The First Episode of Serial: Season 2 Is Now Online: Go Inside the World of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl

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If you’ve been wondering how the Serial podcast would follow up on its remarkable first season, the suspense is over. This morning, Season 2 is getting underway. Episode 1 is now online, ready for download.
A year ago, we got intimately familiar with the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee and the trial of Adnan Syed.


Free Speech Bites: Nigel Warburton, Host of Philosophy Bites, Creates a Spin Off Podcast Dedicated to Freedom of Expression

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In ostensibly liberal democracies in the West, attitudes towards free speech vary widely given different historical contexts, and can shift dramatically over time. We’re living in the midst of a generational shift on the issue in the U.S.


Get to Know Socrates, Camus, Kierkegaard & Other Great Philosophers with the BBC’s Intelligent Radio Show, In Our Time

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When writer, politician, and BBC radio and television personality Melvyn Bragg began his long-running radio program In Our Time, which brings academics together to discuss philosophy, history, science, religion, and culture, he didn’t think the show would last very long: “Six months,” he told The Scotsman in 2009, “but I’ll have


The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps Podcast, Now at 239 Episodes, Expands into Eastern Philosophy

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Perhaps you’ve heard of a phenomenon called “podfade,” wherein a podcast — particularly an ambitious podcast — begins by putting out episodes regularly, then misses one or two, then lets more and more time elapse between each episode, one day ceasing to update entirely.


Notebook on Cities and Culture’s Yearlong Podcast Exploration of Seattle Is Kickstarting Now

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Just about as long as I’ve written here at Open Culture, I’ve also hosted and produced Notebook on Cities and Culture, a world-traveling podcast dedicated to in-depth conversations with interesting people about the work they do and the world cities they do it in.


An Animated Marc Maron Recalls Interviewing a Shirtless Iggy Pop in LA Garage

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Marc Maron’s WTF podcast now clocks in at 585 episodes. Certainly one I remember — and so does Maron too — is Episode 400, which featured the godfather of punk, Iggy Pop. Above, an animated Marc Maron recalls the many musicians he’s interviewed in his Los Angeles garage.


Learn The History of Philosophy in 247 Podcasts (With More to Come)

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Yesterday we took a look at, or rather a listen to, the “podcasting renaissance,” highlighting a few of the new wave of shows and recommending some of the pre-existing ones you may have missed.


Jump Into the “Podcasting Renaissance” with These Intelligent Shows (and Tell Us Your Favorites)

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You may have heard that podcasting has a renaissance going on. As a podcaster since the beginning stages of the medium — and one slightly surprised to find that the medium has now reached ten years of age — I can only welcome the news, though I never knew podcasting had gone into a dark age.


Stephen Colbert Explains How The Colbert Report Is Made in a New Podcast

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“I do the show in character, he’s an idiot, he’s willfully ignorant of what you know and care about, please honestly disabuse me of my ignorance and we’ll have a great time.” 
This secret speaks to the heart of comedian and fake-pundit Stephen Colbert’s wildly popular Colbert Report.


The Modern-Day Philosophers Podcast: Where Comedians Like Carl Reiner & Artie Lange Discuss Schopenhauer & Maimonides

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The Partially Examined Life, The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps, Philosophy Bites, Philosophize This!: we’ve featured quite a few entertaining and educational fruits of the still-new discipline of podcasting’s inclination toward the very old discipline of philosophy.


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