An Introduction to Jean-Luc Godard’s Innovative Filmmaking Through Five Video Essays

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Even though Jean-Luc Godard turned 86 this past Saturday, cinema scholar David Bordwell would no doubt still call him “the youngest filmmaker at work today” — as he did just two years ago, in an essay on Godard’s most recent picture Goodbye to Language.


Blade Runner Gets Re-Created, Shot for Shot, Using Only Microsoft Paint

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Blade Runner came out in June 1982. Microsoft’s Paint came out in November 1985. Little could the designers of that rebranded version of ZSoft’s PC Paintbrush packaged in with Windows 1.0 know that the paths of their humble graphics application and that elaborate sci-fi cinematic vision would cross just over 30 years later.


How Stanley Kubrick Made His Masterpieces: An Introduction to His Obsessive Approach to Filmmaking

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As each semester in my film course rolls around, it’s more and more apparent how time depletes the pop culture currency of those directors who did not make it into the 21st Century. A knowledge of Stanley Kubrick used to be a given, as was the understanding of what “A Stanley Kubrick Film” meant to film fans.


All of Wes Anderson’s Cinematic Commercials: Watch His Spots for Prada, American Express, H&M & More

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They say a filmmaker qualifies as an auteur if you can identify their work from any given shot.


Watch Come Together, Wes Anderson’s New Short Film/Commercial Starring Adrien Brody

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Why does the holiday season no longer feel complete without a Wes Anderson movie? Several of his features have opened in late fall or early winter, surely the most Andersonian time of year.


Watch Georges Méliès’ The Dreyfus Affair, the Controversial Film Censored by the French Government for 50 Years (1899)

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History resounds with events so momentous they can be conjured with a single word: Waterloo, Watergate, Tiananmen, Brexit….


The 10 Favorite Films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder

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Despite living for only 37 years, and within that having a career that lasted for only fifteen, the German auteur Rainer Werner Fassbinder created so prolifically that his final list of accomplishments includes directing forty feature films, three shorts, and two television series, as well as appearing in 36 different roles as an acto


Franz Kafka Story Gets Adapted into an Award-Winning Australian Short Film: Watch Two Men

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“When you go walking by night up a street and a man, visible a long way off — for the street mounts uphill and there is a full moon — comes running toward you, well, you don’t catch hold of him, not even if he is a feeble and ragged creature, not even if someone chases yelling at his heels, but you let him run on.


Watch Moebius and Miyazaki, Two of the Most Imaginative Artists, in Conversation (2004)

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The worlds so thoroughly imagined by the French comic artist Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius, and the Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, immediately recognized the world over by his family name alone, could have arisen from no other artistic minds.


An Animated Version of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner Made of 12,597 Watercolor Paintings

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Three years ago Swedish artist Anders Ramsell created this 35 minute condensed version of Blade Runner, frame by frame, using watercolors.


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