A Planetary Perspective: Trillions of Pictures of the Earth Available Through Google Earth Engine

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In 1972 the Earth Resources Technology Satellite, or Landsat, launched into space with a mission to circle the planet every 16 days and take pictures of the Earth. For more than forty years, the Landsat program has created the longest ever continuous record of Earth’s surface.
Now those images are available to everyone.


Building The Eiffel Tower: Three Google Exhibitions Revisit the Birth of the Great Parisian Monument

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One of the most stunning views a traveler can have in Paris is to round a corner and see the massive four-legged base of the Eiffel Tower. One of the beautiful things about Eiffel’s tower is that it is so colossal and yet so airy and delicate.


Google Wants to Provide Internet Access to Remote Parts of the World with Solar-Powered Balloons

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Perhaps you live in a developed nation, or a pocket of a developing nation, where internet access is a relatively cheap commodity. Count yourself lucky. Right now, 5 billion people — or two thirds of the world’s population — lack access to an affordable and reliable Internet connection.


Google Reveals the Evolution of Our Planet in Timelapse Motion

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Yesterday Google released a trove of timelapse images that offers, it believes, “the most comprehensive picture of our changing planet ever made available to the public.” Featuring a quarter-century of images taken from space by NASA and the U.S.


Celebrate Saul Bass’ 93rd Birthday with an Animated Google Doodle

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When it comes to title design, no one did it better than Saul Bass (1920-1996). During his long career in Hollywood, Bass designed sequences for Otto Preminger’s The Man with the Golden Arm, Scorsese’s Goodfellas and Cape Fear, Kubrick’s Spartacus, and several classic films by Alfred Hitchcock.


Climb Three of the World’s Highest Peaks on Google Street View

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What’s surprising about Everest Base Camp is the color. It’s a flinty, gray place littered with shards of Himalayan sandstone and shale. Here and there appears a vivid green pool of alpine water. And then there’s the red, blue and green prayer flags hung by Himalayans to blow blessings in the wind.


Google Launches a New “Art Talks” Series: Tune in Tonight

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Today at 8 p.m. EST Google Art Project will launch a new series, Art Talks. Like Google’s other Hangouts on Air, Art Talks will convene some of the most influential people of our time.


Google Street View Takes You on a Panoramic Tour of the Grand Canyon

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With Google’s Street View we can amble through New York City’s High Line Park, around the National Museum of Iraq in Baghdad, and down the cobbled streets of Ouro Preto, Brazil.


Stephen Colbert Brings Laughs and Book Tour to Google

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Stephen Colbert is one of the most refreshing comedians working today. He maintains his character’s obnoxiousness during his own show, riffing and improvising during interviews with everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Elijah Wood, building his character to deadpan heights even with Jane Fonda’s tongue in his ear.


Google Digitizes Ancient Copies of the Ten Commandments and Genesis

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If digital technology poses any threat to the market for words printed on real paper—and the jury is still out on that one—then it must also be credited for exposing us to texts from the ancient world.


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