Albert Einstein Holding an Albert Einstein Puppet (Circa 1931)

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The Yale Puppeteers, consisting of Forman Brown, Harry Burnett, and Roddy Brandon, came together in the 1920s and spent almost the next seven decades touring the United States, putting on satirical performances that featured puppets in starring roles.


Sir Patrick Stewart Demonstrates How Cows Moo in Different English Accents

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Having spent the fall lounging in the bath dressed as a lobster, and gamboling around New York City with Waiting for Godot cast mate Ian McKellen, the irrepressible Patrick Stewart brought 2013 to a close by indulging a curious fan of NPR’s How To Do Everything podcast.
Her question? What do English cows sound like when they moo.


Watch Laurence Olivier, Liv Ullmann and Christopher Plummer’s Classic Polaroid Ads

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Before Urban Outfitters and Project Impossible, before the adorable bickering ubiquity of spokespeople James Garner and Mariette Hartley, Polaroid kept things classy by entrusting its reputation to the most serious of serious actors.
Take Laurence Olivier.


A Fool’s Idea: Inspirational Stories About Clowns, Vaudeville Comedians & Creative Performance Artists

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A Fool’s Idea is a conversational documentary series, produced by Brian A. Bernhard, that pursues the fool in all his permutations.


See Peter O’Toole Talk Hamlet with Orson Welles (1963) and Play Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew (1986)

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To write an obituary for Peter O’Toole, who died this past Sunday, I would pick no other writer than New Yorker film critic Anthony Lane. Luckily, the New Yorker had the same inclination. In his “postscript” piece on O’Toole, Lane references one of my favorite pieces of television talk, viewable above.


The Black Rider: A Theatrical Production by Tom Waits, William S. Burroughs & Robert Wilson (1990)

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Yes, you read correctly: there exists a piece of theater whose production brought together three of the most ardently-followed, iconoclastic creators of recent decades.


Take a Virtual Tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

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Last week, we featured a Prize-Winning Animation of 17th Century London. In many ways, it could be paired with these short virtual tours of the Globe Theatre.


Revisit Orson Welles’ Iconic ‘War of the Worlds’ Broadcast That Aired 75 Years Ago Today

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On this day, in 1938, listeners tuned in to CBS radio to hear a piece of radio theater (listen below or here) so frightening and, for its time, realistic, that people across New England and eastern Canada fled their homes to escape danger.


Silent & Sound Shakespeare: Watch the Very First Film Adaptations of the Bard (1899-1936)

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Shakespeare sells: counterintuitive, but seemingly true. The film industry, which pumps out Shakespeare adaptations (of varying levels of creativity) on the regular, has known this ever since it could hardly have had much awareness of itself as a film industry.


Rocky’s Famous Trip up the Art Museum Steps Spoofed by the Pranksters of Improv Everywhere

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I believe some movies are so classic, they should be considered untouchable, an opinion I wish more Broadway producers shared.
Brace yourself. Rocky, Sylvester Stallone’s heartwarming tale about a small-potatoes boxer in 1970s Philadelphia, has been turned into a musical.
No! Why!? Adrian!!!
It’s likely not as bad as I fear.


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