinic” Sketch Reenacted by Two Vintage Voice Synthesizers (One Is Stephen Hawking’s Voice)

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Feeling irritable, feisty, hostile, even? Feel like getting into an argument? No problem at all! Just hop on the social media platform or comments section of your choice, and within seconds you can be caught in a raging dustup with a total stranger—or several total strangers at once! Isn’t the internet fun?!
But how did the argumentat


Chris Rock Creates a List of His 13 Favorite Standup Comedy Specials

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We know Ellen DeGeneres as the superstar host of her own talk show and the voice of cuddly, forgetful fish Dory.


When an Octopus Caused the Great Staten Island Ferry Disaster (November 22, 1963)

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Where were you on November 22, 1963?
I had yet to be born, but am given to understand that the events of that day helped shape a generation.
Documentarian Melanie Juliano knows this too, though she’s still a few months shy of the legal drinking age.


1944 Instructional Video Teaches You the Lindy Hop, the Dance That Originated in 1920’s Harlem Ballrooms

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1944’s MGM short Groovie Movie, above, bills itself as an instructional film for those wishing to learn the Lindy Hop and its extremely close cousin, the Jitterbug.
The educational model here is definitely of the “toss ‘em in the pool and see if they swim” variety.


A Map of Chicago’s Gangland: A Cheeky, Cartographic Look at Al Capone’s World (1931)

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Modern day Chicagoland gang activity does not inspire quippy cartoon “wonder maps.” Back when Al Capone ruled Chicago’s underworld, the public viewed gangsters with movie magazine breathlessness. Their violent crimes and glamorous lifestyles sold newspapers and movie tickets.


“Charlie Rose” by Samuel Beckett: Watch Charlie Rose Meet Charlie Rose in a Comical Piece of Absurdist Theater

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New York City couldn’t get enough of Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart when they appeared together in a celebrated 2013 revival of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.


Gene Wilder Recalls the Beginnings of His Creative Life in Two Hilarious, Poignant Stories

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We’d grown accustomed to his face—that wry, distinctive mug, smirking at us from beneath his Willy Wonka purple top hat in millions of proliferating Condescending Wonka memes, the epitome of archness and smug condescension.


A Big Super Cut of Saturday Night Live Cast Members Breaking Character and Cracking Up

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Corpsing—aka laughing inappropriately onstage—requires far less skill than soldiering on when the actor playing opposite loses control, an occurrence that almost always wins audience favor.


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