Lots of newsprint has been dedicated to MIT’s OpenCourseWare initiative. And, of course, it’s understandable. MIT’s project offers free access to materials from 1800 MIT courses, many on the cutting edge of technology and engineering. It is all great. But suddenly MIT is not the only tech powerhouse getting into the business of providing free educational resources.

In India, there are seven institutes dedicated to training some of the world’s top scientists and engineers and making the country an up and coming world power. They are collectively known as the IITs, or the Indian Institutes of Technology. And now some of the IIT courses are being made available in English on YouTube for free. (The main page is here; the courses are actually here.) Some of the titles featured here include: Introduction to Computer Graphics, Core Science Mathematics, Computer Networks, Introduction To Problem Solving & Programming, Fluid Mechanics, and Environmental Air Pollution.

You can access the full list of IIT courses here. And note that we have integrated many of these courses into our collection: Free Online Courses from Great Universities, which now features more than 225 free courses.

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  • Muhammad Taj says:

    I found your effort a tremendous help for students.
    Please,can you guide me in finding some material about tensors from very basic to high level.

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