John Cleese Touts the Value of Philosophy in 22 Public Service Announcements for the American Philosophical Association

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Creative Commons image by Paul Boxley
John Cleese, you say, a spokesman for the American Philosophical Association? Why would such a serious organization, whose stated mission is to foster the “broader presence of philosophy in public life,” choose a British comedian famous for such characters as the overbearing Basil Fawlty and ridiculous M


The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained in 10 Minutes, in Two Illustrated Videos

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As a lover of fantasy and science fiction, but by no means a know-it-all fanboy, I know what it’s like to come to a fictional universe late. It can seem like everyone else has already read the canon, seen the movies, and memorized the genealogies, origin stories, magical arcana, number of ancient blood feuds, etc.


100 Novels All Kids Should Read Before Leaving High School

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Last year, a Slate essay called “Against YA” by Ruth Graham irked thousands of readers who took offense at her argument that although grown-ups “brandish their copies of teen novels with pride…. [a]dults should feel embarrassed about reading literature written for children.


Mr. Rogers Goes to Congress and Saves PBS: Heartwarming Video from 1969

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What kind of delusional self-aggrandizer, called to testify before a United States Senate Subcommittee, uses it as an opportunity to quote the lyrics of a song he’s written… in their entirety!?
Sounds like the work of a certain rapper/prospective political candidate or perhaps some daffy buffoon as brought to life by Ben Stiller or


105 Animated Philosophy Videos from Wireless Philosophy: A Project Sponsored by Yale, MIT, Duke & More

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You may remember that we featured Wireless Philosophy, an open access philosophy project created by Yale and MIT, back in 2013 when it first got started. Wi-Phi, for short, has kept on keeping in with its mission of producing free, informative and entertaining animated videos meant to introduce a host of philosophical issues.


Apply to the New David Lynch Masters in Film Program, Where You’ll Meditate & Create

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Image by amoebafinger on Flickr Commons.
When the American Film Institute set up its conservatory for Advanced Film Studies in 1969, its first round of students included Terrence Malick, Caleb Deschanel, Paul Schrader, and the Master of Absurd himself, David Lynch.


How Cultured Are You? Test Your Knowledge With Cultural Quizzes from 1958

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Do you consider yourself well-educated? Cultured, even? By whose standards?
We may superficially assume these terms name immutable qualities, but they are in any analysis dependent on where and when we happen to be situated in history.


NBC University Theater Adapts Great Novels to Radio & Gives Listeners College Credit : Hear 110 Episodes from a 1940s eLearning Experiment

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Creative Commons image by Joe Haupt
Before the internet became our primary source of information and entertainment—before it became for many companies a primary revenue stream—it promised to revolutionize education.


Inmates in New York Prison Defeat Harvard’s Debate Team: A Look Inside the Bard Prison Initiative

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If you want to prepare for a career practicing law, you could do much worse than joining Harvard University’s debate team.


Watch Noam Chomsky & Lawrence Krauss Talk About Education, Political Activism, Technology & More Before a Sold-Out Crowd

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Founded and directed by physicist Lawrence Krauss, Arizona State’s Origins Project has for several years brought together some of the biggest minds in the sciences and humanities for friendly debates and conversations about “the 21st Century’s greatest challenges.


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