75 Years of Superman in 2 Minutes

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As we told you this summer, Superman is celebrating his 75th Anniversary this year.


How Ridley Scott Turned Footage From the Beginning of The Shining Into the End of Blade Runner

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Flopping in 1982 but ultimately accruing more critical acclaim and cinephile esteem than perhaps any other science-fiction film, Blade Runner, starring Harrison Ford and Sean Young, has become the quintessential modern example of a work of art before its time.


The Penultimate Truth About Philip K. Dick: Documentary Explores the Mysterious Universe of PKD

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Even readers not particularly well versed in science fiction know Philip K. Dick as the author of the stories that would become such cinematic visions of a troubled future as Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report, and A Scanner Darkly.


Sci-Fi Writer Robert Heinlein Imagines the Year 2000 in 1949, and Gets it Mostly Wrong

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Two giants of 20th century science fiction: Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov (see them together above, with L. Sprague de Camp in-between). Like every young sci-fi geek, I read them both assiduously, got lost in their dizzying universes that stretched across novels and significant teenage milestones.


Isaac Asimov’s 1964 Predictions About What the World Will Look 50 Years Later — in 2014

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When New York City hosted The World’s Fair in 1964, Isaac Asimov, the prolific sci-fi author and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, took the opportunity to wonder what the world would look like 50 years hence — assuming the world survived the nuclear threats of the Cold War.


Robert Crumb Illustrates Philip K. Dick’s Infamous, Hallucinatory Meeting with God (1974)

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“I saw God,” Fat states, and Kevin and I and Sherri state, “No, you just saw something like God, exactly like God.” And having spoke, we do not stay to hear the answer, like jesting Pilate, upon his asking, “What is truth?”
–Philip K. Dick, VALIS
In the months of February and March, 1974, Philip K.


Revisit Futuria Fantasia: The Science Fiction Fanzine Ray Bradbury Published as a Teenager

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Budding science-fiction authors today know that, to get their start, they should probably go online and publish themselves. But even before the advent of the modern internet, many writers eager to tell speculative tales of humanity’s future struggle with technology, knowledge, and its own nature showed a similar self-starting bent.


Free: Download 151 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Stories from Tor.com

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A quick note: If you’re not already familiar with it, Tor.com is a web site dedicated to “science fiction, fantasy, and all the things that interest SF and fantasy readers.” And, among other things, the site regularly publishes original sci-fi stories.


100 Great Sci-Fi Stories by Women Writers (Read 20 for Free Online)

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Since 2009, the organization VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts has sought to bring balance to the representation of female authors in the literary world. As revealed by the 2010 controversy begun by author Jodi Picoult over the gushing treatment Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom received in the New York Times, the disparity, and the bias, are real.


Patrick Stewart Talks Candidly About Domestic Violence in a Poignant Q&A Session at Comicpalooza

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Patrick Stewart came to Comicpalooza (aka The Texas International Comic Convention) as a special guest. It’s not hard to imagine why, especially given his roles on Star Trek: The Next Generation and the X-Men film series.


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