The Rise of the Patent Troll: An Animated Primer by Kirby Ferguson

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Recently, I’ve been spending time investigating copyrights, keen to find out if it’s cricket for me to impose my vision on certain authors’ long ago work.


Richard Dawkins’ Documentary The God Delusion Tackles Faith & Religious Violence (2006)

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The very title of Richard Dawkins’ 2006 book The God Delusion was intended to provoke, and the Oxford evolutionary biologist has seemingly done nothing but, since taking his stand against religions of all kinds, particularly the big monotheisms that claim most of the world’s inhabitants.


How the CIA Turned Doctor Zhivago into a Propaganda Weapon Against the Soviet Union

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Humanity has long pondered the relative might of the pen and the sword. While one time-worn aphorism does grant the advantage to the pen, most of us have entertained doubts: the sword, metaphorically or literally, seems to have won out across an awfully wide swath of history.


Batgirl Fights for Equal Pay in a 1960s Television Ad Supporting The Equal Pay Act

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Featured on the Emily’s List Facebook Page today is this “PSA from the 1960s,” where “Batgirl advocates for equal pay while saving Batman and Robin.


Eleanor Roosevelt’s Durable Wisdom on Curiosity, Empathy, Education & Responding to Criticism

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First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was a prolific columnist and writer, with an impressive list of clips produced both during FDR’s tenure in the White House and afterwards.


A History of Pussy Riot: Watch the Band’s Early Performances/Protests Against the Putin Regime

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Recently attacked by Cossacks in Sochi and by black-clad men with green antiseptic in Moldova, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina have, since their December release from a two-year prison sentence, remained the very public faces of the punk band/agit-prop collective known as Pussy Riot.


Read Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story: The Influential 1957 Civil Rights Comic Book

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From the paranoid fundamentalist tracts of Jack Chick, to Ronald McDonald promoting scouting, to an upcoming graphic novel explaining the science of climate change, comics and graphic novels have long been a means of both proselytizing and informing, condensing complex narratives into a digestible format with broad appeal.


Sir Patrick Stewart Demonstrates How Cows Moo in Different English Accents

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Having spent the fall lounging in the bath dressed as a lobster, and gamboling around New York City with Waiting for Godot cast mate Ian McKellen, the irrepressible Patrick Stewart brought 2013 to a close by indulging a curious fan of NPR’s How To Do Everything podcast.
Her question? What do English cows sound like when they moo.


A Short, Animated Defense of Toronto’s Great Public Libraries

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If you’ve been with Open Culture since our early days, you might remember I Met the Walrus, a short Oscar-nominated film that recalls the time when John Lennon granted an interview to a 14-year-old Beatles’ fan named Jerry Levitan.


T.S. Eliot, as Faber & Faber Editor, Rejects George Orwell’s “Trotskyite” Novel Animal Farm (1944)

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We’ve written recently about that most common occurrence in the life of every artist—the rejection letter. Most rejections are uncomplicated affairs, ostensibly reflecting matters of taste among editors, producers, and curators. In 1944, in his capacity as an editorial director at Faber & Faber, T.S.


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