Hear VALIS, an Opera Based on Philip K. Dick’s Metaphysical Novel

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Image by Pete Wesch, via Wikimedia Commons
Philip K. Dick died in 1982. His distinctive, some say visionary brand of psychological sci-fi literature, however, has lived on, proving its endurance in part by taking new forms.


Octavia Butler’s 1998 Dystopian Novel Features a Fascistic Presidential Candidate Who Promises to “Make America Great Again”

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Image by Nikolas Coukouma, via Wikimedia Commons
The Internet has been abuzz and atwitter these past few months with stories about prophetic predictions of the rise of Trump, buried in ancient texts like Back to the Future II, and an episode of The Simpsons from 2000. Then there’s Mike Judge’s now ten-year-old satire Idiocracy.


Hear 230 Episodes of Escape: Classic Radio Dramas of Stories by Ray Bradbury, Edgar Allan Poe, H.G. Wells & More (1947-1954)

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“Worried about the price of butter and eggs? Fed up with the housing shortage? Want to get away from it all? CBS offers you Escape!” These words open October 1st, 1947’s broadcast adaptation of “The Most Dangerous Game,” Richard Connell’s safari culture-satirizing short thriller about a New York big-game hunter en route t


Get a Sneak Peek of Archangel, the New Comic Book by Cyberpunk Author William Gibson

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“The world is in ruins. The White House relocated to the ominous-sounding National Emergency Federal District in Montana. They have technology that far outstrips our own.


Watch Star Trek: New Voyages: The Original Fan-Made Sequel to the 1960s TV Series

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Several weeks back, we featured for you Star Trek Continues, the critically-acclaimed, fan-made sequel to the original TV series, which tries to answer the questions: What if Star Trek had continued? How would the story have played out?
Others have tried to offer up answers to those questions too.


How Chris Marker’s Radical SciFi Film, La Jetée, Changed the Life of Cyberpunk Prophet, William Gibson

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Everyone remembers the first time they saw La Jetée.


Watch Star Trek Continues: The Critically-Acclaimed, Fan-Made Sequel to the Original TV Series

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Despite its legacy and influence, the original Star Trek ran three seasons (or 79 episodes in total) before NBC canceled the show in June, 1969.


Hear The Alan Parson Project’s Prog-Rock Interpretation of Isaac Asimov’s, I Robot (1977)

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Progressive rock, at its best, meant bringing in techniques and influences not, up to that point, common in rock music.


Jules Verne Accurately Predicts What the 20th Century Will Look Like in His Lost Novel, Paris in the Twentieth Century (1863)

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Science fiction, they say, doesn’t really deal with the future; it uses the setting of the future as a way to deal with the present. That would explain all the standard preposterous tropes you regularly see in the genre’s less gracefully aging novels and films: jetpacks, flying cars, holo-phones, that sort of thing.


See The Empire Strikes Back as a Silent Film — Precisely How George Lucas Imagined the Star Wars Films

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The rush to rank the latest Star Wars movie The Force Awakens against its predecessors has got the series’  legions of fans looking back with even more scrutiny than usual at those six chapters of this apparently never-ending cinematic space opera.


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