Parvati Saves the World: Watch a Remix of Bollywood Films That Combats Rape in India

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Sexual violence in India has been in the spotlight ever since a 23-year-old medical student was gang raped and murdered on a bus in New Delhi in 2012. The crime was so flagrant and so brutal that the country recoiled in shock. Students and activists descended into the streets of Delhi to protest.


Watch the Hardcore Original Ending to Kevin Smith’s 1994 Cult Hit Clerks

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I’m not sure if it’s still the case today, in fact, I’m almost sure it isn’t, but in my day the ethos of an entire generation could be tidily summed up by reference to a handful of movies.


Take a Free Course on Film Noir; Then Watch Oodles of Free Noir Films Online

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Cinephiles, if you have some spare time in the coming months and feel like watching, say, over 100 film noir movies from the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) vaults, then you will be delighted with Summer of Darkness, which will devote every Friday, from June through July, to 24 hours of noir classics and rarities.


Mesmerizing Timelapse Film Captures the Wonder of Bees Being Born

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From National Geographic comes this: A short timelapse film that lets you watch “the eerily beautiful growth of larvae into bees.” Shot by photographer Anand Varma, the mesmerizing video starts with the larvae of worker bees just hatching from eggs, then follows their maturation into adult bees.


The Art of Making Intelligent Comedy Movies: 8 Take-Aways from the Films of Edgar Wright

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We’ve posted a lot of stuff on this site by Tony Zhou, the creator of the brilliant video essay series Every Frame a Painting. He delivered an insightful essay on David Fincher’s visual economy and he did a truly masterful take on movement in the films of Akira Kurosawa.


The 10 Favorite Films of Avant-Garde Surrealist Filmmaker Luis Buñuel (Including His Own Collaboration with Salvador Dalí)

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You may remember that when we featured the favorite films of Federico Fellini, the 8 1/2 director’s top-ten list included… well, 8 1/2.


The Letter Between Stanley Kubrick & Arthur C. Clarke That Sparked the Greatest SciFi Film Ever Made (1964)

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Image courtesy of 2001Italia
Origin stories are all the rage these days given the ubiquity of superhero films and television series. But for all their smash-em-up spectacle and breakneck pacing, they generally feel overstuffed and disposable. As with the Age of Ultron, there is an age, every summer, of some Marvel or DC hero or other.


Monty Python and the Holy Grail Re-Imagined as an Epic, Mainstream Hollywood Film

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The original 1975 trailer for Monty Python and the Holy Grail (below) started to make some big claims for itself. It opens, with the narrator declaring:
Once in a lifetime there comes a motion picture which changes the whole history of motion pictures.


Watch Miles Davis Improvise Music for Elevator to the Gallows, Louis Malle’s New Wave Thriller (1958)

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The modal experimentation in Miles Davis’ classic albums Milestones and, especially, 1959’s Kind of Blue seemed to come out of nowhere. Along with similarly groundbreaking releases at the end of the fifties, these records irrevocably changed the sound of jazz.


Watch the Pilot of Orson Welles’ Never-Aired Talk Show, Starring the Muppets (1979)

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The Henson Rarities site on YouTube keeps giving and giving. Not only has it given us access to some of Jim Henson’s earliest (and delightfully violent) commercials, but it has discovered this: a pilot of The Orson Welles Show from 1979. The show was never aired, and you might be able to discern why from checking it out.


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