Kurt Vonnegut Urges Young People to Make Art and “Make Your Soul Grow”

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Art not only saves lives, it casts ripples, as Kurt Vonnegut surely knew when he replied—at length—to five New York City high school students who’d contacted him as part of a 2006 English assignment.


10 Rules for Students and Teachers Popularized by John Cage

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Avant-garde composer John Cage started out as a disciple of Arnold Schoenberg. He greatly looked up to the exiled Austrian as a model of how a true artist ought to live. Cage, in turn, inspired generations of artists and composers both through his work – which incorporated elements of chance into his music – and through his teaching.


The Roving Typist: A Short Film About a New York Writer Who Types Short Stories for Strangers

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C.D. Hermelin, a literary agency associate with a degree in Creative Writing, is the self-proclaimed Roving Typist. It’s an apt title for one who achieved fame and fortune – okay, rent money – by appearing in various public spaces around New York City, typewriter in lap.


Boost Your Awareness And Ease Your Stress with Free Guided Meditations From UCLA

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Previously, we’ve written about a growing number of cultural figures who practice transcendental meditation, with Paul McCartney, David Lynch, Leonard Cohen, Ellen Degeneres, and Sheryl Crow being ardent supporters. Mindfulness meditation, while less known, has also steadily increased in popularity over the past half-decade.


The Notecards on Which Vladimir Nabokov Wrote Lolita: A Look Inside the Author’s Creative Process

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If you picked up The Original of Laura, Vladimir Nabokov’s final novel, you’ll have seen his distinctive index card-based writing method in action. Having died in 1977, Nabokov never completed the book, and so all Penguin had to publish decades later came to, as the subtitle indicates, A Novel in Fragments.


Ira Glass’ Advice on Achieving Creative Excellence Presented in Two Artful, Typographic Videos

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”All of us who do creative work,” says Ira Glass, creator This American Life, quite possibly the most respected program on public radio, “we get into it because we have good taste.


On Christmas, Browse A Historical Archive of More Than 50,000 Toys

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The Strong National Museum of Play, located in Rochester, NY, is a fun children’s museum. But the institution also has serious research archives, stuffed with toys, games, and records of the toy industry.


Filmmaker Kirby Ferguson Explains How Apple’s iPhone Was A Remixed Creation

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In Everything is a Remix, digital filmmaker Kirby Ferguson has created a four-part serialized ode to remixing as innovation.


Kurt Vonnegut: Where Do I Get My Ideas From? My Disgust with Civilization

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This past week, we referred you back to Neil Gaiman’s essay where he tried to explain the almost unexplainable: the source(s) of his great ideas. The sci-fi/fantasy writer had always struggled to put his finger on those sources, and he could never really find an origin in one particular spring.


John Waters Makes Handmade Christmas Cards, Says the “Whole Purpose of Life is Christmas”

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Awkward as it feels to receive Christmas cards from people we don’t really know, who among us would turn one down from the one and only John Waters? Then again, the director of such landmarks in deliberately taste-free cinema as Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble would presumably delight in injecting a little aesthetic discomfort into our ho


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