A Rollicking French Animation on the Perils of Drinking a Little Too Much Coffee

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Moderate coffee consumption may decrease your risk of dying prematurely from cardiovascular disease, reduce your risk of letting colon cancer take you to the grave, possibly help you stave off dementia, and maybe, writes The New York Times, dodge a number of other bullets–“Type 2 diabetes, basal cell carcinoma (the most common skin


Great Depression Cooking: Get Budget-Minded Meals from the Online Cooking Show Created by 93-Year-Old Clara Cannucciari

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“The Depression was not fun,” the late YouTube star, Clara Cannucciari, states in the very first episode of her Great Depression Cooking web series, above.


David Lynch Directs a Mini-Season of Twin Peaks in the Form of Japanese Coffee Commercials

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I recently read Merry White’s Coffee Life in Japan, a history of the west’s favorite beverage in the Land of the Rising Sun.


The Falling Water: A Rube Goldberg Machine That Makes a Fine Cocktail

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Joseph Herscher, a kinetic artist from New Zealand, has a knack for making some pretty imaginative Rube Goldberg machines. Back in 2012, we showed you The Page Turner, a device that gives creative assistance to anyone still reading newspapers in a print format.


The New York Times Makes 17,000 Tasty Recipes Available Online: Japanese, Italian, Thai & Much More

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My pile of nightstand books at the moment includes Tim Ferriss’ The Four-Hour Chef (available as a free audiobook here), a flashy tome meant in part to teach the simplest cooking techniques that yield high degrees of versatility, impressiveness, and deliciousness.


How to Bake Ancient Roman Bread Dating Back to 79 AD: A Video Primer

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Ecce panis—try your hand at the kind of loaf that Mel Brooks’ 2000-year-old man might have sunk his teeth into. Literally.
In 1930 a loaf of bread dating to AD 79 (the year Vesuvius claimed two prosperous Roman towns) was excavated from the site of a bakery in Herculaneum.


The Eighth Ronald McDonald: A Short, Slightly Creepy Documentary from The Guardian

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Depending on who’s counting, Joe Maggard was the eighth or ninth person to have the honor of officially portraying Ronald McDonald. (The first, if you’re looking for some pop culture trivia, was Willard Scott, from the Today show.) Maggard filled Ronald’s big red shoes from 1995 until 2007.


Emily Dickinson’s Handwritten Coconut Cake Recipe Hints at How Baking Figured Into Her Creative Process

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The Emily Dickinson Museum will tell you that “The kitchen appears to be one of the rooms where [Emily] Dickinson felt most comfortable, perhaps most at home.


Watch Glass Walls, Paul McCartney’s Case for Going Vegetarian

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Paul McCartney became a vegetarian in 1975, thanks to his wife Linda, who campaigned for animal rights before it became fashionable, and later wrote internationally bestselling vegetarian cookbooks.


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