David Bowie & Brian Eno’s Collaboration on “Warszawa” Reimagined in Comic Animation

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If you want to talk about David Bowie, you’ll sooner or later have to talk about Brian Eno.


20 Free Essays & Stories by David Sedaris: A Sampling of His Inimitable Humor

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My first exposure to the writing of David Sedaris came fifteen years ago, at a reading he gave in Seattle. I couldn’t remember laughing at anything before quite so hard as I laughed at the stories of the author and his fellow French-learners struggling for a grasp on the language.


Joan Rivers (1933-2014) Describes on Louie Her Undying Commitment to Comedy

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She didn’t earn the posthumous sobriquet “Comedic Stiletto” from The New York Times for nothing. “Raspy loudmouth” comedian Joan Rivers inspired strong emotions and reliable bursts of controversy with her abrasive, take-no-prisoners style.


Conspiracy Theory Rock: The Schoolhouse Rock Parody Saturday Night Live May Have Censored

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You’ve probably seen “Illusion of Choice,” a 2011 infographic detailing how six media conglomerates “control a staggering 90% of what we read, watch, or listen to.” (The entities named are GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.


Saul Bass’ Jazzy 1962 Animation Tackles the 1626 Sale of Manhattan

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You know that story about Dutch settlers buying the whole of Manhattan for $24 (or 60 guilders) worth of junk jewelry? Not true. 
What really happened in 1626 is closer in spirit to those old yarns about hapless suckers tricked into buying the Brooklyn Bridge by cunning locals.


Don Pardo (1918-2014), Voice of Saturday Night Live, Suggests Using Short Words

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Don Pardo voiced the introductions of Saturday Night Live for 38 seasons. He began calling out the names of the S.N.L. cast members during the first episode in October, 1975, and (except for the 1981-82 season) he kept calling out those names straight through last May.


Philosophy Referee Hand Signals

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The next time you’re presiding over an intense philosophical debate, feel free to use these hand signals to referee things. Devised by philosophy prof Landon Schurtz, these hand signals were jokingly meant to be used at APA (American Philosophy Association) conferences.


Robin Williams & Bobby McFerrin Sing Fun Cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together”

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In 1998, legendary Beatles’ producer George Martin—all set to “hang up his earphones” and retire— brought together the most unusual assortment of people for In My Life, a tribute album composed entirely of Martin-produced Beatles’ songs performed primarily by actors and comedians.


Robin Williams (1951-2014) Performs Unknown Shakespeare Play in 1970s Standup Routine

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The Academy Award-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams died earlier today. He apparently committed suicide after dealing with a serious and long bout of depression.


A Serious Stephen Colbert Gives Advice on Love & Life to Teenage Girls

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Rookie’s never less than worthy “Ask a Grown Man” series provides a forum for mature males like actor Jon Hamm and radio personality Ira Glass to offer thoughtful, straightforward advice and explanations, born of personal experience, to teenage girls (and other interested parties).


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