Watch Björk’s 6 Favorite TED Talks, From the Mushroom Death Suit to the Virtual Choir

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Image by Zach Klein
Singer-songwriter Björk, currently enjoying a career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, celebrated TED’s billionth video view with a playlist of six treasured TED Talks.


Cookie Monster, Life Coach, Shows Why Cookies Are the Key to Happiness

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You can look for answers to life’s big questions in the Zen teachings of Alan Watts, in the existentialist musings of Hunter S. Thompson, or somewhere in our collection of 130 Free Online Philosophy Courses. But maybe that’s over-thinking things — providing complicated answers when the key to life is really quite simple.


Philosophers Drinking Coffee: The Excessive Habits of Kant, Voltaire & Kierkegaard

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I think I speak for many of us when I say that coffee fuels our greatest intellectual efforts. And even as we get the jitters and leave brown rings on our desks, we can take comfort in the fact that so it also went with some of the most notable philosophers in the history of the discipline.


Discover the Oldest Beer Recipe in History From Ancient Sumeria, 1800 B.C.

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Image courtesy of Lock, Stock, and History
Beer, that favorite beverage of football fans, frat boys, and other macho stereotypes—at least according to the advertisers—actually has a very long, distinguished heritage. It’s older, in fact, than wine, older than whiskey, older perhaps even than bread (or so some scholars have thought).


The Marvelous Health Benefits of Chocolate: A Curious Medical Essay from 1631

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When coffee first came to the western world during the 17th century, it didn’t taste particularly good. So the people importing and peddling the new commodity talked up the health benefits of the new drink. The first known English advertisement for coffee, dating back to 1652, made these claims: Coffee is “very good to help digestion.


The Origins of Pleasure: Paul Bloom Explains Why We Like Expensive Wines & Original Paintings

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Let’s say you spend a considerable amount of money for a painting by a noted artist. Or maybe you get it for a steal. Either way, the painting hangs prominently in your home, where it is admired by guests and brings you pleasure every time you look at it, which is often.


Visit “Mariobatalivoice,” the Cooking Blog by Steve Albini, Musician & Record Producer

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Image by Wikimedia Commons by Freekorps
You know Steve Albini as the pioneering founder and frontman of such disturbing post-hardcore punk bands as Big Black, Rapeman, and Shellac. You also know him as the in-demand producer of albums by such excellent artists as the Pixies, Nirvana, Cheap Trick, Mogwai, The Dirty Three, The Breeders, P.J.


How Bourbon is Made: The ABC’s in 9 Minutes

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Head over to Princeton University’s web entry on Bourbon, and you will learn that, back in 1964, the U.S. Congress recognized Bourbon Whiskey as a “distinctive product of the United States,” and the Federal Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits (27 C.F.R. 5.22) established a bunch of laws defining what Bourbon is, and isn’t.


“The Virtues of Coffee” Explained in 1690 Ad: The Cure for Lethargy, Scurvy, Dropsy, Gout & More

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According to many historians, the English Enlightenment may never have happened were it not for coffeehouses, the public sphere where poets, critics, philosophers, legal minds, and other intellectual gadflies regularly met to chatter about the pressing concerns of the day.


Michael Pollan Explains How Cooking Can Change Your Life; Recommends Cooking Books, Videos & Recipes

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Last year, we featured “How Cooking Can Change Your Life,” an animated short based on the work of In Defense of Food, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and Food Rules author Michael Pollan.


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