Kevin Spacey Is the Rainforest, Julia Roberts is Mother Nature: Actors Play Nature in Environmental Shorts

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When Hollywood’s formidable promotional wing discovered it could announce a movie by not just telling you a big star is in it, but that a big star is it, they had a decades-long field day with the idea that continues, tiresomely, to the present moment.


Toby Dammit: Fellini’s Masterful Short Film, Based on a Tale by Edgar Allan Poe (1968)

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The writings of Edgar Allan Poe have long been tempting source material for filmmakers. Roger Corman made a series of enjoyable shlocky adaptations back in the 1960s. D. W. Griffith turned Poe’s “The Avenging Conscience” into a Victorian morality play. Italian horror master Dario Argento took a stab with The Black Cat.


The Student of Prague: The Very First Independent Film (1913)

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When people talk about “independent cinema” today, they seem, as often as not, to talk about a sensibility — we all know, on some level, what someone means when they tell us they “like indie films.” But the term has its roots, of course, not necessarily in independence of spirit, but in independence from systems.


Alice Guy-Blaché: The First Female Director & the Cinematic Trailblazer You Likely Never Heard Of

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Alice Guy-Blaché  (1873 –1968) is the great trailblazer of early cinema you probably never heard of. She was film’s first female director. She made one of the first narrative movies ever at age 23. She wrote, directed and produced over 700 films. And she remains the only woman ever to build and run a movie studio.


Martin Scorsese Creates a List of 39 Essential Foreign Films for a Young Filmmaker

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Eight or so years ago, young filmmaker Colin Levy got an opportunity of a lifetime. He got a one-on-one meeting with Martin Scorsese.


The Cry of Jazz: 1958’s Highly Controversial Film on Jazz & Race in America (With Music by Sun Ra)

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“Jazz is dead.” You can imagine how that statement, potentially inflammatory even today, shook things up when filmmaker Edward Bland dared to say it in 1958.


Photos of Hiroshima by Hiroshima Mon Amour Star Emmanuelle Riva (1958)

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Hiroshima Mon Amour, Alain Resnais’s landmark 1960 meditation on war and memory, was Emmanuelle Riva’s first starring role. She plays a married actress (catch a scene here) who, while making a movie in Japan, has an affair with a Japanese architect played by Eiji Okada.


Quentin Tarantino Directs a 1995 Episode of ER: Brings Cinematic Virtuosity to TV

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Just as no list of the most 1990s-defining filmmakers could do without Quentin Tarantino, no list of the most 1990s-defining television shows could do without ER. The long-running, award-laden medical drama made more than a few daring moves over its fifteen years, not least its choices of guest directors.


The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: A New Fan-Made, Shot-for-Shot Remake of the 1980 Sci-Fi Classic

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In 2010, devoted Star Wars fans released Star Wars Uncut, a mashup, scene-by-scene remake of the very first Star Wars movie.
Now comes The Empire Strikes Back Uncut.


1000 Frames of Hitchcock: See Each of Alfred Hitchcock’s 52 Films Reduced to 1,000 Artistic Frames

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Some directors like John Cassavetes and Wong Kar-wai like to discover the movie as they are making it. Others filmmakers have a very clear conception of the movie right from the beginning. Alfred Hitchcock was very much in that latter category.


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