Hunter S. Thompson Talks with Keith Richards in a Very Memorable and Mumble-Filled Interview (1993)

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Here’s a variation on the parlor game question, “what famous person would you most like to have dinner with, and why?” What two famous people would you like to stick in a room together for ten minutes, and why? I imagine a fair number of readers might think of Hunter S. Thompson and Keith Richards, and the why is pretty obvious.


Jacques Derrida on Seinfeld: “Deconstruction Doesn’t Produce Any Sitcom”

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Jacques Derrida could enjoy a good movie like anyone else. In a 2002 interview with TIME, he declared “I have watched The Godfather 10 times. I must watch it whenever it’s on.” Who couldn’t?
Coppola films were one thing. Apparently sitcoms quite another.


Archive of 35,000 TV Political Ads Launched, Creating a Badly Needed Way to Hold Politicians Accountable

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The long-looming 2016 United States presidential election has already got many of us, even (or maybe especially) non-Americans, instinctively flinching at anything that smacks of political campaigning.


Kate Bush’s First Ever Television Appearance, Performing “Kite” & “Wuthering Heights” on German TV (1978)

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There are few things in life that I can enjoy uncritically—totally surrender to—and yet also appreciate as intellectually complex, finely-wrought works of art. The music of Kate Bush is one of those things.


Watch Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, Seasons 1-3, Free Online

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We wouldn’t be doing our job here at Open Culture if we didn’t let you know that Seasons 1-3 of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting are now free to watch on the official Bob Ross Youtube channel. Watch Season 1 here. Season 2 here. And now Season 3 above.


Tiny Tim Performs a Bizarre Cover of Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” on The Tonight Show (1979)

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In 1979, cult musician Tiny Tim ditched his ukulele and tiptoed out of the tulips to cover Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy” on The Tonight Show, above.
The Gong Show-worthy performance left host Johnny Carson—and presumably the majority of home viewers—speechless.


Free on Hulu: Stream Fellini’s 8 1/2, La Strada & Other Classic & Contemporary Films

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You’re at a social gathering, in a classroom, at a weekend getaway. Someone makes a reference and everyone gets it but you. It happens, so what? No one can possibly have seen all the films, read all the books, heard all the albums.


Bruce Lee’s Only Surviving TV Interview, 1971: Lost and Now Found

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Bruce Lee’s TV acting career began in 1966, when he landed a part in The Green Hornet. (Watch his thrilling audition here). But it took another five years before he gave his first–and, it turns out, only television interview in English.


The Fascinating Story of How Delia Derbyshire Created the Original Doctor Who Theme

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We’ve focused a fair bit here on the work of Delia Derbyshire, pioneering electronic composer of the mid-twentieth century—featuring two documentaries on her and discussing her role in almost creating an electronic backing track for Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday.


CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite Introduces America to Underground Films and the Velvet Underground (1965)

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“Not everyone ‘digs’ underground movies, but those who do can ‘dig’ ’em here.


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