Watch Lambeth Walk—Nazi Style: The Early Propaganda Mash Up That Enraged Joseph Goebbels

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In a terrific historical prank that sent Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels storming out of the screening room, British minister Charles A. Ridley edited together scenes from the film Triumph of the Will with the music from the musical Me and My Girl to create a spoof that infuriated leaders of the Third Reich.


Salvador Dalí Gets a Screen Test by Andy Warhol (1966)

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The Surrealist is ready for his close up, Mr. Warhol. Are you ready for him?
As previously noted on this site, Andy Warhol filmed nearly 500 “screen tests” in the mid-60s. He wasn’t looking to discover unknown talent or cast an upcoming movie.


Meet “Father Philanthropy”: America’s Most Prolific and Unlikely Master Art Forger

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Close your eyes and picture a philanthropist.
Likely you envisioned a fat cat with a designer checkbook. It’s the accepted image, but not every benefactor fits the mold.
Take Mark Landis, a gentle soul who’s spent three decades surprising the staffs of small American museums with artwork presented out of the blue.


Watch Philip Glass Remix His Own Music—Then Try it Yourself With a New App

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We told you in the fall about the album released by Beck and a troupe of other musicians to celebrate composer Philip Glass’s 75th birthday. Rework—Philip Glass Remixed is a collection of Glass works by artists including Beck, Tyondai Braxton, and Cornelius. Turns out that Glass himself was pretty turned on by the results.


The Clock, the 24-Hour Montage of Clips from Film & TV History, Introduced by Alain de Botton

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To fully experience the clip above, you’ll need to be awake and pressing play at precisely 12:04 am. What you’ll be seeing is a very small segment of The Clock, a 24-hour video assemblage that keeps time with clips culled from a century’s worth of film history.


Stephen Colbert Brings Laughs and Book Tour to Google

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Stephen Colbert is one of the most refreshing comedians working today. He maintains his character’s obnoxiousness during his own show, riffing and improvising during interviews with everyone from Bill O’Reilly to Elijah Wood, building his character to deadpan heights even with Jane Fonda’s tongue in his ear.


Meryl Streep Shrooms Her Way Through Modern Alice in Wonderland

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Beware the Jubjub bird…
Beware post-70s theatrical experimentation…
Beware a children’s classic – Alice in Wonderland, in a modern musical update …
Beware a grown woman cast as a little girl…
On the other hand, what if we’re talking about Meryl Streep? Specifically the Deer Hunter / Kramer vs.


An Acoustic History of Punk Rock Sheds Light on NYC’s Lower East Side (NSFW)

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With electricity just restored to lower Manhattan and subways still significantly disabled six days after Hurricane Sandy, it seems a fitting time for an unplugged History of Punk Rock and Its Development on the Lower East Side, 1950 to 1975.


Behold Charles Laughton Delivering the Gettysburg Address in its Entirety in Ruggles of Red Gap

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The Gettysburg Address is the sort of eloquent speech schoolchildren were once expected to commit to memory, much as they were required to bring apples for the teacher and dip each others’ pigtails in ink.


Joy in the Congo: The Inspiring Story of the Only Symphony Orchestra in Central Africa

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Did you know that the only symphony orchestra in Central Africa is located in Kinshasa, the capital of the Congo – a war-torn country plagued by poverty and despair? This short film (transcript here) tells the amazing story of the Symphonic Orchestra Kimbanguiste (page in French), revealing the difficult circumstances under which the 200 musicia


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