How to Start a Start-Up: A Free Course from Y Combinator Taught at Stanford

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If you have any entrepreneurial aspirations, you’ve likely heard of Y Combinator (YC), an accelerator based in Silicon Valley that’s been called “the world’s most powerful start-up incubator” (Fast Company) or “a spawning ground for emerging tech giants” (Fortune).


This is Your Brain in Love: The Stanford Love Competition Shows What Love Looks Like on an MRI

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We hear it so often it’s almost a cliché, one I’m sure I’ve repeated without giving it much thought: You can’t measure love in a laboratory. But we probably can, in fact. Or at least neuroscientists can.


29 Sketchbooks by Renowned Artist Richard Diebenkorn, Containing 1,045 Drawings, Now Freely Viewable Online

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We owe the way we see California today in part to the painter Richard Diebenkorn, “whose deeply lyrical abstractions evoked the shimmering light and wide-open spaces” of the state “where he spent virtually his entire life.


Stanford Launches Free Course on Developing Apps with iOS 8

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Quick note: Whenever Apple releases a new version of iOS, Stanford eventually releases a course telling you how to develop apps in that environment. iOS 8 came out last fall, and now the iOS 8 app development course is getting rolled out this quarter. It’s free online, of course, on iTunes.


Peter Thiel’s Stanford Course on Startups: Read the Lecture Notes Free Online

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Peter Thiel has many claims to fame in Silicon Valley. He co-founded PayPal in 1998, before selling it to eBay for $1.5 billion in 2002. He later launched various hedge funds, and made early investments in Facebook.


178,000 Images Documenting the History of the Car Now Available on a New Stanford Web Site

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The Revs Program at Stanford, dedicated to producing scholarship about the past, present and future of the automobile, recently advanced its cause by launching a new website featuring 178,000 images of cars. Divided into 12 collections, the Revs Digital Library features lots of race cars, and then some more race cars.


Highlights from the First Ever Stanford Code Poetry Slam

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I was lucky enough to be living in Chicago when Marc Smith’s Poetry Slam movement became a thing. What fun it was to hit the Green Mill on Sunday nights to hear such innovators as Lisa Buscani or Patricia Smith tearing into their latest entries in front of packed-to-capacity crowds.


Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPad: A Free Online Course by Stanford

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FYI: Apple officially released iOS7,  the latest operating system for the iPhone and iPad, on September 18. Almost simultaneously, Stanford began offering a course teaching students how to design apps in the new environment. Although the course is still in progress, the initial video lectures are now available online, you guessed it, on iTunesU.


Leonard Susskind Teaches You “The Theoretical Minimum” for Understanding Modern Physics

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For the past decade, Leonard Susskind, one of America’s pre-eminent physicists, has taught a series of six courses in Stanford’s Continuing Studies program.


A Crash Course on Creativity and Other Stanford MOOCs to Launch in April: Enroll Today

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Tina Seelig serves as the Executive Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program, a center that teaches students entrepreneurial skills needed to solve major world problems.


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