Listen to 21-Year-Old David Letterman’s College Radio Show (1969)

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Over thirty years at the desk of his very own late-night talk show, multiple generations of fans, the respect of comedians the world over: David Letterman has had, by any measure, an awfully good run.


35 Years of Prince’s Hairstyles in 15 Glorious Seconds!

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Anyone who’s suffered through the hell of growing out a short style or spent a pre-awards show afternoon getting sewn into extensions will appreciate the brisk pace of London-based illustrator Gary Card‘s “Prince Hair Chart” slideshow.


Watch the Funky, Oscar-Winning Animated Film Featuring the Music of Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (1966)

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The first part of this 1966 Oscar winning animated short is so utterly charming, I’m surprised it hasn’t spawned a contemporary remake.


Hipsters Ordering Coffee

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“Cappuccino small, low fat, extra dry.” Sorry to say, but that’s my line 2-3 times per day. That makes me almost as bad as the coffee-ordering hipsters in this new video by Nacho Punch. Let the video roll for a bit. It has its funny moments.


Bill Murray Croons a Soulful Cover of “The House of the Rising Sun”

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Bill Murray began his singing shtick on Saturday Night Live back in the 70s. Anyone who watched the show during its heyday will surely remember his “Nick Winter” lounge singer character belting out the tune of the Star Wars theme song. Years later, Mr. Murray tickled us with a karaoke scene in Lost in Translation.


Great Shakespeare Plays Retold with Stick Figures in Three Simple Drawings

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Other than Romeo and Juliet and possibly Hamlet,  Shakespeare doesn’t exactly lend himself to the elevator pitch. The same creaky plot devices and unfathomable jokes that confound modern audiences make for long winded summaries.
Not to say it can’t be done.


Watch Seth Meyers’ Late Night Players Act Out the New Yorker’s Famous Cartoons

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Along with its whimsical, hand-drawn covers and its surprisingly readable articles on unlikely subjects, like nickel-mining, The New Yorker magazine is known for its cartoons – single panel doodles that can be either wry commentaries on our culture or, as a famous Seinfeld episode pointed out, utterly inscrutable.


Seinfeld & Nothingness: A Supercut of the Show’s Emptiest Moments

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They say Seinfeld was about nothing. But the clip above puts that sense of nothingness into perspective. Running six plus minutes, the montage assembled by LJ Frezza presents “A supercut of empty shots. A New York without people.” Essentially moments of pure nothingness.


Watch David Brenner (RIP) Make the First of His 158 Appearances on The Tonight Show in 1971

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News just hit the wires that comedian David Brenner (1936-2014) died at his home today at the age of 78. Cancer was apparently the cause.
Born in Philadelphia, Brenner started out a documentary filmmaker, but eventually launched a career as a comedian.


Monty Python Sings “The Philosopher’s Song,” Revealing the Drinking Habits of Great European Thinkers

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Did you know, student of dead white philosophers, that Heidegger was a “boozy beggar”? Wittgenstein a “beery swine” and Descartes a “drunken fart”? What about Plato, who, “they say, could stick it away; Half a crate of whiskey every day”? Neither did I until I saw members of Monty Python sing “The Philosopher’s Song,” above,


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