Christopher Lee (R.I.P.) Reads Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” and From “The Fall of the House of Usher”

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Sir Christopher Lee died on Sunday at the age of 93, bringing to a close a long and distinguished acting career — though one fortunately not confined only to the heights of respectability.


A Creepy Cut Out Animation of Samuel Beckett’s 1953 Novel, The Unnamable

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Morning, friend! Ready to kick off your week with a Beckettian nightmare vision?
Samuel Beckett scholar Jenny Triggs was earning a masters in Visual Communications at the Edinburgh College of Art when she created the unsettling, cut out animation for his 1953 novel, The Unnamable, above.


Hear the Enchanting Jorge Luis Borges Read “The Art of Poetry” In Two Captivating Videos

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Very few people can offer us a satisfying definition of poetry. Enumerating the technical qualities of literary verse, as English teachers do each day, seems like a paltry explanation of what poetry is and does.


Eugène Delacroix Illustrates Goethe’s Faust, “One of the Very Greatest of All Illustrated Books”

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Did our post last month on Édouard Manet’s illustrations of Stephane Mallarmé’s translation of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven get you excited enough to track down Dover Publications’ collection of those haunting images? If so, you’ll notice that the book also contains Eugène Delacroix’s illustrations of Johann Wolfgang von Goet


My First Time: Paris Review Video Series Features Writers Talking About Getting Started as Writers

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Do you spend your days sweating blood over a laptop, working on a novel or poem or screenplay that always seems to fall short of the brilliant version that is in your head? Are you terrified that if you don’t squeeze out a first novel that will instantly make you the toast of the New York literary establishment you will be an abject fa


The Animated Franz Kafka Rock Opera

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“The Franz Kafka Rock Opera” comes from Season 1 of a 1999 video series called Home Movies. In this episode, we find the character Dwayne writing a rock opera based on Kafka’s famous novella The Metamorphosis. It’s not Tommy or Quadrophenia — two of the greatest rock operas ever made.


Watch War and Peace: The Splendid, Epic Film Adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s Grand Novel (1969)

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There’s an old axiom that mediocre books make great movies and great books make for lousy movies. Mario Puzo’s bestseller The Godfather is a straightforward potboiler but Francis Ford Coppola spun it into one of the best films ever made. In contrast, F.


Hear Toni Morrison’s Poetic Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech on the Radical Power of Language (1993)

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Since her first novel, 1970’s The Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison has dazzled readers with her commanding language—colloquial, magical, magisterial, even fanciful at times, but held firm to the earth by a commitment to history and an unsparing exploration of racism, sexual abuse, and violence.


Patti Smith’s Polaroids of Artifacts from Virginia Woolf, Arthur Rimbaud, Roberto Bolaño & More

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Polaroid photography has seen a new wave of interest over the past decade, in large part from young photographers looking to do something different from what they can with the digital technology on which they grew up.


The First Trailer for the Upcoming David Foster Wallace Film Is Now Online

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Heads up David Foster Wallace fans. Yesterday, A24 Films released a trailer for The End of the Tour, James Ponsoldt’s upcoming film which stars Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace, and Jesse Eisenberg as Rolling Stone journalist David Lipsky.


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