Steven Pinker Uses Theories from Evolutionary Biology to Explain Why Academic Writing is So Bad

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I don’t know about other disciplines, but academic writing in the humanities has become notorious for its jargon-laden wordiness, tangled constructions, and seemingly deliberate vagary and obscurity.


Six Animations of Stories and Poems by Shel Silverstein

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Shel Silverstein, beloved poet, songwriter, children’s author, and illustrator, perfected an instantly recognizable visual and literary style that has imprinted itself on several generations.


Download 55 Free Online Literature Courses: From Dante and Milton to Kerouac and Tolkien

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Here at Open Culture, we don’t just feature education in your recommended daily servings of culturally wide-ranging video, audio, text, and image — we also feature it in a form that goes deep: whole courses you can download to your computer or mobile device of choice and experience at your own pace.


Mr. Rogers Introduces Kids to Experimental Electronic Music by Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson (1968)

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Experimental electronic musician and inventor Bruce Haack’s compositions expanded many a young consciousness, and taught kids to dance, move, meditate, and to be endlessly curious about the technology of sound.


Oxford University Press Gives You Free Access to Books, Dictionaries & More During National Library Week

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It’s National Library Week, and to celebrate Oxford University Press is making many of its online resources free for users in the U.S. and Canada this week. Access will be open until the end of Saturday, the 19th.


Your Body During Adolescence: A Nakedly Unashamed Sex Ed Film from 1955

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A straight shooting sex ed film from 1955? That’s hard to imagine. In my experience, the films of that period tend to beat around the bush.
The reticence of those sharing its playing field makes Your Body During Adolescence all the more remarkable. It doesn’t seem so at first.


How to Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: An Online Course by Michigan State

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These days, the naysayers like to ask: “What is a college education good for? What does it prepare you to do in the world?”
Here’s one compelling answer for you: Survive an Apocalypse.


Is the Lecture Hall Obsolete?: Thought Leaders Debate the Question

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Update: The debate streamed live earlier this week on our site can now be replayed in its entirety. So if you missed it the first time around, here’s your second chance…
Tonight, at 6:45 East Coast time, you can watch a free, live streamed debate hosted by Intelligence Squared US.


Eleanor Roosevelt’s Durable Wisdom on Curiosity, Empathy, Education & Responding to Criticism

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First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt was a prolific columnist and writer, with an impressive list of clips produced both during FDR’s tenure in the White House and afterwards.


Hear Allen Ginsberg’s Short Free Course on Shakespeare’s Play, The Tempest (1980)

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Ginsberg Class One

Ginsberg Class Two

Like so many great poets, Allen Ginsberg composed extemporaneously as he spoke, in erudite paragraphs, reciting lines and whole poems from memory—in his case, usually the poems of William Blake.


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