John Cage Performs Water Walk on US Game Show I’ve Got a Secret (1960)

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Back in 2011, we featured John Cage’s 1960 television performance of his piece Water Walk. Its video quality may have left something to be desired, but now, thanks to the YouTube channel of Bard College’s Richard B.


Johnny Cash’s Christmas Specials, Featuring June Carter, Steve Martin, Andy Kaufman & More (1976-79)

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Johnny Cash, outlaw country singer and defiant man in black, comes carefully packaged for many people through the merchandising of his life and image.


Animated Louis CK Shows Demonstrates How “Animation Lets You Do Anything”

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Fatherhood is a fertile subject for comedian Louis C.K.
Kids do say the darnedest things, but Louis’ observations reveal the depth of his investment.
He lit out after standardized testing and the Common Core on Twitter.
He made a passionate case against giving kids smartphones to Conan O’Brien.


Blade Runner Spoofed in Three Japanese Commercials (and Generally Loved in Japan)

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Blade Runner‘s vision of a thoroughly Japanified Los Angeles in the year 2019 reflects the western economic anxieties of the early 1980s.


Muhammad Ali Gives a Dramatic Reading of His Poem on the Attica Prison Uprising

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In July of 1972, boxer Muhammad Ali traveled to Dublin to fight Alvin ‘Blue’ Lewis, an ex-con from Detroit.


What We Heard 34 Years Ago on the Night John Lennon Was Shot: TV & Radio

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On December 8, 1980, the New England Patriots-Miami Dolphins game was winding down, the end of another Monday Night Football game.


Watch The Art of Travel, Alain de Botton’s Philosophical Look at Our Wanderlust Tendencies (2005)

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The tradition of the uncomfortable intellectual aboard a cruise ship, while not a particularly long or wide one, has produced a few intriguing works.


Watch Dragnet’s 1967 LSD Episode: #85 on TV Guide’s List of the Greatest Episodes of All Time

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Jack Webb’s seminal cop show Dragnet, which first ran on television through most of the ’50s, was known for its gritty realism. In every episode, the show’s robotic, laconic lead, Detective Joe Friday, would navigate the seedy underworld and eventually get his man.


Tim Burton Directs Ray Bradbury’s “The Jar” on Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1986)

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How do you follow up on making a children’s movie classic? If you’re Tim Burton, you spin a tale of sex, murder and conceptual art.
On the heels of his feature debut Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Tim Burton adapted Ray Bradbury’s “The Jar” (1944) for an episode of the ‘80s reboot of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.


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