Stephen Colbert Explains How The Colbert Report Is Made in a New Podcast

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“I do the show in character, he’s an idiot, he’s willfully ignorant of what you know and care about, please honestly disabuse me of my ignorance and we’ll have a great time.” 
This secret speaks to the heart of comedian and fake-pundit Stephen Colbert’s wildly popular Colbert Report.


Breaking Bad Illustrated by Gonzo Artist Ralph Steadman

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Sure, I suffered from Breaking Bad withdrawal syndrome after the show’s excellent fifth and final season. Symptoms included watching episodes of Metástasis, the Colombian telenovela-style, Spanish language remake; obsessively reading news about upcoming spin-off, Better Call Saul; and wishing the hoax about a Season 6 was true.


Quentin Tarantino Directs a 1995 Episode of ER: Brings Cinematic Virtuosity to TV

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Just as no list of the most 1990s-defining filmmakers could do without Quentin Tarantino, no list of the most 1990s-defining television shows could do without ER. The long-running, award-laden medical drama made more than a few daring moves over its fifteen years, not least its choices of guest directors.


Watch Bill Murray, the Struggling New SNL Cast Member, Apologize for Not Being Funny (1977)

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In 1977, after a few underwhelming months as the first new guy in Saturday Night Live’s then-brief history, a 26-year-old Bill Murray reached out to home viewers with the emotional equivalent of a Kickstarter campaign. The audience expected the Not Ready for Prime Time Players to be funny, and in everyday life, Murray claims above, he was.


Watch Classic Seinfeld Scenes Dubbed in …. Yiddish

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You may never have heard much Yiddish, but we can’t call it a dead language. The tongue of the Ashkenazi Jews, one referred to in the 19th and part of the 20th century as simply “Jewish,” certainly did, however, have a near-death experience.


9 New Episodes of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks to Air in 2016

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David Lynch just announced on Twitter this morning, “Dear Twitter Friends… it is happening again.  #damngoodcoffee“
He’s referring to the revival of his early 1990s cult classic show, Twin Peaks, on Showtime in 2016.


How to Sing Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking

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“Mastering the Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child by The Bushwick Book Club
Though she had no tender feelings for Julie Powell’s Julia/Julie blog, I like to think Julia Child wouldn’t have been entirely displeased by the Bushwick Book Club’s efforts to musicalize Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Child’s two volume la


Watch Miles Davis, Grace Jones, Adam Ant & Devo in 1980s Ads for Honda Scooters

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Beginning scooter riders can find a veritable biker’s breakfast of pointers on the Internet. One could cobble them together to make a contemporary owners manual, covering such crucial topics as braking, throttling, steering, and staying upright. But sometimes one craves something a bit more elusive, a bit more spiritual.


Watch Frank Zappa Play Michael Nesmith on The Monkees (1967)

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In December 1967, The Monkees blew their audience’s minds by hosting Frank Zappa, “participant in and perhaps even leader of” the Mothers Of Invention.
Or did they?
The tidal wave of affection that comprises twenty-first century Monkees mania makes us forget that children were the primary audience for The Monkees’ titular sitcom.


The Beatles Saturday Morning Cartoon Show: The Complete 1965-1969 Series

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We’ve become so accustomed to thinking of the Beatles as Serious Artists™ that it’s easy to forget—at least for those of us who weren’t there—how highly commercial a franchise they were in the mid-sixties.


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