5 Hours of Edgar Allan Poe Stories Read by Vincent Price & Basil Rathbone

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Record label Caedmon Audio specialized in spoken-word recordings, pairing great literary works with great actors. They got James Mason to read the poetry of Robert Browning, multi-Oscar winner Walter Brennan to read the works of Mark Twain and Sir Laurence Olivier to read Winston Churchill.


Pipes with Cannabis Traces Found in Shakespeare’s Garden, Suggesting the Bard Enjoyed a “Noted Weed”

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Not more than 10 days ago, Jonathan Crow highlighted for you Adam Bertocci’s Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, a book that asks you to suspend disbelief and imagine, What if…William Shakespeare had written The Big Lebowski?
Now comes news that makes the collision of the Bard’s and Lebowski’s worlds somewhat more plausible.


Hear the Very First Adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984 in a Radio Play Starring David Niven (1949)

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Since George Orwell published his landmark political fable 1984, each generation has found ample reason to make reference to the grim near-future envisioned by the novel. Whether Orwell had some prophetic vision or was simply a very astute reader of the institutions of his day—all still with us in mutated form—hardly matters.


Amanda Palmer Animates & Narrates Husband Neil Gaiman’s Unconscious Musings

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According to singer, songwriter and crowed funder extraordinaire, Amanda Palmer, there’s an “epidemic of mild-mannered British men who say weird shit in their sleep.”
Her husband, author Neil Gaiman, is no exception.
Neil Gaiman is a total weirdo when he’s half asleep. in a GOOD way, usually.


Iggy Pop Reads Edgar Allan Poe’s Classic Horror Story, “The Tell-Tale Heart”

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My introduction to the work of James Newell Osterberg, Jr, better known as Iggy Pop, came in the form of “Risky,” a song from Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Neo Geo album that featured not just singing but spoken word from the Stooges’ lead vocalist and punk icon.


Sylvia Plath’s 10 Back to School Commandments (1953)

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Before her literary fame, her stormy relationship with Ted Hughes and her crippling battles with depression, Sylvia Plath was an enthusiastic student at Smith College. “The world is splitting open at my feet like a ripe, juicy watermelon,” she wrote to her mother. “If only I can work, work, work to justify all of my opportunities.


Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Releases New Animated Video Inspired by Gustave Doré & Milton’s Paradise Lost

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Next month, David Gilmour will release his first solo album since 2006 and launch his first tour since ’08. But right now, in the dead of August, you can watch a new animated video for his upcoming track, “Rattle That Lock.


Ernest Hemingway & His Sister Dressed as Twin Girls Shown in Newly Digitized Scrapbooks From Hemingway’s Youth

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It may be true that speculation about an author’s personal history can prove not especially illuminating to reading their books. We generally think it best to read a literary work on its own terms.


Kurt Vonnegut Maps Out the Universal Shapes of Our Favorite Stories

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Imagine a hat. Flip it upside down, and you’ve got yourself the outline of a story the public will never weary of, according to author Kurt Vonnegut, who maps it on out a chalkboard in the video above.
His Y-axis charts a range between good and ill fortune.


12 Classic Literary Road Trips in One Handy Interactive Map

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Fantasy fiction invariably includes a map for readers to understand the hero’s journey, literally. We know that Hobbits had to walk a long way into Mordor, but seeing it cartographically really hits home.


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