Allen Ginsberg & The Clash Perform the Punk Poem “Capital Air,” Live Onstage in Times Square (1981)

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The Clash had been called sellouts ever since they signed with CBS and made their 1977 debut, so the charge was pretty stale when certain critics lobbed it at their turn to disco-flavored new wave and “arena rock” in 1982’s popular Combat Rock.


James Earl Jones Reads Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” and Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself”

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For all its many flaws the original Star Wars trilogy never strayed too far afield because of the deep well of gravitas in James Earl Jones’ voice. The ominous breathing, the echo effect, and that arresting baritone—no amount of dancing Ewoks could take away from his vocal performance.


Dante’s Divine Comedy Illustrated in a Remarkable Illuminated Medieval Manuscript (c. 1450)

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Few writers have inspired so many artists, so deeply and for so long, as Dante Alighieri.


T.S. Eliot Reads Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats & Other Classic Poems (75 Minutes, 1955)

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Not only did T.S. Eliot draw the cover for the first edition of his Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, featured yesterday, he even read it aloud for the audiobook edition. You may think the time of the audiobook, now a popular form on digital audio devices everywhere, must have begun long after the time of Eliot had already ended.


Watch John Coltrane Turn His Handwritten Poem Into a Sublime Musical Passage on A Love Supreme

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On Vimeo, James Cary describes his video creation:
A few years ago, knowing I absolutely adored the John Coltrane album, “A Love Supreme” my wife gave me this incredible book by Ashley Kahn : “A Love Surpreme/The Story of John Coltrane’s Signature Album.


Young Leonard Cohen Reads His Poetry in 1966 (Before His Days as a Musician Began)

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Many a singer-songwriter who first rose to prominence in the 1960s has taken the label of “poet,” usually applied by adoring fans, no doubt to the objection of a fair few serious poetry enthusiasts.


Advice to Young Aspiring Artists from Patti Smith, David Byrne & Marina Abramović

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If you dream of becoming the next Disney Channel star, you’d do well to heed the advice of casting director Judy Taylor, who uses “read” and “talent” according to their industry definitions, and seems unlikely to cut anyone slack for youth or inexperience.


Pablo Neruda’s Historic First Reading in the US (1966)

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Few public figures of the 20th century are as dear to the hearts and minds of Latin America as Chilean poet Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto — AKA Pablo Neruda. He became famous for his writing before he was 20 years old and he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.


Cartoonist Lynda Barry Reveals the Best Way to Memorize Poetry

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Cartoonist and Patron Saint of Honoring the Creative Impulse, Lynda Barry, believes that the secret to understanding poetry is to commit it to memory. Effortless recall is key. Get that poem lodged inside your brain as if it were a Top 40 hit of your youth.


Maya Angelou Reads “Still I Rise” and “On the Pulse of the Morning”

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As we mourn Maya Angelou on the day after her death, it’s heartening to remember that she lived several more lifetimes than most in her 86 years, some filled with pain and struggle, some with great joy.


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