James Baldwin Debates Malcolm X (1963) and William F. Buckley (1965): Vintage Video & Audio

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One often hears lamented the lack of well-spoken public intellectuals in America today.


A Look Inside Hannah Arendt’s Personal Library: Download Marginalia from 90 Books (Heidegger, Kant, Marx & More)

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It does seem possible, I think, to overvalue the significance of a writer’s library to his or her own literary productions. We all hold on to books that have long since ceased to have any pull on us, and lose track of books that have greatly influenced us.


Allen Ginsberg’s Handwritten Poem For Bernie Sanders, “Burlington Snow” (1986)

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Special Collections, University of Vermont Libraries
No matter how much of a political junkie you are, you must surely have had enough of the spectacle that is the 2016 campaign for the presidency.


2,200 Radical Political Posters Digitized: A New Archive

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I recently heard someone say his college-bound nephew asked him, “What’s a union?” Whether you love unions, loathe them, or remain indifferent, the fact that an ostensibly educated young person might have such a significant gap in their knowledge should cause concern.


Animated Introductions to Three Sociologists: Durkheim, Weber & Adorno

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Is sociology an art or a science? Is it philosophy? Social psychology? Economics and political theory? Surveying the great sociologists since the mid-19th century, one would have to answer “yes” to all of these questions.


Soviet Union Creates a List of 38 Dangerous Rock Bands: Kiss, Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, Village People & More (1985)

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Image via Mario Casciano
Music is dangerous and powerful, and can be, without intending to, a political weapon. All authoritarian regimes have understood this, including repressive elements in the U.S. throughout the Cold War.


6 Political Theorists Introduced in Animated “School of Life” Videos: Marx, Smith, Rawls & More

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“It may come as a surprise to some academics,” writes leftist political theorist Michael Parenti in his sprawling textbook Democracy for the Few, “but there is a marked relationship between economic power and political power.


Michael Moore’s 13 Rules for Making Documentaries — Really Powerful & Entertaining Documentaries

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Image by Nicolas Genin
You don’t rile up as many people as Michael Moore has without mastering the art of button pushing. Clint Eastwood threatened to kill him (allegedly). Christopher Hitchens, echoing the sentiments of many Iraq war supporters, called his work “dishonest and demagogic.


Slavoj Žižek Calls Political Correctness a Form of “Modern Totalitarianism”

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Opinions on what we generally mean by the phrase “political correctness” vary widely.


Günter Grass Takes On Facebook: “Someone Who Has 500 Friends, Has No Friends.”

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Incisive social critic, novelist, poet, sculptor, and inspiration to such trenchant fabulists as John Irving and Salman Rushdie, German writer Günter Grass passed away this week with a well-defined legacy as “his country’s moral conscience.


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