Shelf Life: American Museum of Natural History Creates New Video Series on Its 33 Million Artifacts

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I once spent a summer as a security guard at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. A wonderful place to visit, but my workday experience proved dreadfully dull.


Happy Halloween! Louis Armstrong Performs Skeleton in the Closet (1936)

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Should you happen to be in the vicinity of Corona, Queens this Halloween afternoon, the Louis Armstrong House Museum will be welcoming trick-or-treaters ’til 6pm.


Folger Shakespeare Library Puts 80,000 Images of Literary Art Online, and They’re All Free to Use

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Has a writer ever inspired as many adaptations and references as William Shakespeare? In the four hundred years since his death, his work has patterned much of the fabric of world literature and seen countless permutations on stage and screen.


Listen to Audio Arts: The 1970s Tape Cassette Arts Magazine Featuring Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp & Many Others

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As a podcaster, I’ve long since grown used to the idea of periodically issuing audio content. But the convenient recording, internet, and computer, and mobile listening technologies that made such a medium possible only really converged in the early 2000s.


Free: Download 30,000 Images from The Museum of New Zealand (All in High Resolution)

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Last month, The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced something we all welcomed. They made more than 400,000 images of art in the Museum’s collection free to download. Before that, we also witnessed other major art museums launching their own open art initiatives: 87,000 images from the Getty in L.A.


Visit The Museum of Online Museums (MoOM): A Mega Collection of 220 Online Exhibitions

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It is my habit, when travel looms, to case the Internet for obscure museums my destination might have to offer. Once loaded, I fixate. Chat me up about my itinerary, and you will definitely come away with the impression that these offbeat locales are the trip’s primary raison d’être.


The Metropolitan Museum of Art Puts 400,000 High-Res Images Online & Makes Them Free to Use

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On Friday, The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that “more than 400,000 high-resolution digital images of public domain works in the Museum’s world-renowned collection may be downloaded directly from the Museum’s website for non-commercial use.


Download Over 250 Free Art Books From the Getty Museum

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Yesterday, we wrote about the Wellcome Library’s opening up of its digital archives and making over 100,000 medical images freely available online. If you’ve already made your way through this choice selection (or if the prospect of viewing a 19th century leg amputation doesn’t quite pique your curiosity) have no fear.


Google Puts Over 57,000 Works of Art on the Web

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In its art preservationist wing, the Cultural Institute, Google houses an enormous digital collection of artwork spanning centuries and continents in what it calls the Art Project. Google’s collection, writes Drue Kataoka at Wired, is part of a “big deal […] it signals a broader, emerging ‘open content’ art movement.


The Nazi’s Philistine Grudge Against Abstract Art and The “Degenerate Art Exhibition” of 1937

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Has any political party in Western history had as vexed a relationship with art as the German National Socialists? We’ve long known, of course, that their uses of and opinions on art constituted the least of the Nazi party’s problems.


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