Mad Magazine’s Al Jaffee & Other Cartoonists Create Animations to End Distracted Driving

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Model Ts were the average American’s car of choice in 1921, when cartoonist Al Jaffee was born.
The father of MAD Magazine’s fold-ins was but seven when the T’s successor, the Model A, was introduced.


Al Jaffee, the Longest Working Cartoonist in History, Shows How He Invented the Iconic “Folds-Ins” for Mad Magazine

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Keep copying those Sunday funnies, kids, and one day you may beat Al Jaffee’s record to become the Longest Working Cartoonist in History.
You’ll need to take extra good care of your health, given that the Guinness Book of World Records notified Jaffee, above, of his honorific on his 95th birthday.


Hayao Miyazaki’s Sketches Showing How to Draw Characters Running: From 1980 Edition of Animation Magazine

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Earlier this week, we let you know about the animation software used by Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli coming out in an open source version free to download.


Charlie Chaplin Gets Strapped into a Dystopian “Rube Goldberg Machine,” a Frightful Commentary on Modern Capitalism

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I get into a lot of conversations these days about how we used to consider technological progress good by definition, but now — despite or maybe because of the farther-progressed-than-ever state of our technology — we feel a bit wary about it all.


City of Scars: The Impressive Batman Fan Film Made for $27,000 in 21 Days

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The system is broken… 
A common enough sentiment in an election year, but in this case, the speaker is Batman, and the proof is the 30-minute labor of love above.
Five years ago, father and son Batman fans Sean and Aaron Schoenke spent $27,000 to make City of Scars, this thrillingly grim entry into the canon.


Umberto Eco Explains the Poetic Power of Charles Schulz’s Peanuts

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Image via Wikimedia Commons and Snoopy’s YouTube Channel
Anthropology, authenticity, medieval aesthetics, the media, literary theory, conspiracy theory, semiotics, ugliness: the late Umberto Eco, as anyone who’s read a piece of his bibliography (which includes such intellectually serious but thoroughly entertaining novels as The Name of the R


Russian Superheroes: Artist Draws Traditional Russian Folk Heroes in a Modern Fantasy Style

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A photo posted by amokrus (@amokrus) on Oct 5, 2015 at 1:49pm PDT

Where do superheroes come from? The concept didn’t just emerge fully formed into the world when, say, Superman showed up on the cover of Action Comics in 1938.


Take a Free Online Course on Making Comic Books, Compliments of the California College of the Arts

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Gather round, children and listen to Grandma reminiscin’ ‘bout the days when studying comics meant changing out of your pajamas and showing up at the bursar’s office, check in hand.
Actually, Grandma’s full of it.


Stan Lee Reads “The Night Before Christmas,” Telling the Tale of Santa Claus, the Greatest of Super Heroes

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“He would turn over in his grave if he knew I’m about to read this,” says Stan Lee, Marvel Comics’ grand poo-bah, before launching into Clement Clarke Moore’s “The Night Before Christmas.


Hear Sun Ra, the Avant-Garde Jazz Legend, Play on a 1966 Batman and Robin Album for Kids

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In the mid 1960s, when the Batman TV show was in full swing, a New Jersey toy company released a children’s record of Batman & Robin songs.


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