NASA Releases a Massive Online Archive: 140,000 Photos, Videos & Audio Files Free to Search and Download

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Last summer, astronomer Michael Summer wrote that, despite a relatively low profile, NASA and its international partners have been “living Carl Sagan’s dream for space exploration.


Photos of 19th-Century Black Women Activists Digitized and Put Online by The Library of Congress

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A couple days ago, a visually compelling thread on Twitter exploded with thousands of shares and likes and dozens of users submitting their own contributions.


School of Visual Arts Presents 99 Hours of Free Photography Lectures

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FYI: Last week, photographer Dan Culberson flagged on Reddit a trove of free photography lectures available on School of Visual Arts‘ rich YouTube channel.


Download 437 Issues of Soviet Photo Magazine, the Soviet Union’s Historic Photography Journal (1926-1991)

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The early years of the Soviet Union roiled with internal tensions, intrigues, and ideological warfare, and the new empire’s art reflected its uneasy heterodoxy.


Petite Planète: Discover Chris Marker’s Influential 1950s Travel Photobook Series

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“In another time I guess I would have been content with filming girls and cats,” said Chris Marker. “But you don’t choose your time.” Though the inimitable filmmaker, writer, and media artist couldn’t choose his time, he did enjoy a decently sized slice of it, passing away in 2012 on his 91st birthday.


Female Samurai Warriors Immortalized in 19th Century Japanese Photos

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Most of my generation’s exposure to Japanese culture came heavily mediated by anime and samurai films.


Photographer Creates Stunning Realistic Portraits That Recreate Surreal Scenes from Hieronymus Bosch Paintings

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All images courtesy of Lori Pond
It is not often noted that the surrealist movement in the 1920s originated with poets like Paul Éluard and André Breton, himself a trained psychologist, who drew explicitly from the work of Sigmund Freud, “the private world of the mind,” as the Metropolitan Museum of Art puts it.


Learn Digital Photography with Harvard University’s Free Online Course

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Image by Phirac via Wikimedia Commons
Since the taking of the very first photograph in 1826, photography has developed, as it were, in ways hardly imaginable to its first few generations of practitioners.


Thousands of Photos from the George Eastman Museum, the World’s Oldest Photography Collection, Now Available Online

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There was a time when anyone with even the remotest interest in photography knew the name Eastman, if not the life and work of George Eastman himself. Eastman Kodak—the company founded in 1888 by that entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Great American Success Story—once held a dominant share of the camera and film market.


Ansel Adams, Photographer: 1958 Documentary Captures the Creative Process of the Iconic American Photographer

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America has specialized in both the beautiful and the terrible, inspiring awe of every positive and negative variety.


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