Take UC Berkeley’s Free “Edible Education 101” Lecture Course, Featuring a Pantheon of Sustainable Food Superstars

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Dinner at Berkeley’s famed Chez Panisse shows up on a lot of foodie’s bucket lists. Its founder, Alice Waters, has been promoting the importance of eating organically and locally for nearly half a century.


4 Simple Ways You Can Personally Reduce Your Risk of Getting Cancer

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A quick public service announcement. According to a new study published in the journal JAMA Oncology, we have a good measure of control over whether cancer rates actually rise or fall. And if we take four practical steps, we could see cancer rates decline by as much as 40-60%. Here’s what the new study recommends:

No smoking.


Wake Up & Smell the Coffee: The New All-in-One Coffee-Maker/Alarm Clock is Finally Here!

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Last year, British designer Josh Renouf announced plans to build the Barisieur, a combination alarm clock/coffee brewer that will wake you up, then serve you a nice hot cup of coffee, as you open your eyes and greet the new day.


Winston Churchill Gets a Doctor’s Note to Drink “Unlimited” Alcohol in Prohibition America (1932)

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In December 1931, having just embarked on a 40-stop lecture tour of the United States, Winston Churchill was running late to dine with financier Bernard Baruch on New York City’s Upper East Side.


The Birth of London’s 1950s Bohemian Coffee Bars Documented in a Vintage 1959 Newsreel

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I live in Seoul, by some measures the most coffee shop-saturated city in the world. But modern coffee life here (which I recently wrote about for the Los Angeles Review of Books) only really developed after Starbucks came to town around the turn of the 21st century.


Julia Child Marathon: 201 Episodes of “The French Chef” Streaming Free (for a Limited Time)

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Had to give you a quick heads up on this:
Twitch.tv is launching a new Food Channel. And it’s getting things going with a marathon streaming of all 201 episodes of Julia Child’s now legendary TV series “The French Chef.


Mark Bittman’s Most Loved Recipes from The New York Times: Learn to Cook Healthy, Earth-Friendly Meals

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Food writer and healthy eating advocate Mark Bittman has “no patience” for those who say, “I’d love to cook but I have a lousy kitchen,” but that doesn’t make him a hectoring meanie in the Top Chef panelist mold:
To me the question was not, “Would I cook this as a native would?” but rather, “How would a native cook


Coffee Entrepreneur Renato Bialetti Gets Buried in the Espresso Maker He Made Famous

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Love your coffee? Renato Bialetti invented and was buried in the Moka coffee maker https://t.co/M0n9LJ5KSh pic.twitter.com/sle3s8zHdj
— TreeHugger.com (@TreeHugger) February 22, 2016

At OC HQ you will find two Bialetti espresso makers on the stove–one small, the other large–and together they power us through the day.


Paul Giamatti Plays Honoré de Balzac, Hopped Up on 50 Coffees Per Day

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It’s the stuff of legend. Honoré de Balzac cranked out 50+ novels in 20 years and died at 51. The cause? Too much work and caffeine. How much coffee? Up to 50 cups per day, they say.
Whether true or not, it’s fun to imagine what that scene might have looked like.


In Japanese Schools, Lunch Is As Much About Learning As It’s About Eating

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I grew up in the United States, and we Americans don’t, in the main, look back on our school days with particularly fond memories of lunch. Some schools do a superb job of serving up delicious and nutritious meals.


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