A Spellbinding Supercut of the First & Final Frames of 70 Iconic Films, Played Side by Side

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Filmmaker Jacob T. Swinney’s First and Final Frames, Part II, above, is a rare sequel that upholds the quality of the original.
As he did in its predecessor, Swinney screens the opening and closing shots of dozens of recent and iconic films side by side, providing viewers with a crash course in the editorial eye.


The Essence of Hayao Miyazaki Films: A Short Documentary About the Humanity at the Heart of His Animation

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Filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki detests being referred to as the Japanese Walt Disney. The great animator and storyteller admires the gorgeous animation of classic Disney films, but finds them lacking in emotional complexity, the element he prizes above all else.


The Falling Water: A Rube Goldberg Machine That Makes a Fine Cocktail

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Joseph Herscher, a kinetic artist from New Zealand, has a knack for making some pretty imaginative Rube Goldberg machines. Back in 2012, we showed you The Page Turner, a device that gives creative assistance to anyone still reading newspapers in a print format.


Everything is a Remix: The Full Series, Exploring the Sources of Creativity, Released in One Polished HD Video on Its 5th Anniversary

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Our veteran readers will perhaps remember Kirby Ferguson’s four-part video series Everything is a Remix. Created between 2010 and 2014, the series explored the idea that (to quote from one of my earlier posts) “great art doesn’t come out of nowhere.


Marshall McLuhan’s 1969 Deck of Cards, Designed For Out-of-the-Box Thinking

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Image via EricMcluhan.com
Six years before Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt designed their first pack of Oblique Strategies cards—a set of random aphorisms meant to clear creative blocks—communication theorist and philosopher Marshall McLuhan had designed a very similar deck in 1969, this one with a more direct nod to the classic playing card deck.


Sarcasm Can Boost Creativity According to Research From Harvard & Columbia Business Schools

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Underlying image by Gage Skidmore.
Echoing Bill Murray, the Urban Dictionary defines sarcasm as “your body’s natural defense against stupid,” noting that it’s “the highest form of wit” in countries like the UK, but the lowest in America, owing to the population’s inability to detect whether or not one is being sarcastic.


Coffee Portraits of John Lennon, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe & Other Icons

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Paintings by Maria A. Aristidou
As philosopher Marshall McLuhan wrote in Understanding Media, “the medium is the message.”
Artist Maria A. Aristidou’s medium is coffee, and lately, she’s been garnering a lot of attention for java-based portraits of such cultural luminaries as Einstein, Darth Vader and The Beatles.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Presents a Brief History of Everything in an 8.5 Minute Animation

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Patreon, a crowd funding site where fans can automatically tithe a set amount to their fave artist every time that person uploads content, is a great way for passionate, under-recognized individuals to gain visibility and a bit of dough.


10 Rules for Writers by Etgar Keret, the Israeli Master of the Short and Strange

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Etgar Keret, above, is a best selling author and award-winning filmmaker with the soul of a teenage zine publisher. He’s a master of the strange and short who plays by his own rules.


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