Sir Ian McKellen Releases New Apps to Make Shakespeare’s Plays More Enjoyable & Accessible

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FYI: Ian McKellen, who first made his reputation performing at the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1970s and 80s, has just released the first of a series of iPad apps meant to make Shakespeare’s plays more accessible, especially for high school and college students.


Fill Your New Kindle, iPad, iPhone, eReader with Free eBooks, Movies, Audio Books, Online Courses & More

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Santa left a new Kindle, iPad, Kindle Fire or other media player under your tree. He did his job. Now we’ll do ours. We’ll tell you how to fill those devices with free intelligent media — great books, movies, courses, and all of the rest. And if you didn’t get a new gadget, fear not.


Longform’s New, Free App Lets You Read Great Journalism from Your Favorite Publishers

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If you have managed to keep your attention span intact during this distracting information age, then you’re almost certainly familiar with, a web site that makes it easy to find something great to read online, especially if you like reading informative, well-crafted works of non-fiction.


Free Stanley Kubrick App Features Great Photos, Script Notes, Interviews & More

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In 2012, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) unveiled a sprawling, exhaustive exhibit on Stanley Kubrick. And it had just about everything you might want on the great director. Early photographs he took for Look magazine in the 1940s? Check.


Free App Lets You Play Chess With 23-Year-Old Norwegian World Champion Magnus Carlsen

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Chess has been experiencing a surprising revival as of late, with the World Championships making headlines for the first time in  years. As it was during the days of Bobby Fischer and later Garry Kasparov, the resurgence is largely the doing of one man: Norway’s 23-year-old chess phenom, Magnus Carlsen.


Free Interactive e-Books from NASA Reveal History, Discoveries of the Hubble & Webb Telescopes

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Earlier this month NASA announced that the Hubble Space Telescope found evidence of a planet forming 7.5 billion miles from its star. This astonishing discovery challenges all of our current theories about how planets develop.
A few days later, Hubble captured images of two galaxies merging.


Leonard Bernstein Conducts Beethoven’s 9th in a Classic 1979 Performance

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Even if you don’t know classical music, you know Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. Finished in 1824, Beethoven’s final complete symphony, and the first from any major composer to use voices, has risen to and remained at the top of the Western orchestral canon as one of the most frequently performed symphonies in existence.


Download the Universe: A Discerning Curator for Science eBooks

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We all need guides for the overwhelming world of the Internet. Digital curators are essential to sifting through the vast and expanding supply of online content because they find the good stuff that’s worth checking out.


Learn to Build iPhone & iPad Apps with Stanford’s Free Course, Coding Together

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Just a quick fyi. In the past week, Stanford has launched the latest version of Coding Together, the popular course that teaches Stanford students — and now students worldwide — how to build apps for the iPhone and iPad.


Watch Philip Glass Remix His Own Music—Then Try it Yourself With a New App

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We told you in the fall about the album released by Beck and a troupe of other musicians to celebrate composer Philip Glass’s 75th birthday. Rework—Philip Glass Remixed is a collection of Glass works by artists including Beck, Tyondai Braxton, and Cornelius. Turns out that Glass himself was pretty turned on by the results.


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