Watch a Shot-by-Shot Remake of Kubrick’s The Shining, a 48-Minute Music Video Accompanying the New Album by Aesop Rock

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In this increasingly atomized world of music, how does one get a new record release noticed above the hum of the internet? If you’re Beyoncé, you just drop the whole thing unannounced and watch the media play catch up. If you’re not Beyoncé you might consider rapper Aesop Rock’s tactic.


Tom Waits For No One: Watch the Pioneering Animated Tom Waits Music Video from 1979

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Tom Waits For No One, above, is surely the only film in history to have won an Oscar for Scientific and Technical Achievement for its creator and a first place award at the Hollywood Erotic Film and Video Festival.


The 100 Most Memorable Shots in Cinema Over the Past 100 Years

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Harold Lloyd hanging high above the city on the hands of a skyscraper’s clock. A shot through the eye on the Odessa steps. Another eye, this one readied for the razor blade. King Kong roaring atop a skyscraper of his own. Snow White offering a perch to the bluebird.


Spike Lee Directs, “Wake Up,” a Five-Minute Campaign Film for Bernie Sanders

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Earlier this month Spike Lee and Bernie Sanders, two Brooklyn natives, sat down and talked about politics and the state of our nation. Now, with the New York primary right around the corner, Spike drew on his filmmaking talents and directed a five-minute political campaign film for Bernie.


Watch 50+ Documentaries on Famous Architects & Buildings: Bauhaus, Le Corbusier, Hadid & Many More

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At its best, architecture can show us a way out of the rigid, routinized thinking that keeps us pacing the same social and cultural mazes decade after decade. A radical redesign of the way we use space can herald a re-imagining of our interrelations, hierarchies, and political dynamics.


How the Sound Effects on 1930s Radio Shows Were Made: An Inside Look

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“Jam” Handy (1886–1983) was known for two things: 1.) participating in the 1904 and 1924 Olympics (quite a feat if you think about the gap in time), and 2.) making thousands of educational training films for American corporations, schools and the US armed forces.


The Largest Ever Analysis of Film Dialogue (Over 4 Million Lines in 2,000 Scripts) Reveals Gender Bias Built Into Cinema

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By their color palettes, by their dramatic structures, by their shot lengths, by the frequency and variety of their characters’ swearing: film enthusiasts have found ways to analyze just about every aspect of film.


Free MIT Course Teaches You to Watch Movies Like a Critic: Watch Lectures from The Film Experience

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We all have our favorite film critics. Maybe we gravitated to them because they write well or because they share our tastes, but the very best of them — the critics we read even on genres and directors we otherwise wouldn’t care about — make us see movies in a new way.


Question: Where Can You Watch 65 Charlie Chaplin Films Free Online?

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Answer: Why, in our collection 65 Charlie Chaplin Films Free Online. Just didn’t want you to forget :)
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40,000 Film Posters in a Wonderfully Eclectic Archive: Italian Tarkovsky Posters, Japanese Orson Welles, Czech Woody Allen & Much More

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Here we have a poster for a film many of you will have heard of, and some of you will have watched right here on Open Culture: Stalker, widely considered the most masterful of Soviet auteur Andrei Tarkovsky’s career full of masterpieces.


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