The Essential Elements of Film Noir Explained in One Grand Infographic

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What makes film noir film noir? Like Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart making his famous pronouncement on obscenity, we can honestly claim to know it when we see it.


Werner Herzog Will Teach His First Online Course on Filmmaking

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One hears much, these days, about the missions of new tech companies to “disrupt” existing industries, from retail to publishing to taxi cabs to education.


245 Films by Female Directors You Can Stream Right Now on Netflix

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Sadly, despite great strides since the 1970s, Hollywood (and filmmaking in general) is still a boys’ club, especially when it comes to those behind the camera. Until Kathryn Bigelow won her 2010 Oscar for The Hurt Locker, no female director had claimed the prize. And not a single woman has even been nominated for Best Cinematography.


Martin Scorsese Names His Top 10 Films in the Criterion Collection

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“What do you do when you change how the world thinks of cinema? What’s next? Do you keep making the same kind of film? If you’re a person like Rossellini, you try something experimental. You push further. Not experimental for experiment’s sake, but you push the boundaries further.


Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 82 Commandments For Living

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Creative Commons photo by Lionel Allorge
If you’re a fan of science fiction or the films of David Lynch, you’ve surely seen the 1984 film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s cult classic sci-fi novel, Dune (though Lynch himself may prefer that you didn’t).


The Alchemy of Film Editing, Explored in a New Video Essay That Breaks Down Hannah and Her Sisters, The Empire Strikes Back & Other Films

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Writing, casting, shooting — all important parts of the filmmaking process, but the real making of a movie happens, so they say, in the editing room.


Thomas Edison’s Silent Film of the “Fartiste” Who Delighted Crowds at Le Moulin Rouge (1900)

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In 1900, Thomas Edison traveled to Paris to document the many wonders of the Exposition Universelle, and the city itself.


Watch the First Sherlock Holmes Movie (1900), the Arrival of the Most Popular Character in Cinema

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According to Guinness World Records, the human literary character who pops up most often on screens big and small is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s best known creation, Sherlock Holmes. (Hamlet is a distant second.)
The list of actors who’ve had a go include Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey, Jr.


Watch the Pioneering Films of Oscar Micheaux, America’s First Great African-American Filmmaker

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You may never have heard of Oscar Micheaux, but out of his “impoverished consciousness-raising exploitation potboilers,” writes critic Dave Kehr, “the American black cinema was born.


The Wizard of Oz Broken Apart and Put Back Together in Alphabetical Order

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WARNING: This film contains extremely fast editing, flashes of light, abrupt changes in image and sound.
Back in 2001, Matt Bucy had the inspiration to do something truly original — take the entire Wizard of Oz, cut it up, and put it back together–this time in alphabetical order.


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