Marie Osmond Performs the Dadaist Poem “Karawane” on the TV Show, Ripley’s Believe It or Not (1985)

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Remember Donny and Marie Osmond, the toothy, teenage Mormon siblings whose eponymous television variety show was a wholesome 70’s mix of skits, songs, and ice skating?
Their surprisingly enduring theme song reduced their popularity to an easily graspable binary formula:
She was a little bit country. He was a little bit rock and roll.


Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing & The Social Network) to Teach Online Course on Screenwriting This Summer

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Sports Night, The West Wing, The American President, The Social Network — hardly shameful items to appear on anyone’s résumé.


Helen Mirren Holds Her Own (and Then Some) in a Cringe-Inducingly Sexist TV Interview, 1975

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Say what you will about Kim Kardashian. (Go ahead, I’ll wait.)
Yes, she may only be famous for being rich and famous—not a particularly admirable cultural achievement. But, “and this is the big word: B-U-T-T-,” says Helen Mirren, “it’s wonderful that you’re allowed to have a butt nowadays… Thanks to Madame Kardashian.


Stream 23 Free Documentaries from PBS’ Award-Winning American Experience Series

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How to understand a country as enormous, as culturally and economically productive, and as contradictory and frustrating as the United States of America? As an American myself, I’m here to tell you that there’s no shortcut.


Hear the Music of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks Played by the Experimental Band, Xiu Xiu: A Free Stream of Their New Album

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Last year, Colin Marshall highlighted for you the music of Xiu Xiu, the experimental post-punk band, which has traveled the world, playing their own interpretation of the music Angelo Badalamenti wrote for David Lynch’s early 1990s series, Twin Peaks.


John Lydon & Public Image Ltd. Sow Chaos on American Bandstand: The Show’s Best and Worst Moment (1980)

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American Bandstand is best remembered these days not for doing the job it set out to do–presenting safe pop stars in the company of a studio audience to move units–but for when it ran headlong into the changing culture around it. Or at least that’s what Open Culture thinks.


Learn Calligraphy from Lloyd Reynolds, the Teacher of Steve Jobs’ Own Famously Inspiring Calligraphy Teacher

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The story has, over time, solidified into one of the columns of Steve Jobs lore: in the early 1970s, the man who would found Apple left for Reed College.


Sell & Spin: The History of Advertising, Narrated by Dick Cavett (1999)

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“According to a study published Monday by researchers at Duke University’s Center for Cognitive Neuroscience, humans experience the most intense feelings of happiness when pressing the ‘skip ad’ button before watching a video on the internet.” That comes from The Onion, whose satirical reporting hits the mark as usual.


Watch the First Episode of Vinyl: Mick Jagger & Martin Scorsese’s Series on the 1970s Music Scene

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A quick note: HBO recently premiered Vinyl, which takes a Goodfellas-style look at the seedy 1970s rock music and record-making scene. Here’s a quick snapshot of what the show’s all about:
Created by Mick Jagger & Martin Scorsese & Rich Cohen and Terence Winter, this new drama series is set in 1970s New York.


Watch the First 18 Seasons of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting Free Online

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Last year, we let you know that the first season of The Joy of Painting, the public-television paint-along show hosted by the neatly permed and persistently reassuring Bob Ross, had appeared free to watch online.


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