Bob Dylan Appears in Rare TV Ad: Watch IBM’s Super Computer Offer a Literary Analysis of His Songs

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To my knowledge, Bob Dylan has only appeared in a handful of TV commercials over the decades, including most notably a bizarre ad for Victoria’s Secret back in 2004. Now you can add another to the small list. Last night, IBM debuted a new ad with the iconic singer-songwriter. And this time around, Dylan isn’t peddling bras.


The Night Ed Sullivan Scared a Nation with the Apocalyptic Animated Short, A Short Vision (1956)

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On May 27, 1956, millions of Americans tuned in to The Ed Sullivan Show, expecting the usual variety of comedians, talents and musical guests. What they weren’t prepared for was a short animated film that Sullivan introduced thusly:
Just last week you read about the H-bomb being dropped.


Mick Jagger Acts in The Nightingale, a Televised Play from 1983

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Pity the man who has everything. Satisfaction is but fleeting.
One wonders if rock god Mick Jagger might know a thing or two about the condition. He doesn’t seem to know all that much about acting, as evidenced by his turn in The Nightingale episode of Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre series.
No matter.


A Wealth of Free Documentaries on All Things Japanese: From Bento Boxes to Tea Gardens, Ramen & Bullet Trains

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“I used to be OBSESSED with Japanese culture,” wrote an uncommonly thoughtful Youtube commenter. “I miss that part of me. Trying to search for it again. That’s when I was the happiest.” Many of us westerners — or really, many of us non-Japanese — go through similar periods of affinity and avidity for all things Japanese.


Download Jim Rockford’s Answering Machine Messages as MP3s

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The Rockford Files hit the airwaves in September 1974, and until the show ended in 1980, each episode began in the same way. During the title sequence, you’d hear a phone ring, and then an answering machine would start to play, “This is Jim Rockford. At the tone, leave your name and message. I’ll get back to you.


Kurt Vonnegut Creates a Report Card for His Novels, Ranking Them From A+ to D

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I love turning teenagers on to the work of author Kurt Vonnegut.
I want their minds to be blown the way mine was at 15, when I picked up Slapstick, his 8th novel, for reasons I no longer remember.


Watch the Never-Aired Pilot for Clerks, the Sitcom Based on Kevin Smith’s 1994 Film

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Kevin Smith’s 1994 debut Clerks did much to define the low-budget, high-profile “Indiewood” boom of that era. But set a trend on America’s cultural fringe, and it never takes long for the mainstream to come calling.


1,000,000 Minutes of Newsreel Footage by AP & British Movietone Released on YouTube

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Both Faulkner and the physicists may be right: the passage of time is an illusion. And yet, for as long as we’ve been keeping score, it’s seemed that history really exists, in increasingly distant forms the further back we look.


Björk Presents Groundbreaking Experimental Musicians on the BBC’s Modern Minimalists (1997)

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Experimental music, by its very nature, stays out of the mainstream. All styles of music begin as experiments, but most sooner or later, in one form or another, find their way to popular acceptance.


How ABC Television Introduced Rap Music to America in 1981: It’s Painfully Awkward

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Of all the various types of professional explainers out there, none may come across as more clueless than the television news reporter faced with a minority youth culture and trying to account for its existence—one he or she had previously been unaware of.


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