If Coffee Commercials Told the Unvarnished Truth

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A new comedy video from Cracked makes a fair point: there’s a lot of bullshit that goes into the marketing of coffee nowadays. Slap the words “organic” and “fair trade” on the product, and everyone feels pretty good about keeping their caffeine addictions going.


The Largest Ever Tribute to Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” Choreographed by a Flashmob in Berlin

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When I’m feeling depressed or uninspired, I can always count on one of my favorite visionary musicians to remind me just how much wild weirdness and unexpected beauty the world contains.


The Philosophy of Bill Murray: The Intellectual Foundations of His Comedic Persona

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“Bill Murray is a national, no, an international, no an intergalactic treasure,” said Jim Jarmusch, who directed him in Coffee and Cigarettes and Broken Flowers, when the actor won this year’s Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.


And Now for Some Culinary Weirdness: Christopher Walken Shows You How to Cook Chicken & Pears

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I don’t need to be made to look evil. I can do that on my own. 
– Christopher Walken
Five years ago, actor Christopher Walken casually shared a simple recipe for roast chicken with pears, above.


When Charlie Chaplin Entered a Chaplin Look-Alike Contest and Came in 20th Place

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Charlie Chaplin started appearing in his first films in 1914—40 films, to be precise—and, by 1915, the United States had a major case of “Chaplinitis.” Chaplin mustaches were suddenly popping up everywhere–as were Chaplin imitators and Chaplin look-alike contests. A young Bob Hope apparently won one such contest in Cleveland.


R Crumb, the Father of Underground Comix, Takes Down Donald Trump in a NSFW 1989 Cartoon

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Nature’s way is to take away from those that have too much and give to those that have too little. Man’s way, on the contrary, is to take away from those who have too little to give more to those who already have too much.


Download a Complete, Cover-to-Cover Parody of The New Yorker: 80 Pages of Fine Satire

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From Andrew Lipstein & James Folta comes The Neu Jorker, a great parody of the high-brow magazine, The New Yorker. The table of contents, the contributor bios, the cartoons, the ads, the articles–they’re all imitated in a nearly pitch perfect way, just taken one degree further into the realm of slight absurdity.


Stephen Fry Hates Dancing: Watch Fry’s Rant Against Dancing Get Turned into a Wonderful Interpretative Dance

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Dancing, says Stephen Fry in a vehement diatribe, is “not so much an accomplishment as an affliction.


Lena Dunham Shows Why It’s So Damn Hard to Meditate: A Four-Minute Comedy

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Sit, focus on your breath, let errant thoughts drift past — we know how meditation supposedly works in theory, but how does it work in practice? Here we have one example, which comedically plays out at Sunset Boulevard’s show-biz-story-saturated Chateau Marmont.


Brian Eno Answers Deep Questions from Music Journalist Dick Flash: The Best Eno Interview You’ll See

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Surely you’re familiar with the work of Dick Flash, the tireless writer for Pork magazine who asks the most brilliant minds in music today the deepest, most serious, most probing questions. Take, for instance, his interview of artist/producer/ambient-music-inventor Brian Eno.


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