Emily Dickinson’s Handwritten Coconut Cake Recipe Hints at How Baking Figured Into Her Creative Process

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The Emily Dickinson Museum will tell you that “The kitchen appears to be one of the rooms where [Emily] Dickinson felt most comfortable, perhaps most at home.


Watch Glass Walls, Paul McCartney’s Case for Going Vegetarian

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Paul McCartney became a vegetarian in 1975, thanks to his wife Linda, who campaigned for animal rights before it became fashionable, and later wrote internationally bestselling vegetarian cookbooks.


F. Scott Fitzgerald Conjugates “to Cocktail,” the Ultimate Jazz-Age Verb (1928)

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I regularly meet up with speaking partners who help me learn their languages in exchange for my helping them learn English. Even though they usually speak much better English already than I speak Korean, Spanish, Japanese, or what have you, I often feel like I’ve got the heavier end of the job.


Making Turkish Sand Coffee: Culinary Alchemy on the Streets of Jordan

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There’s a little culinary alchemy happening in this video shot in Aqaba, Jordan. It involves coffee and sand. And “Brother Gantry” on Reddit has it all figured out. He explains:
He’s brewing coffee using techniques traditionally used to make Turkish Coffee…


Coffee is for People, Not Robots: The New Ad for David Lynch’s Line of Organic Coffee

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Pay a visit to Whole Foods, and you’ll find The David Lynch Signature Cup Coffee line, which includes three premier coffee blends, each taste-tested and selected by David Lynch himself. Last year, Lynch talked with Vice.


George Orwell and Christopher Hitchens’ Ironclad Rules for Making a Good Cup of Tea

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It’s not that I don’t appreciate good coffee—I consider it a delicacy. But at the end and the beginning of the day, coffee mostly functions as a caffeine delivery system. But not tea. Tea must be savored, and it must be good. Americans’ enthusiasm for tea does not come naturally. What passes for tea in the U.S.


High-Tech Japanese Camera Proves That the Shape of a Wine Glass Affects the Flavor of Wines

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Japanese scientists have developed a camera that confirms what we’ve long sensed: “wine glass shape has a very sophisticated functional design for tasting and enjoying wine.” That’s what Kohji Mitsubayashi, a researcher at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, told Chemistry World.


Watch Björk’s 6 Favorite TED Talks, From the Mushroom Death Suit to the Virtual Choir

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Image by Zach Klein
Singer-songwriter Björk, currently enjoying a career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, celebrated TED’s billionth video view with a playlist of six treasured TED Talks.


Cookie Monster, Life Coach, Shows Why Cookies Are the Key to Happiness

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You can look for answers to life’s big questions in the Zen teachings of Alan Watts, in the existentialist musings of Hunter S. Thompson, or somewhere in our collection of 130 Free Online Philosophy Courses. But maybe that’s over-thinking things — providing complicated answers when the key to life is really quite simple.


Philosophers Drinking Coffee: The Excessive Habits of Kant, Voltaire & Kierkegaard

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I think I speak for many of us when I say that coffee fuels our greatest intellectual efforts. And even as we get the jitters and leave brown rings on our desks, we can take comfort in the fact that so it also went with some of the most notable philosophers in the history of the discipline.


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