The Essence of Linear Algebra Explained with Animations

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Fyi: Grant Sanderson has a knack for math and coding. So he created a tool that has helped him explain “the essence of linear algebra” in a “visually-driven manner.” And he posted the result, a series of 13 videos, to YouTube. You can watch the collection, called “The Essence of Linear Algebra,” above.


Watch M.C. Escher Make His Final Artistic Creation in the 1971 Documentary Adventures in Perception

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I first encountered the world of Maurits Cornelis Escher where many others do: in school.


Can You Solve These Animated Brain Teasers from TED-Ed?

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Zombies, alien overlords, sharks, a mad dictator…math is a dangerous proposition in the hands of TED Ed script writer Alex Gendler.
The recreational mathematics puzzles he retrofits for TED’s educational initiative have been around for hundreds, even thousands of years.


The Books on Young Alan Turing’s Reading List: From Lewis Carroll to Modern Chromatics

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Image via Wikimedia Commons
We now regard Alan Turing, the troubled and ultimately persecuted cryptanalyst (and, intellectually, much more besides)—who cracked the code of the German Enigma machine in World War II—as one of the great minds of history.


Can You Pass This Test Originally Given to 8th Graders Living in Kentucky in 1912?

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Can you spell “conceive”?
Of course you can! All it takes is a device with a built-in spelling app, an innovation of which no eighth grader in the far western reaches of bluegrass area Kentucky could have conceived back in 1912.


A Short Animated History of Zero (0): How It Started in India, Then Made Its Journey to the West

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Zilch. Nada. Bupkis. Yes, I’m taking about Zero (0), a number that seems so essential to our system of numbers, and yet it hasn’t always enjoyed such a privileged place. Far from it.


The Math Behind Beethoven’s Music

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Almost all the biggest math enthusiasts I’ve known have also loved classical music, especially the work of Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven. Of course, as San Francisco Symphony music director Michael Tilson Thomas once put it, you can’t have those three as your favorite composers, because “they simply define what music is.


Scientists Discover That James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake Has an Amazingly Mathematical “Multifractal” Structure

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It has long been thought that the so-called “Golden Ratio” described in Euclid’s Elements has “implications for numerous natural phenomena… from the leaf and seed arrangements of plants” and “from the arts to the stock market.


Hear Tom Lehrer Sing the Names of 102 Chemical Elements to the Tune of Gilbert & Sullivan

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Tom Lehrer earned a BA and MA in mathematics from Harvard during the late 1940s, then taught math courses at MIT, Harvard, Wellesley, and UC-Santa Cruz. Math was his vocation. But, all along, Lehrer nurtured an interest in music.


Citizen Maths: A Free Online Course That Teaches Adults the Math They Missed in High School

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Many people still have a major fear of mathematics, having suffered through school and not really having been in the right frame of mind to grasp concepts that we’ve been told will come in handy in our future working lives.


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