The Podcast History of Our World Will Take You From Creation Myths to (Eventually) the Present Day

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Forward-thinking historians almost come close to forward-thinking comedians in terms of their enthusiasm for podcasting. Perhaps it stands to reason, since excellence at either pursuit, different as they may seem, demands no small degree of memory and articulateness.


“The Value of Culture” Revealed in a New BBC Radio Series by Melvyn Bragg

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Your presence here indicates that you have an interest in culture. But what, exactly is culture? I’ve long addressed that perhaps too-broad question with a simple working definition: if Melvyn Bragg broadcasts about it, it’s probably culture.


David Sedaris Reads You a Story By Miranda July

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Thanks to his frequent appearances on radio’s This American Life, David Sedaris possesses one of the most recognizable author voices in the world. Simultaneously light and insinuating, it has come to seem as much a part of his oeuvre as the Santaland Diaries and his anecdotes about his parents, siblings and boyfriend.


The Moth Now Streams its Brilliant & Quietly Addictive Stories on the Web

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The Moth, a New York City-based storytelling organization, is a rare creature indeed.


Learn New Languages (From Arabic to Yiddish) with 150+ Free Podcasts

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I spend a great deal of time visiting unfamiliar cities, spending days walking, cycling, or riding trains and buses through them. Sometimes the people of these cities speak languages I know; sometimes they speak languages I don’t.


How Political Commitment Led Lucy Lawless (AKA Xena, the Warrior Princess) to Study Philosophy

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It’s certainly not uncommon for celebrities to take up political causes, though this does not usually lead to them getting arrested for holing up in a high tower oil-drilling ship for four days.


The History of Byzantium Podcast Picks Up Where The History of Rome Left Off

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In May we posted about Mike Duncan’s The History of Rome podcast, which, upon reaching episode 179, had concluded the tale of the Roman Empire’s heyday. Over its five-year run, Duncan’s show amassed a large, enthusiastic audience, most of whom have no doubt continued their exploration of Roman history elsewhere.


Read Joyce’s Ulysses Line by Line, for the Next 22 Years, with Frank Delaney’s Podcast

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If you need someone to host a multi-decade podcast on James Joyce’s Ulysses, then why settle for less than the most eloquent man in the world? Visit Frank Delaney’s site, and you’ll find it less than shy about proclaiming that National Public Radio once dubbed him just that.


Great Cinema Discussed Director By Director on The Auteurcast

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Few propositions in film scholarship inspire as much controversy as the so-called “auteur theory,” which holds that a film’s director imbues the work with its strongest and most identifiable creative influence. Some consider this notion laughably implausible; others consider it untouchably self-evident.


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