Watch the Never-Aired Pilot for Clerks, the Sitcom Based on Kevin Smith’s 1994 Film

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Kevin Smith’s 1994 debut Clerks did much to define the low-budget, high-profile “Indiewood” boom of that era. But set a trend on America’s cultural fringe, and it never takes long for the mainstream to come calling.


1,000,000 Minutes of Newsreel Footage by AP & British Movietone Released on YouTube

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Both Faulkner and the physicists may be right: the passage of time is an illusion. And yet, for as long as we’ve been keeping score, it’s seemed that history really exists, in increasingly distant forms the further back we look.


Björk Presents Groundbreaking Experimental Musicians on the BBC’s Modern Minimalists (1997)

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Experimental music, by its very nature, stays out of the mainstream. All styles of music begin as experiments, but most sooner or later, in one form or another, find their way to popular acceptance.


How ABC Television Introduced Rap Music to America in 1981: It’s Painfully Awkward

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Of all the various types of professional explainers out there, none may come across as more clueless than the television news reporter faced with a minority youth culture and trying to account for its existence—one he or she had previously been unaware of.


The Evolution of Chuck Jones, the Artist Behind Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck & Other Looney Tunes Legends: A Video Essay

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Noted cartoon personality Bugs Bunny has warbled his way through Wagnerian opera, played every defensive position known to baseball, styled a monster’s hair…is there anything that wascally wabbit cannot do?
Yes, in fact. According to his long time director, animator Chuck Jones, Bugs could never pick a fight.


Experimental Post-Punk Band Xiu Xiu Plays the Music from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks

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Fans of Twin Peaks, the early-1990s television series co-created and in large part directed by David Lynch, have had a lot to get excited about recently. Most prominently, we’ve heard a lot of will-he-or-won’t-he talk about whether Lynch will participate in the show’s much-discussed 21st-century reboot.


See Flannery O’Connor’s Story “The Displaced Person” Adapted to a Film Starring a Young Samuel L. Jackson (1977)

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There are strong people quietly willing to do “what needs to be done” for the public good, and then there are those who enjoy insinuating that they are that sort of person, usually as justification for their self-serving, frequently racist or xenophobic actions.


Free: Read 9 Travel Books Online by Monty Python’s Michael Palin

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Image courtesy of Jonty Wilde 
Most of us come to Michael Palin through his work as a comic actor (in the role of dead parrot salesman or otherwise), but at this point almost as many know him second as a founding member of Monty Python, and first as an affable globetrotter.


Rare Video: Georges Bataille Talks About Literature & Evil in His Only TV Interview (1958)

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“Where other transgressive figures of the past have mostly been tamed,” wrote Josh Jones in a post here last year, “[Georges] Bataille, I submit, is still quite dangerous.


Watch a New, “Original” Episode of Seinfeld Performed Live on Stage

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The last episode of Seinfeld aired in 1998. So maybe you’re ready for a brand new episode of the show featuring “uncanny portrayals of the central characters, 90s commercial parodies, and original Seinfeld standup”?
You won’t get it from Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David.


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