Hear the Prog-Rock Adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds: The 1978 Rock Opera That Sold 15 Million Copies Worldwide

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Since the 1950s at least, Americans have embraced science fiction of all kinds—from the high concepts of 2001 to the high kitsch of Barbarella—even if sometimes only among devoted cult fans. The Queen-scored Flash Gordon, for example, did not do well in U.S. theaters on its release in 1980, though it was a hit in the UK.


Discover Ray Bradbury & Kurt Vonnegut’s 1990s TV Shows: The Ray Bradbury Theater and Welcome to the Monkey House

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There has always been good television. Even Kurt Vonnegut, wittiest of curmudgeons, had to agree in 1991 when he was interviewed in The Cable Guide for his own contribution to the medium, an adaptation of his book of stories, Welcome to the Monkey House on Showtime. Vonnegut did not like television, and compared it to thalidomide.


Memoranda: Haruki Murakami’s World Recreated as a Classic Adventure Video Game

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Haruki Murakami has a special way of inspiring his fans. I write these very words, in fact, from a coffee shop in Seoul not just stocked with his books and the music referenced in them but named after the jazz bar he ran in Tokyo in the 1970s before becoming a writer.


Akira Kurosawa’s Adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death Finally in Production, Coming in 2020

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The filmmakers we most respect tend not to stop working until the very end, and so almost always leave pieces of incomplete projects behind. Stanley Kubrick did, giving Steven Spielberg the chance to pick up where his elder colleague left off on the sci-fi drama A.I.: Artificial Intelligence.


Free Audio: Hear Stories by Jhumpa Lahiri, Margaret Atwood & Authors

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Fyi: Penguin Random House and Crown Publishing Group recently produced “Season of Stories,” an eleven-week “serialized reading experience.” It features serialized stories by Jhumpa Lahiri, Margaret Atwood, and other authors. You can stream the episodes, right here. Or you can listen to them through this 60db iPhone app.


A Digital Archive of Modernist Magazines (1890 to 1922): Browse the Literary Magazines Where Modernism Began

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The story of literary modernism in the English-speaking world is most often told through a small collection of Great Works of Art.


Free Download: The Book Lover’s Guide to Coffee

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FYI: Courtesy of Penguin Random House, you can download The Book Lover’s Guide to Coffee.


Download Influential Avant-Garde Magazines from the Early 20th Century: Dadaism, Surrealism, Futurism & More

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“I’m tired of politics, I just want to talk about my art,” I sometimes hear artists—and musicians, actors, writers, etc.—say. And I sometimes see their fans say, “you should shut up about politics and just talk about your art.


How Cormac McCarthy Became a Copy-Editor for Scientific Books and One of the Most Influential Articles in Economics

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I first came to know the work of Cormac McCarthy through the 1973 novel Child of God, a portrait of a terrifyingly alienated loner who becomes a serial killer.


Yale Presents a Free Online Course on Literary Theory, Covering Structuralism, Deconstruction & More

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It’s been a hallmark of the culture wars in the last few decades for politicians and opinionators to rail against academia.


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