Learn Python with a Free Online Course from MIT

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The programming language Python takes its name from Monty Python (true story!), and now courses that teach Python are in very high demand. Last December, we featured a free Python course created by Google. Today, it’s a free Python course from MIT.


“Calling Bullshit”: Watch Lectures for the College Course Designed to Combat the BS in our Information Age

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This past January, we highlighted a syllabus for a tentative course called “Calling Bullshit,” designed by two professors at the University of Washington, Carl Bergstrom and Jevin West.
The course–also sometimes called “Calling Bullshit in the Age of Big Data”–ended up being offered this spring.


A Free Course on Machine Learning & Data Science from Caltech

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Right now, Machine Learning and Data Science are two hot topics, the subject of many courses being offered at universities today. Above, you can watch a playlist of 18 lectures from a course called Learning From Data: A Machine Learning Course, taught by Caltech’s Feynman Prize-winning professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa.


The Pioneering Physics TV Show, The Mechanical Universe, Is Now on YouTube: 52 Complete Episodes from Caltech

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In December, Caltech announced that the critically acclaimed TV series, The Mechanical Universe… And Beyond, has been made available in its entirety on YouTube.


700 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Getting Started in May: Enroll Free Today

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FYI: This month, 700 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) will be getting underway, giving you the chance to take courses from top flight universities, at no cost. With the help of Class Central, we’ve pulled together a complete list of May MOOCS.


David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing in a New Online Course

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FYI: David Mamet, one of America’s preeminent playwrights and screenwriters, will be teaching a course on Dramatic Writing over at MasterClass this spring. Featuring 25 video lessons and a downloadable workbook, the course will take you through Mamet’s “process for turning life’s strangest moments into dramatic art.


Peter Singer’s Course on Effective Altruism Gets Started This Week: Enroll & Put Philosophy Into Worldly Action

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This week, Peter Singer’s online course on Effective Altruism is getting underway on Coursera.


An Introduction to Game Theory & Strategic Thinking: A Free Online Course from Yale University

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Taught by Ben Polak, an economics professor and now Provost at Yale University, this free course offers an introduction to game theory and strategic thinking.


Neural Networks for Machine Learning: A Free Online Course

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The 78-video playlist above comes from a course called Neural Networks for Machine Learning, taught by Geoffrey Hinton, a computer science professor at the University of Toronto. The videos were created for a larger course taught on Coursera, which gets re-offered on a fairly regularly basis.


Introduction to Philosophy: A Free Online Course

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From John Sanders, Professor of Philosophy at the Rochester Institute of Technology, comes Introduction to Philosophy. In 10 lectures, Sanders’ course covers the following ground:
Philosophy is about the rigorous discussion of big questions, and sometimes small precise questions, that do not have obvious answers.


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