Vincent van Gogh Visits a Modern Museum & Gets to See His Artistic Legacy: A Touching Scene from Doctor Who

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“By the time of his death”—almost two years before, in fact—“Van Gogh’s work had begun to attract critical attention,” writes the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who point out that Van Gogh’s works shown “at the Salon des Indépendants in Paris between 1888 and 1890 and with Les XX in Brussels in 1890… were regarded by m


“Charlie Rose” by Samuel Beckett: Watch Charlie Rose Meet Charlie Rose in a Comical Piece of Absurdist Theater

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New York City couldn’t get enough of Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart when they appeared together in a celebrated 2013 revival of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot.


On Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, Watch New Episodes of Star Trek Continues, the Acclaimed Fan-Made Sequel to the Original TV Show

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Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek, and the start of a love affair between fans and the show’s utopian promise. With only 79 episodes over three seasons in the original 1966-1969 series, it might have disappeared into pop culture history.


Good Morning, Mr. Orwell: Nam June Paik’s Avant-Garde New Year’s Celebration with Laurie Anderson, John Cage, Peter Gabriel & More

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In his New York Times “TV Weekend” column of December 30, 1983, John O’Connor wrote up the scheduled “television festivities for the eve of 1984,” including the Guy Lombardo Orchestra at the Waldorf-Astoria; a special from CBS who, “looking for an updated image,” got Andy Williams to broadcast from the Plaza Hotel; D


Oscar-Winning Filmmaker Errol Morris Creates a Commercial for Depend Adult Diapers

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There’s a gender assumption for every stage of life these days. From gender-coded Lego play sets and teen magazines, we progress to lightweight, pink tool sets or their more traditional, apparently “masculine” counterpart.
After that?
Adult diapers.


Angelo Badalamenti Reveals How He and David Lynch Composed the Twin Peaks‘ “Love Theme”

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On my last trip to New York, some friends took me to a favorite new-wave Chinese place of theirs. When I asked where to find the bathroom, they said to go downstairs.


A Big Super Cut of Saturday Night Live Cast Members Breaking Character and Cracking Up

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Corpsing—aka laughing inappropriately onstage—requires far less skill than soldiering on when the actor playing opposite loses control, an occurrence that almost always wins audience favor.


Hear the Music of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks Played by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra

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With Twin Peaks coming back to our TV screens next year, fans want to know who’s coming back from the original cast and crew.


Star Trek Postage Stamps Coming Soon: Celebrating 50 Years of Exploring the Final Frontier

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The original Star Trek TV series took to the airwaves nearly 5o years ago–on September 8, 1966. Poor ratings meant that the show didn’t last very long (only three years). But everything changed once the show went into syndication. It achieved cult status. And a franchise was born.


The CIA Puts Hundreds of Declassified Documents About UFO Sightings Online, Plus 10 Tips for Investigating Flying Saucers

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Let down by the X-Files reboot? Maybe you never really dug the whole alien conspiracy thing with the bees and the black sludge in the first place. Maybe you didn’t need another convoluted, inscrutable, bonkers plotline. Maybe you wanted the truth. It’s out there. The CIA might know where it is.


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