World Science U Starts to Offer Innovative, Free Courses in the Sciences

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In high school, my physics teacher taught the class by having us listen to his long, monotonous lectures. After I realized that I couldn’t digest his verbal lessons, I stopped listening. Instead, I picked up a textbook and never looked back.


Quantum Entanglement Animated

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PhD Comics has released the third video in an animated series explaining Quantum concepts and devices. This one focuses on Quantum Entanglement and features the work of Caltech physicists Jeff Kimble and Chen-Lung Hung. Meanwhile Jorge Cham, creator of PhD Comics, provides the accompanying animation.


Albert Einstein Holding an Albert Einstein Puppet (Circa 1931)

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The Yale Puppeteers, consisting of Forman Brown, Harry Burnett, and Roddy Brandon, came together in the 1920s and spent almost the next seven decades touring the United States, putting on satirical performances that featured puppets in starring roles.


Student Rickrolls Teacher By Sneaking Rick Astley Lyrics into Quantum Physics Paper

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Here’s a funny little variation on “rickrolling,” a term some of our readers might not be familiar with. So let’s quickly refer you to Wikipedia:
Rickrolling is an Internet meme involving the music video for the 1987 Rick Astley song “Never Gonna Give You Up”.


The Story of Einstein’s Brain: A Japanese Professor Tracks Down the Organ in a Bizarre Documentary

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The 1994 documentary above, Einstein’s Brain, is a curious artifact about an even stranger relic, the brain of the great physicist, extracted from his body hours after he died in 1955. The brain was dissected, then embarked on a convoluted misadventure, in several pieces, across the North American continent.


Albert Einstein Imposes on His First Wife a Cruel List of Marital Demands

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Albert Einstein passionately wooed his first wife Mileva Maric, against his family’s wishes, and the two had a turbulent but intellectually rich relationship that they recorded for posterity in their letters.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Talks Asteroid Physics & “Non Newtonian Solids” with Inspiring 9-Year-Old Student

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Just this week, some new test results showed that American teens, compared to other students worldwide, “failed to reach the top 20 in math, science or reading,” according to The Guardian. Afterwards, Arne Duncan, the U.S. Secretary of Education, called the results a “picture of educational stagnation.


Quantum Physics Made Relatively Simple: A Mini Course from Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist Hans Bethe

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An émigré from Nazi Germany, Hans Bethe joined Cornell’s physics department back in 1935. There, he built a remarkable career for himself. A nuclear physicist, Bethe made key contributions to the Manhattan Project during World War II.


The Case for Studying Physics in a Charming Animated Video

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Xiangjun Shi, otherwise known as Shixie, studied animation at RISD and physics at Brown. Then, she harnessed her training in both disciplines to create an animation explaining the virtue of studying physics.


Richard Feynman Gets Jazzed Explaining How Rubber Bands Work

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Back in 1983, the BBC aired Fun to Imagine, a television series hosted by Richard Feynman that used physics to explain how the everyday world works.


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