A Hypnotic Look at How Tennis Balls Are Made

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Over the years, we’ve shown you various household objects being made–everything from crayons and ink, to vinyl records, old fashioned books and paper. Today, you can get a mesmerizing glimpse into how tennis balls are made.


Watch the First Surf Movie Ever Made: A 1906 Thomas Edison Film Shot in Hawaii

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Above you can watch what was arguably the first surf movie ever made–the very beginning of a long cinematic tradition that gave us Gidget in 1959, and The Endless Summer in 1966.


“We Suck” — When Yale Pranked Harvard at the 2004 Big Football Game

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On a completely lighter note.
The blurb to the Youtube video above reads as follows: “In 2004, 24 enterprising Yale students created the non-existent “Harvard Pep Squad” for the big Harvard–Yale football game.


Maya Angelou Reads Her Poem, “The Human Family,” in New iPhone Ad Released for the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony

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It’s always demoralizing when a favorite song—Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” or the Rolling Stones’ “Brown Sugar” come to mind—is co-opted to sell soda or Caribbean cruises.
Poetry, however? I’m not ungrateful to have some smuggled into my day by a commercial carrier whose agenda is somehow less suspect.


Playing Golf on LSD With Hunter S. Thompson: Esquire Editor Remembers the Oddest Game of Golf

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At 3:33 one morning in February 2005, Hunter S. Thompson rang up Bill Murray. “I’ve invented a new sport,” declared the writer to the actor. “It’s called Shotgun Golf. We will rule the world with this thing.


“Muhammad Ali, This Is Your Life!”: Celebrate Ali’s Life & Times with This Touching 1978 TV Tribute

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Tonight, we pass along the sad news that Muhammad Ali, one of the great athletes and personalities of our time, has passed away at the age of 74. Having battled Parkinson’s Disease for decades, his passing doesn’t come as a complete surprise. But, for anyone who remembers Ali in his prime, this news will certainly come as a blow.


Bruce Lee’s Only Surviving TV Interview, 1971: Lost and Now Found

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Bruce Lee’s TV acting career began in 1966, when he landed a part in The Green Hornet. (Watch his thrilling audition here). But it took another five years before he gave his first–and, it turns out, only television interview in English.


Muhammad Ali Sings in Broadway’s First Black Power Musical (1970)

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The Great White Way is littered with flops.
Critic Frank Rich eviscerated a 1988 musical based on Stephen King’s Carrie, lamenting that a potential camp masterpiece wound up as “a typical musical-theater botch.


NASCAR Meets the Paranormal in Terry Gilliam’s Short Film, The Legend of Hallowdega

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I think we here at Open Culture can freely own up to a deficiency in our content: despite its outsized presence in American culture, we’ve really neglected to post much about NASCAR.


Read Online Haruki Murakami’s New Essay on How a Baseball Game Launched His Writing Career

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For years, it was hard to come across Hear the Wind Sing and Pinball 1973, Haruki Murakami’s first and second novels, unless one wanted to pony up something between $250 and $400 at Amazon for their Kodansha English editions.


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