Kickstart a Documentary on Emily Dickinson, Narrated by Cynthia Nixon

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Later this year, Hurricane Films will release A Quiet Passion, a film about Emily Dickinson, which will be directed by Terence Davies and star Cynthia Nixon as the great American poet.
But that’s not where their ambitions end.


Walt Whitman’s Poem “A Noiseless Patient Spider” Brought to Life in Three Animations

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How can a modern educator go about getting a student to connect to poetry?
Forget the emo kid pouring his heart out into a spiral journal.
Ditto the youthful slam poetess, wielding pronunciation like a cudgel.


Read Pablo Picasso’s Poetry: Modernist Meditations on Making Art, World War, Dogs & More

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What makes Pablo Picasso such a representative 20th-century artist? Most of it has to do with his particular achievements, such as the visual ground he broke with his Cubist painting, sure, but some of it also has to do with the fact that his interests extended so far beyond painting.


The Women of the Avant-Garde: An Introduction Featuring Audio by Gertrude Stein, Kathy Acker, Patti Smith & More

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The story of the avant-garde is never just one story. But it tends to get told that way, and we tend to think we know how modernist and post-modern literature and music have taken shape: through a series of great men who thwarted convention and remade language and sound in ways their predecessors never dreamed.


Emily Dickinson’s Handwritten Coconut Cake Recipe Hints at How Baking Figured Into Her Creative Process

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The Emily Dickinson Museum will tell you that “The kitchen appears to be one of the rooms where [Emily] Dickinson felt most comfortable, perhaps most at home.


Free: Hours of Jack Kerouac Reading Beat Poems & Verse

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A high school friend who paid me a visit last weekend said she still doesn’t know whether reading Jack Kerouac saved or ruined her life. I, for one, could think of no higher praise for a writer.


Allen Ginsberg’s Handwritten Poem For Bernie Sanders, “Burlington Snow” (1986)

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Special Collections, University of Vermont Libraries
No matter how much of a political junkie you are, you must surely have had enough of the spectacle that is the 2016 campaign for the presidency.


Hear Dylan Thomas Read Three Poems by W.H. Auden, Including “September 1, 1939”

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Separated by only seven years, Dylan Thomas and W.H. Auden had what might be called a friendly rivalry—at least, that is, from Thomas’ point of view. The hard-drinking Welsh poet once wished Auden a happy seventieth birthday—on his thirtieth.


Every Grateful Dead Song Annotated in Hypertext: Web Project Reveals the Deep Literary Foundations of the Dead’s Lyrics

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Just about twenty years ago, on July 9, 1995, the Grateful Dead played their last show with Jerry Garcia. Neither the fans, nor the band knew this would be so, but anyone paying attention could have seen it coming.


A Day in the Life of Zen Monk Leonard Cohen: A 1996 Documentary

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I don’t think anybody really knows why they’re doing anything. If you stop someone on the subway and say, “Where are you going – in the deepest sense of the word?” you can’t really expect an answer. I really don’t know why I’m here.


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