Turkish Musician Shows How to Play the Yaybahar, His Mesmerizing, Newly-Invented Instrument

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Once upon a time, a handsome man was trapped in a tower overlooking the sea. To amuse himself, he built a magical instrument. It was constructed of wood and metal, but sounded like something one might hear over loudspeakers at the Tate, or perhaps an avant-garde sound installation in Bushwick.


Glenn Gould Gives Us a Tour of Toronto, His Beloved Hometown (1979)

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I write this from Toronto, having come to explore, record interviews in, write about, and generally try to understand this big, busy, famously diverse, and sometimes formless-seeming metropolis Canadians appreciate and resent in equal measure. Despite the difficulty of defining or even describing it, the city has nurtured impressive minds.


A Photographic Tour of Haruki Murakami’s Tokyo, Where Dream, Memory, and Reality Meet

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Last week saw me in line at one of Los Angeles’ most beloved bookstores, waiting for a signed copy of Haruki Murakami’s new novel Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage upon its midnight release.


A Drone’s Eye View of Los Angeles, New York, London, Bangkok & Mexico City

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Unmanned aerial vehicles, more colloquially known as drones, have drawn bad press in recent years: as the intrusive tools of the coming surveillance state, as deliverers of death from above in a host of war zones, as the purchase-delivering harbingers of world domination by Amazon.com.


Tour the World’s Street Art with Google Street Art

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By far the most enjoyable part of our recent family trip to London was the afternoon my young son and I spent in Shoreditch, groping our way to No Brow, a comics shop I had noticed on an early morning stroll with our hostess.


Michael Palin’s Tour of the Best Loved Monty Python Sketch Locations

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In 1999, travel presenter and founding member of Monty Python, Michael Palin, led viewers on a tour of Pythonland, a collection of unremarkable London locations where some of the comedy troupe’s most famous sketches were filmed.


Visit The Museum of Online Museums (MoOM): A Mega Collection of 220 Online Exhibitions

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It is my habit, when travel looms, to case the Internet for obscure museums my destination might have to offer. Once loaded, I fixate. Chat me up about my itinerary, and you will definitely come away with the impression that these offbeat locales are the trip’s primary raison d’être.


London Mashed Up: Footage of the City from 1924 Layered Onto Footage from 2013

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Great cities are highly changeable by nature, though certain skyline-dominating landmarks endure. Visitors and residents alike romanticize the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, and the Colosseum.


View the Passport Photos of F. Scott Fitzgerald, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf & Other Cultural Icons

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If you’ve had the fortune of travelling for leisure, you know that there are three types of mementoes that unfailingly elicit pangs of nostalgia. The first are photographs.


Join Clive James on His Classic Television Trips to Paris, LA, Tokyo, Rio, Cairo & Beyond

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After a morning’s girlwatching in Paris, Clive James goes for a leisurely yet harrowing drive with Bonjour Tristesse author Françoise Sagan at the wheel, walks out on the opera, pays respects to the graves of Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, and Marcel Proust, seeks the definition of a “fashion victim,” denounces I.M.


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